Monday, May 24, 2010

a big step forward

Finally my jewels get to be sold.
Thanks God for making the ppl to directly or indirectly see the website.Most importantly, it's sending Aisha and JQ to me when they just started their blogshop,and I have no idea how to start one that time.(I wanna concentrate more on making stuff and not those marketing stuff :>)

Thanks my customer and prospective (means ppl who seems interested but doesn't have any transaction yet.btw,thanks for just viewing at know,designing ppl have this LOA sickness where they scared noone even bother to look at it.)

Thanks Aisha and JQ for the adverstising,selling and distribution. (you may notice that some words are business-ish.well, I'm doing LCCI it's like that)

Thanks those review website for putting a review on my design.

Oh well,I don't earn much(probably around 2 figures and it really depends on you guys,you buy more,I earn more. XD),but the satisfaction is priceless.I really appreciate it.

oh well,currently thinking of another series which is more suitable for dinner.If you're LOA person,you can wear this with plain t shirt.I'm not making it now since I need concentration on my exam so I kept all my stuff so that I won't see it and I won't start touching it. XD

I shall end my post with my photo. (trying to imitate those famous blogger.I'm such a copy cat,I know.but it's impromptu.The instruction just goes into my brain via synapse. :D )

My 1st attempt to act like lala or maybe SNSD?(it's random,so negative comment 'll be deleted.XD) I realised that if I have fairer skin with my hair curled and a bright smile,I really look like a korean/japanese girl after surgeries.As for now,with dark skin,some said I look like malay,some said chindian.SURE?(chiam chiam thought that I'm ang moh when he saw me)
I tried to wrap my head during NS.I can't stop laughing looking at my face with tudung.My forehead look so bright.

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