Tuesday, May 18, 2010

another two series is out!

well,this's my best collection so far.

before that,there's another series too.I think this's the most complicated design I have designed.

Please kindly visit and help me to advertise too!
thank you.

I shall leave some photo here as well,to grab attention.
got it from the website,in case you lazy ppl don't wanna click on it.(I sound like a annoying grandma)

(my school time nickname.ah!nostalgic.well,this's Ice Kacang Puppy Love main theme as well)

Green Jelly.
Doesn't it remind you the jelly we all love to eat those time.well,it's food colouring,but it's attractive.wear it to attract ppl you like!

Rose Syrup.
see the rose?so tiny and cute LIKE ME.I can't stop BHB I know,thanks God for the good feature anyway.I think I'm pretty,that's enough.

This's from Purple Delights.The necklace is just like Cinderella's shoe,fully customize.

For further info and transaction,please visit seenamon
you can click on the series to look for more stuff,just korek korek around and you'll definitely get your treasure.

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