Monday, April 26, 2010

another fall.

I think God just have another better plan for me.

I failed to get into NTU *fullstop*
Yeah,of course I felt dissapointed.
but not depressed la.
don't worry.

and praise the Lord for helping me to make the decision to have my LCCI exam earlier because if I go for the July exam,I might have to purposely take a day off from local uni just to take two paper.-.-.So God bless me in giving me this six sense.and I have 14 days off to enjoy my life b4 I enter university.
I wanna go Malacca with chiam chiam
I wanna go shopping in Sg wang.(since I don't have to pay expensive tuition fee for NTU,I can spend more.WAHAHAHA)
I wanna get N97 mini.

I think God gave me another more important mission,to help increase the ranking of M'sia university.
although there're always some people who take the last few places,but I still must work hard to get 1st class honour and probably win some international competition to show NTU that without me,it's their loss.WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.*start dreaming*
God want me to be patriotic.
God want me to accompany my parents because I'm the only one.
Anyway,I still didn't give up in taking up chinese medicine.
but,now,biomedical and biochem,I really don't know which to choose.
but I'm more eligible to get biochem,biomedical needs higher pointer around 3.8.
That's why junior junior sekalian,work hard or not the courses are choosing you instead you choosing them.
I think our school should choose those failed in STPM to talk in Hari Kecermelangan instead of asking those excellent one.Those who failed really feel the pain and motivates them to work really hard.As an audience,you'll of course think that you might fail like them (because you're lazy,ignorant and arrogant) and thus,you work like mad just don't want to fail.mana tau you get 4.00.If you asked those excellent one to talk,they 'll think that it's easy to score and have a mindset that if you can get it,I can get it as well.(good eg: me)
I'm really ok.
and stay tune on seenamon.Lots of new series coming soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ran+dom = me!

The date is confirmed.
My LCCI exam is on the 1st week and 2nd week of june.
should be getting my university result by then.
(well,I might shop earlier if I got NTU.because J card day is on 12th and 13th of may.MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR SUCH GRAND SHOPPING SPREE.I might exaggerate it. :P.but this is the time when you can see the true colour of a woman.will come out an article about the type of shopping woman)

I'm having a dilemma now.
1st,If I'm lucky enough to get NTU, (my result is not good,I think I love to repeat my failure,kononnya,you start a new life from where you fall.back to topic)
I have to start thinking of my financial status.It's a 100k + per course,without living expenses.
I don't feel like burden my parents,because it's not a small amount.
If I want to get scholarship,I have to study like mad.
whereas if I'm in local uni,hahaha,you know lah,we'll get some people to take the last few places.
and I'm kinda having the JPA scholarship for local uni due to my acceptance in form 6.
After thinking so hard,
I refuse to think anymore.
because I'll "ki siao" if I'm trying to predict God's planning for me.
right now,
three things to do,
1.enjoy my life my best for LCCI exam to "mencuci nama saya yang sudah jadi sikit busuk sebab STPM"
(I'm the one who need academic performance to boost her confidence.YA LAH,I'm kiasu,but I get satisfaction in achieving success in academic performance,just like I get satisfaction in plucking ppl's grey hair)

well,just to make my blog not so dead and learn to blog God as Aisha said.I'm the amateur God blogger.

I'll end with a verse I find it really useful when I'm lost in direction aka blur and impatient~

Do not be anxious about anything,but in everything,by prayer and petition,with thanksgiving, present your requests to God, which transcend all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:6-7-

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another series,the green collection.

Since almost every magazine is talking about green which I have no idea why they do so,maybe there's a few environment themed day in this month,so I shall present you THE GREEN COLLECTION.made by moi.(i think moi is me in french.sorry if there's a mistake.hehe)

I don't know whether they're ppl reading my blog,since I always post about emo+silly+crazy stuff.
anyway,if you drop by my blog,feel free to view it.
Thank you very much.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

update update.

well, a week almost passed.
nothing much happen.
but I think I should update a bit.(well,I'm bored)
1.I'm busy from monday to wednesday.Eventhough I don't have extra class,I need the time to finish my homework,as Monday to Wednesday are the days I always got homework.

2.I'm sick since last wednesday.The sickness just came after I got gastric,unpredictable like me.ARGH.well,I'm feeling better already.

3.I'm trying to cut down my dosage of ponstan (a medicine for menstrual pain) because I think it increases my rate in getting gastric,though I ate them after I had my meal.I don't want to depend on medicine so much either.SO today,I depend on myself,telling that it's not pain at all,but padahal,SAKIT SAKIT SAKIT.well,not as pain as the previous month. People said,menstrual pain 'll be eased after you got a baby.I think I need to bear for another 8 years maybe?Anyway,I'll exercise more to increase my metabolism rate and meanwhile ease the pain as well.

4.I'm going to penang with my family on 1th of may to 3rd of may.So,I must make sure I'm healed by that time so that I can get to eat my asam laksa and bobo chacha. a few parcel.And I still have the last one on shipment.I swear,no shipment until june.not that I'm broke,but I need to control on the rate I spent.Maybank2u is so convenient to use and convinced me to spend more too.-.-

6.been watching gossip girl season 3 lately.well,it's getting....ermm.....I don't know how to describe it.It's like they can kiss and ........ with everyone in the drama. It's gross to see the threesome of Dan,Olivia and Vanessa.I'm not acting innocent but it's a bit too much lah.anyway,I love to watch the part where Chuck and Blair are together.AWWW.SO SWEET.that's why love drama is never outdated.Always the same plot,but people always buy it.Anyway,I watched it to get some inspiration on making jewellery as well.

7.well,some political changes happened in the college and the PIC quit.the best thing is she's holding my limited edition children novel.I borrowed to her daughter.and how am I supposed to get back?

8.Apparently,gossip girl really helps in improving my english.At least I'm thinking in english now,but my vocab is still not good enough.I subscribe some free novel online.but I don't feel like reading stories online.I prefer to read it in paper.I know,it might not be environmentally friendly.But I'll try to flip through the expired newsweek magazine to learn more words.oh ya,I always make grammar mistake.need more practice perhaps.

9.downloaded so many cartoon and movies and drama.WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

10.I MUST finish my homework diligently!

11.I'm so nervous about the NTU outcome.If you guys want to say that I'M LIKE THOSE BAI KA LUI SO SEMANGAT WANNA GO OVERSEA TO STUDY,GO AHEAD.I DON'T CARE.I got a bit hurt when one of my friend said that I just wanna go oversea to study and somemore asked me why I take STPM if I wanna go oversea.and I planned to work there to pay my daily allowance if I got it.Anyway,no point to worry all of these when things are not certain yet.Just wish me luck,people.Stop pouring the cold water.I'm not hoping for Cambridge or Harvard.It's just NTU.seems impossible to get it but it's possible.

12.well,end of the story.As usual,I'm still meeting chiam chiam once a week only.>.<.Miss him badly.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

curiosity kills a cat

Have you heard of the story about pandora's box?
After you have revealed some "bad" things,you never feel happy anymore.
that's my situation now.
Because I was SO FREE (eventhough lots of LCCI homework is waiting for me )
so,I went and googled about NTU double degree in biomedical and chinese medicine to check that whether I'm eligible and whether there's any bloggers doing this course.
And,I'm kinda regret for searching all the info.
I thought,it's a not so competitive double degree,but turns out that some forum saying that it's competitive.
I thought,noone would really interested in it,but MANY ppl asking bout it.(I hope they just asking)
I was naive before this,thinking that the chance to get in is high.
but another good news is,only one website shows that,there's ppl get in with only 1A in pre-u and C5 in chinese.I not sure whether that fella is a singaporean or what.
I really got to pray hard.
From another side,I shouldn't put so high hope in it so that I won't feel really disappointed if i really didn't get it.

(but deep in my heart,I still believe in my analysis.THOSE PPL ARE JUST ASKING.MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

anyway,que sera sera,what'll be ,'ll be.I already did my best and I should let the God do the rest.

arhhhh...I felt better,and really if I didn't get it,noone is allowed to laugh at me.AT LEAST I TRIED,OK?1st time writing personal statement somemore.I was ignorant to apply any scholarship after SPM.

My 1st intention to apply for it is just to try my luck,so if i didn't get it,it doesn't really matter.My mom 'll be happier too.I'm saying a lot of excuses just to make myself feel better.-.-.

anyway,que sera sera,what'll be ,'ll be.I already did my best and I should let the God do the rest.

kinda feel guilty sometimes.because..........sometimes,I was too tired,halfway praying,I fell asleep.
Then sometimes,I was talking on the phone until I fell asleep,then I didn't pray at all.
I have faith,I should be praying and reading bible religiously.
Sometimes,ppl 'll just go into the wrong direction,so am I.Now,I must U turn and go to the right one.but dilemma still there.