Monday, March 29, 2010


anyway,for those who're in my FB list,
they'll somehow know that I'm applying double degree in biomedical and chinese medicine in NTU.
because the status bout it is everywhere.HAHAHAHAHAHA.
I'll study biomedical in Singapore for 3 years and 2 years in Beijing for chinese medicine.(If I'm eligible to get it)

YES,I'm applying with my 3.33 after some of my analysis.

1st,to apply for the double degree,you need to know chinese and take chinese as a subject in your junior high school exam.SO,this eliminates part of the Singaporean who doesn't bother to learn chinese ,and some other nationalities like US and UK (I don't think the American and English 'll come to Singapore to study as well,they have so many famous uni there)

2nd, ppl from China cannot apply for it (it's one of the term and condition) because I think,(NOTE: I think means my opinion) it's stupid that you come to Singapore and back to your country to study chinese medicine.They must well starts in the country.well,this eliminates the billion ppl in China and makes the probability to become higher.

3rd,everyone is so crazy to study medicine and dentistry.AND I DON'T THINK THEY 'LL COME TO CHINESE MEDICINE LO.

so,I'm quite confident in getting it.
and NTU is not as famous as NUS.

oh ya,about the abrupt change of mind,
actually I'm still on the right path.To cure sickness without chemical!
and I can even apply all the herbal knowledge in making organic cosmetic.
and,I read through the syllabus,it inculdes lots of things I wanted to study like huang di nei jing where we learnt about the nerve and limp knot.After studying it,I can be like wong fei hong,just point to some place,and you'll remain static.WAHAHAHAHAHA.

I know,I'm really good in dreaming.

God bless me.and forgive me for changing my mind so often.(you know,woman's nature.)
but i think He's leading me to the more accurate way by asking my cousin to encourage me to apply.

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