Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ahhhh...finally settled

So,I sent in my application for local university.
and now problem occurs,
I applied for USM and UPU.

but actually deep in my heart,I don't wanna go USM because their health science faculty is in Kelantan.Gosh,Kelantan,where I might hv to wear baju kurung all day under the hot sun walking to the auditorium/lecture hall.I don't mind wearing baju kurung,but in such weather,NO WAY.and you know,according to my impression towards Kelantan,you need to queue separately and a bit ulu wan lo.I'm a urban person.ah..realised something,the more education you get,the more you complaint.aiks.Anyway,I don't wanna go there la.I think those ppl who can't get university 'll throw stone at me right now.

But really,by having a not-so-bad and not-so-good pointer is not a good thing,you'll definitely get a place but normally not those famous uni and not so famous course.To get a better university,you need higher to secure the,junior-junior sekalian,please stop reading my blog (means stop online la) and do TONNES OF EXERCISE. and ya,please please don't underestimate your inorganic chemistry.I'm totally defeated by it.If you need exercise book,feel free to ask me.I have some books which is unfinished.I doubt any of my junior reading my blog.
I'm not trying to show off lah~but really don't get 3.33.normally courses in UM UKM UPM,they need pointer around 3.75.So,WORK HARD FROM NOW.Unless you want a "sweet escape" to UMS ,then don't work so hard,enjoy your form 6.wahahahahahaha.

haiya,you wouldn't listen like what I was last year.But I can see my junior work harder than us.Some of them even start studying in lower 6.They study during recess as well.KIA LANG.I don't know whether this spirit'll continue to this year.but it's a good thing if you keep it on.don't be like me, very hardworking in lower 6,then all my spirit gone in upper 6.

anyway,I'm kinda out of topic,this post is supposed to be a post about my choice for course and university and some comments from ME. note:ME

so these're my 8 choices.
1.UM biochem
2.UKM biochem
3.UPM biochem
4.UM biomedical (this one cuba nasib)
5.UM biohealth (this one I can become a health adviser to consult ppl to live healthy)
6.UKM dietetic (you know why I want,I wanna treat ppl with food,not medicine)
7.UKM Nutrition (same reason as dietetic,but this's more to public where dietetic is treating eating disorder patients)
8.UKM food science (my very last option,something I'm interested but not exactly I want)

Noticed that most of my choice is biochem.This's because the pointer to get in there is around my range and I can pursue nutrition in my master with degree in biochem.So it's a better way.
nutrition and dietetic require very high pointer (around 3.83 to 4.00) so I put in just to test my luck lo.
And now,I'm clearer on what I wanna do.

I wanna make cosmetic and at the same time,I can improvise the effect of the cosmetic I made by consulting my client to eat certain food.

Then I can be another Anna Sui.wahaha.but I'm better than her,I made my own cosmetic (she doesn't make her own,she hire ppl to do it),design my own clothes,made my own perfume,made my own accessories and one thing she doesn't have,advice for nutrition.*dreaming deeply*I'll be yin xian sui or CYX (there's a brand named NYX) WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.ok la,maybe not the clothes and accessories yet,because I don't have so much time to do so much things in one time.need to plan accordingly.will pray hard to God so that I can achieve all those step by step.

So,I need both of the courses.And I found out that,with degree in biochem,I can change my major into nutrition when i'm doing master.But,if I'm doing nutrition now,I can't change into biochem during master.It's not confirmed by other source.I read it in a education magazine.

the most important things is MAMA SAYA HAPPY.SAYA PUN HAPPY.So,It's a win-win situation lo.

Actually,There's reason why I choose nutrition more to dietetic.I want to prevent people to get sick with some basic knowledge on nutrition.Don't wait until they have certain disease,then only look for doctor and dietician.This's very common in our country.That's why I was told nutritionist can't earn much in M'sia because of M'sian attitude on disease.They think,now I'm healthy so I can eat what I want without control.then,when they 're sick,they have to cut down all those unhealthy food.If you have some knowledge on food nutrition,you'll plan your meal.Have good but maybe unhealthy meal once in a while is ok.It makes you feel good.

Another reason,I wanna certify those article on certain food nutritional value.Some said,certain food is good for health.but another party said it's not good.ALAMAK.why they can't make it clear for us?Like everyone knows,oat is good for health,now I hv heard from my aunt,oat is not good.It's so confusing lah~

Another reason,my "keponess" and talkative character deep in my heart.I can talk a lot if I really meet the right person.I also have keponess which comes with determination to find out the truth.Actually,with my keponess,I wanna be a reporter.but my mom does not allow me to do so and I'm not good in writing.So that's it.

Consequence for not updating your blog often:you'll end up writing all crap and mainly out of topic.

God bless me and everybody in achieving what He plan for us.

small story:When I went to taiwan, I went to a shop where they sell,they have fortune teller there. I know,in Christian view,we're not supposed to go to fortune teller.but,I was so free doing ntg there.So I just gave my birthday to them.and the fella said I'm a workaholic with two jobs.So,we'll see.stay tune on biography of CYX.

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wow... i still can't get into usm website to register yet.. so frus... finally got green light for something i want... will tell you in person.