Thursday, April 1, 2010

curiosity kills a cat

Have you heard of the story about pandora's box?
After you have revealed some "bad" things,you never feel happy anymore.
that's my situation now.
Because I was SO FREE (eventhough lots of LCCI homework is waiting for me )
so,I went and googled about NTU double degree in biomedical and chinese medicine to check that whether I'm eligible and whether there's any bloggers doing this course.
And,I'm kinda regret for searching all the info.
I thought,it's a not so competitive double degree,but turns out that some forum saying that it's competitive.
I thought,noone would really interested in it,but MANY ppl asking bout it.(I hope they just asking)
I was naive before this,thinking that the chance to get in is high.
but another good news is,only one website shows that,there's ppl get in with only 1A in pre-u and C5 in chinese.I not sure whether that fella is a singaporean or what.
I really got to pray hard.
From another side,I shouldn't put so high hope in it so that I won't feel really disappointed if i really didn't get it.

(but deep in my heart,I still believe in my analysis.THOSE PPL ARE JUST ASKING.MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

anyway,que sera sera,what'll be ,'ll be.I already did my best and I should let the God do the rest.

arhhhh...I felt better,and really if I didn't get it,noone is allowed to laugh at me.AT LEAST I TRIED,OK?1st time writing personal statement somemore.I was ignorant to apply any scholarship after SPM.

My 1st intention to apply for it is just to try my luck,so if i didn't get it,it doesn't really matter.My mom 'll be happier too.I'm saying a lot of excuses just to make myself feel better.-.-.

anyway,que sera sera,what'll be ,'ll be.I already did my best and I should let the God do the rest.

kinda feel guilty sometimes.because..........sometimes,I was too tired,halfway praying,I fell asleep.
Then sometimes,I was talking on the phone until I fell asleep,then I didn't pray at all.
I have faith,I should be praying and reading bible religiously.
Sometimes,ppl 'll just go into the wrong direction,so am I.Now,I must U turn and go to the right one.but dilemma still there.


Huey Shin said...

Don't worry too much.

I also applied for the double degree course last year and i got it. (But eventually i didn't accept the offer) It is not too hard to get.

Wish u good luck =)

petite said...