Monday, April 26, 2010

another fall.

I think God just have another better plan for me.

I failed to get into NTU *fullstop*
Yeah,of course I felt dissapointed.
but not depressed la.
don't worry.

and praise the Lord for helping me to make the decision to have my LCCI exam earlier because if I go for the July exam,I might have to purposely take a day off from local uni just to take two paper.-.-.So God bless me in giving me this six sense.and I have 14 days off to enjoy my life b4 I enter university.
I wanna go Malacca with chiam chiam
I wanna go shopping in Sg wang.(since I don't have to pay expensive tuition fee for NTU,I can spend more.WAHAHAHA)
I wanna get N97 mini.

I think God gave me another more important mission,to help increase the ranking of M'sia university.
although there're always some people who take the last few places,but I still must work hard to get 1st class honour and probably win some international competition to show NTU that without me,it's their loss.WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.*start dreaming*
God want me to be patriotic.
God want me to accompany my parents because I'm the only one.
Anyway,I still didn't give up in taking up chinese medicine.
but,now,biomedical and biochem,I really don't know which to choose.
but I'm more eligible to get biochem,biomedical needs higher pointer around 3.8.
That's why junior junior sekalian,work hard or not the courses are choosing you instead you choosing them.
I think our school should choose those failed in STPM to talk in Hari Kecermelangan instead of asking those excellent one.Those who failed really feel the pain and motivates them to work really hard.As an audience,you'll of course think that you might fail like them (because you're lazy,ignorant and arrogant) and thus,you work like mad just don't want to fail.mana tau you get 4.00.If you asked those excellent one to talk,they 'll think that it's easy to score and have a mindset that if you can get it,I can get it as well.(good eg: me)
I'm really ok.
and stay tune on seenamon.Lots of new series coming soon.

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