Monday, May 31, 2010

18th of june

yeah,how thoughtful they're to actually put it on the last working day of 3rd week of june,
so that we can celebrate/lament in the weekend.

*finger crossed* I'm not ambitious to get a high pointer course,just biochem 'll do. Amen.

Monday, May 24, 2010

a big step forward

Finally my jewels get to be sold.
Thanks God for making the ppl to directly or indirectly see the website.Most importantly, it's sending Aisha and JQ to me when they just started their blogshop,and I have no idea how to start one that time.(I wanna concentrate more on making stuff and not those marketing stuff :>)

Thanks my customer and prospective (means ppl who seems interested but doesn't have any transaction yet.btw,thanks for just viewing at know,designing ppl have this LOA sickness where they scared noone even bother to look at it.)

Thanks Aisha and JQ for the adverstising,selling and distribution. (you may notice that some words are business-ish.well, I'm doing LCCI it's like that)

Thanks those review website for putting a review on my design.

Oh well,I don't earn much(probably around 2 figures and it really depends on you guys,you buy more,I earn more. XD),but the satisfaction is priceless.I really appreciate it.

oh well,currently thinking of another series which is more suitable for dinner.If you're LOA person,you can wear this with plain t shirt.I'm not making it now since I need concentration on my exam so I kept all my stuff so that I won't see it and I won't start touching it. XD

I shall end my post with my photo. (trying to imitate those famous blogger.I'm such a copy cat,I know.but it's impromptu.The instruction just goes into my brain via synapse. :D )

My 1st attempt to act like lala or maybe SNSD?(it's random,so negative comment 'll be deleted.XD) I realised that if I have fairer skin with my hair curled and a bright smile,I really look like a korean/japanese girl after surgeries.As for now,with dark skin,some said I look like malay,some said chindian.SURE?(chiam chiam thought that I'm ang moh when he saw me)
I tried to wrap my head during NS.I can't stop laughing looking at my face with tudung.My forehead look so bright.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to modify your clothes?

Wonder how to make your normal t shirt not so dull?
here's the way!

before it's modified.look at the right,I already did the left one,then only realised that
I should blog bout this.

in nearer view.

Material: A t shirt , elastic band around 14 cm.
Apparatus: scissors, sewing machine.(I tried sewing without machine,it's difficult), thread, needle

Step 1: cut the elastic band into 2 part equally which is 7 cm each.Burn the ends of the band slightly to prevent some thread coming out.

Step 2: sew the elastic band on the side of your shirt to hold it.

Step 3: put on your sewing machine and start sewing while pulling the elastic band to the max.To make it simple,sew on the expand elastic can practise on some random clothes with elastic band so that you won't ruin your favourite t shirt.

Step 3: and tadah! it's done!

When it's expanded.

When it's not.

final design

It's nice in long t shirt.
btw,stay tune for more simple modifying clothes tips.

difficulty : ***
(it's hard to pull the elastic band and sew at the same time.especially for beginner)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

another two series is out!

well,this's my best collection so far.

before that,there's another series too.I think this's the most complicated design I have designed.

Please kindly visit and help me to advertise too!
thank you.

I shall leave some photo here as well,to grab attention.
got it from the website,in case you lazy ppl don't wanna click on it.(I sound like a annoying grandma)

(my school time nickname.ah!nostalgic.well,this's Ice Kacang Puppy Love main theme as well)

Green Jelly.
Doesn't it remind you the jelly we all love to eat those time.well,it's food colouring,but it's attractive.wear it to attract ppl you like!

Rose Syrup.
see the rose?so tiny and cute LIKE ME.I can't stop BHB I know,thanks God for the good feature anyway.I think I'm pretty,that's enough.

This's from Purple Delights.The necklace is just like Cinderella's shoe,fully customize.

For further info and transaction,please visit seenamon
you can click on the series to look for more stuff,just korek korek around and you'll definitely get your treasure.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

cheap cheap cheap

Since J card day is over,it's time to show off the stuff I bought. Hee~
Out of 11 things in my list,7 of them are checked.
I went for the two days.
1st day with chiam chiam and yin chye.and we bought around RM 1100. (included my mom's stuff as well) My mom and I went to AEON to reserve our undergarment and stuff on monday.

2nd day with pei yin and my cousin. I thought I couldn't be there since I have extra class in the afternoon.but our lecturer said that he didn't even ask us to yeah,we went to AEON again as my cousin didn't get to go.Thanks God there's a classmate can send us there.and Thanks my chiam chiam for fetching us back.and Thanks God my mom didn't want to cook on that day so that I can shop more.

The three formal shirt I bought from Nicole.the right one is RM 26.97 (np:RM 89.90) and the another two are RM 23.97 (np: RM 79.90) 70% off. I wanted to buy more since I'm so in love with floral print stuff recently.I tested on these three b4 the J card day .On that day,I wanted buy some more,but there's a long queue in front of the fitting room.and I was lazy.

Place must shop during J card day : ti:zed near Monsoon id.well,if you're really brand conscious(eg: levis and MNG),skip this part.I bought these three in a really cheap price.even cheaper than pasar malam shirt lo.

the left one,I got it for free.supposed to be RM 5.70 (np:RM19.00) and because pei yin,my cousin and me bought too many clothes ,they forgot to count this in. :p I only realised that when I reached home.

the middle one,RM 3.00 (np: RM 10.00) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?RM 3 FOR A T SHIRT! and the quality is not bad at all.the design is simple and don't have the pasar malam look.

the right one, RM 8.70 (np: RM 29.00) I always want a outer wear that is not so thick but can match with my singlet.I feel unsecured to wear singlet out.Thanks to the rapist.I'm scared to be a target.

This is a formal skirt I said in FB.The cutting is nice,just that it's a bit loose on my I wanted to get a purple belt to match with this.saw the the two line of purple on the skirt?it would be fabulous with purple belt.and I didn't see one in Harbour Place.and I bought a black belt. oh ya,bought it at RM 35.70 (np:RM119.00) another 70% off. I'm so "aunty" as I only shop at the area with 50% and 70% tag on.

The 3 long pants I bought in ti:zed.the two on top is the same design but different colour,I bought two because they make my legs looks super hot. :) .and they're not expensive. RM 8.70 each (np: RM 29.00) It's 70% off.It's supposed to be 50% off,but I went in during happy hour where everything with 50% off is increased to 70%.wahahahahahaha.I'm so happy.It's hard to get nice cutting pants at such low price.
As for the long pants at the bottom,it's RM 17.70 (np: RM 59.00) a proper pants I can wear to university
look at the lace?and the cutting on the bottom of the pants? both are the elements I like >.<

more lace!

a....ermm..jacket or blouse which is so earth- like.I want to wear it with my singlet or one of the blouse I bought and match it with a short pants or a funky jeans skirt.
price: RM9.50 (np: RM 19.00)

The main character of the day: Panasonic 2 in 1 ionity hair styler (EH 1575 w,in case you wanna buy the same one as mine).erm,I tried it once I reach home,but the effect is not so nice as I expected.maybe I'm lack of skill,need more practice.Today I tried it again and it's quite a success,just that I need some hair mousse to set the curl.It don't spoil my hair,my hair still as usual after using it. price : RM 143.10 (np: RM 159.00,10% off) I didn't expect it to be that cheap.I thought it's only 5% off and no voucher is given.but this time I got voucher for it.

This 's not bought in AEON. It's only sold in Guardian.This's my third tube.I began to use it since it's available in M'sia.It's suit my skin anyway.I'm using their toner as far so good.I even use the toner for my leg as it said it highly moisturise your skin.I have two hada labo toner, the blue and is for whitening and hydrating where I used it for my face.the white one is for deep moisturising where I used it for my leg.I used only few drops a time for my leg.and the effect is good. I have no scaly calf.

see the voucher! 11 of them and all mine.because chiam chiam gave me his.and yin chye gave his one to chiam chiam which is indirectly to me too!wahahahaha.gonna use this to buy perfume in the next J card day.I want DKNY fresh blossom. I went to the duty free shop when I went to Bangkok.It's the same price as here.but if I bought it in AEON,I can get voucher.I buy with voucher,and get voucher again.

I sound like a spokeperson to AEON I know.

I'm getting not so brand conscious anymore.If I can get a similar design in those cheap boutique,I'll just buy it.I even plan to sew my own if I know how to sew properly.I did some research on fashion designing course.They teach sewing and doing the draft for clothes too.The duration is two years.not so long as I think.maybe I 'll enroll into the course after I work for several years.or maybe by that time,I'm rich enough to buy any clothes I want and don't bother to make it myself anymore.

but not in facial product,I won't use pasar malam facial product.My facial product must at least from the drugstore.I don't want to take risk on my skin.I rather spend a bit more on it.Cosmetic as well,I won't buy pasar malam eyeshadow as the colour is awful. It looks unnatural. but well,cosmetic doesn't last long so I won't buy lancome ,shu uemura,MAC cosmetic because I seldom use it. I buy maybelline because quality terjamin. like mascara,I know lancome mascara is nice to use,but the life span is only 6 months to the it's not worth it for me.and maybelline or loreal mascara is cheap and not bad to use.eventhough after 6 months,I can't finish it,I won't feel sakit hati to throw it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

2 days more!

2 more days!
and it is J card member day!
well,I have this love-hate relationship with J card day.

I love it because sometimes,I can get the clothes I hope for so long in a really cheap price,like 50% off.I know,they're mark-up price sometimes,but still it's cheaper since RM10 voucher is given when you purchase RM 100. (reason why everyone love it)

I hate crowd sometimes,especially when it comes to children's shout.I feel like shouting at them so that they can keep quiet.Children are cute but not when they're a spoilt brat,yelling and rolling on floor for toys.
I just don't understand why parents love to bring children who don't even know how to shop to J card day.1st,you can't even shop well,because they make noise,sekejap mau pee,sekejap mau ice cream.2nd,they'll ask you to buy toys! 3rd,they might get lost!

okay,shopping list.
I find that shopping list is essential so that you won't miss the things you want,and at the same time,you can control your budget. shopping without list is DANGEROUS.Trust me,I tried b4.and I ended up buying unnecessary things and forgot the necessary one as I brought sufficient money for the things I want.but I already used up for the unnecessary one.

1st : Hair Curler.I think there's 5% off that day.

2nd : Memory pillow if it's not expensive.I don't know the price range.And I need a good pillow.I'm having neck pain easily recently.

*3rd : jeans.because I only have two jeans since 2 years ago?

4th : undergarments.don't ask why.

*5th : a pair of comfortable shoe for university.If I can wear slipper to university,this can be skipped.Actually,ALC doesn't allow student to wear slipper but I wear slipper to class everyday. :P
p/s:slipper are comfortable,especially crocs. no,I'm not rich to buy a genuine Crocs.My aunt gave me that. REAL ONE SUMMORE. It's really comfortable to wear it.It's my best shopping buddy.If I have excess money,I'll consider buying another pair.

*6th : short pants. currently in love with it due to SNSD. their leg super skinny lo,and to match with my lace leggings.

*7th : long T shirt,because I have 4,leather black,spray painted,and lace. Again,BECAUSE I WATCHED TOO MUCH SNSD.

8th : cleanser.I'll buy it when on the way back.I'm using Hada Labo Tamago Hada Cleanser which is sold in Guardian only.

*9th : formal wear for university. If I can wear t shirt ,short pants or jeans to class,this can be skipped.oh,I wanna buy baju kurung if it's not expensive,so that I can wear it to university sometimes.

*10th : Laptop backpack for university.

11th : Hair cream before curling hair.I remember Loreal came out with one product like this,Beyonce is the spokeperson.but now,it's not available anymore. So I have to search in the drugstore for one.

5 out of 11 things are essential only.those with * means it's depends on the design.If I can find what I like,I'll buy.

I don't wanna be dancing queen,I wanna be shopping queen and now I want money, money, money. XD
(I myself feel geli when I finished typing that)

P/S: I'm not advertising for AEON btw.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's may.

Time flies when you're studying.
my internal exam started next week.
and the best thing is I'm not really prepared.