Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to modify your clothes?

Wonder how to make your normal t shirt not so dull?
here's the way!

before it's modified.look at the right,I already did the left one,then only realised that
I should blog bout this.

in nearer view.

Material: A t shirt , elastic band around 14 cm.
Apparatus: scissors, sewing machine.(I tried sewing without machine,it's difficult), thread, needle

Step 1: cut the elastic band into 2 part equally which is 7 cm each.Burn the ends of the band slightly to prevent some thread coming out.

Step 2: sew the elastic band on the side of your shirt to hold it.

Step 3: put on your sewing machine and start sewing while pulling the elastic band to the max.To make it simple,sew on the expand elastic can practise on some random clothes with elastic band so that you won't ruin your favourite t shirt.

Step 3: and tadah! it's done!

When it's expanded.

When it's not.

final design

It's nice in long t shirt.
btw,stay tune for more simple modifying clothes tips.

difficulty : ***
(it's hard to pull the elastic band and sew at the same time.especially for beginner)


Anonymous said...

very good work carry on.

marcelia said...

Amei gosto de estilo como esse amo roupas de várias formas e assim melhor ainda