Monday, May 10, 2010

2 days more!

2 more days!
and it is J card member day!
well,I have this love-hate relationship with J card day.

I love it because sometimes,I can get the clothes I hope for so long in a really cheap price,like 50% off.I know,they're mark-up price sometimes,but still it's cheaper since RM10 voucher is given when you purchase RM 100. (reason why everyone love it)

I hate crowd sometimes,especially when it comes to children's shout.I feel like shouting at them so that they can keep quiet.Children are cute but not when they're a spoilt brat,yelling and rolling on floor for toys.
I just don't understand why parents love to bring children who don't even know how to shop to J card day.1st,you can't even shop well,because they make noise,sekejap mau pee,sekejap mau ice cream.2nd,they'll ask you to buy toys! 3rd,they might get lost!

okay,shopping list.
I find that shopping list is essential so that you won't miss the things you want,and at the same time,you can control your budget. shopping without list is DANGEROUS.Trust me,I tried b4.and I ended up buying unnecessary things and forgot the necessary one as I brought sufficient money for the things I want.but I already used up for the unnecessary one.

1st : Hair Curler.I think there's 5% off that day.

2nd : Memory pillow if it's not expensive.I don't know the price range.And I need a good pillow.I'm having neck pain easily recently.

*3rd : jeans.because I only have two jeans since 2 years ago?

4th : undergarments.don't ask why.

*5th : a pair of comfortable shoe for university.If I can wear slipper to university,this can be skipped.Actually,ALC doesn't allow student to wear slipper but I wear slipper to class everyday. :P
p/s:slipper are comfortable,especially crocs. no,I'm not rich to buy a genuine Crocs.My aunt gave me that. REAL ONE SUMMORE. It's really comfortable to wear it.It's my best shopping buddy.If I have excess money,I'll consider buying another pair.

*6th : short pants. currently in love with it due to SNSD. their leg super skinny lo,and to match with my lace leggings.

*7th : long T shirt,because I have 4,leather black,spray painted,and lace. Again,BECAUSE I WATCHED TOO MUCH SNSD.

8th : cleanser.I'll buy it when on the way back.I'm using Hada Labo Tamago Hada Cleanser which is sold in Guardian only.

*9th : formal wear for university. If I can wear t shirt ,short pants or jeans to class,this can be skipped.oh,I wanna buy baju kurung if it's not expensive,so that I can wear it to university sometimes.

*10th : Laptop backpack for university.

11th : Hair cream before curling hair.I remember Loreal came out with one product like this,Beyonce is the spokeperson.but now,it's not available anymore. So I have to search in the drugstore for one.

5 out of 11 things are essential only.those with * means it's depends on the design.If I can find what I like,I'll buy.

I don't wanna be dancing queen,I wanna be shopping queen and now I want money, money, money. XD
(I myself feel geli when I finished typing that)

P/S: I'm not advertising for AEON btw.

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