Tuesday, February 23, 2010


1.I miss the days I can hangout with chiam chiam almost everyday.schooling together,lunch together,tuition together,dinner together sometime.then now,hardly can see him also.

2.I'm back from Bangkok with two long t shirts,2 leggings (1 black 1 lace) ,5 necklace,2 short pants,1 sleeveless shirt,1 black turtle neck shirt,3 shirt,2 pyjamas look alike shirt,1 big bag and 1 clutch at only RM126.super cheap,k?I got the long t shirt at RM 7 and a necklace at RM 3.
now I change my shopping paradise from Singapore to Bangkok.

3.I wanna be a fashion merchandiser where I can buy clothes from all over the world and sell them in M'sia.(when I'm retired or I'm really bored with my future job) I know,my ambition never stop changing one.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

4.sewing machine or curler?I need a sewing machine so that I can sew something to sell.I need a curler so that I can save money from going to hair salon for hair curling.should check out the price 1st.My hidden dream (to learn making clothes) appears again.since SPM,I wanted to learn making clothes,but don't know how to start.

5.Since CNY is finishing,I think I have to settle down for my LCCI examination and driving lesson.

6.AND WHY YOU GUYS TOLD ME THE DATE WHEN STPM RESULT IS OUT? I wanna know it on the day not the day before.I started to have weird dream like getting robbed and meeting strange person.Just let me be an ostrich.

7.I have tonnes of homework and laundry to do.I don't wanna put in my new clothes into washing machine anymore.(bad experience,for those active in FB and added me as friend.They know what's going on)

8.I need to write a personal statement for the NUS application.

9.I wanna watch gossip girl season 3

10.I should work on my blogshop.still thinking of a way to sell the stuff.-.-.and i'm kinda lazy to make them.I have inspiration but no motivation to make them.

11.I need to apply what I learnt in costing on the price of the stuff I wanna sell.

12.to be continue.I had lots of stuff to tell,but until here,I forgot what I wanna tell.>.<

13.oh,I remembered.Thanks for the birthday wishes and gift.Thanks Cher for the lotion,fei fei and Amin for the mascara set and the most important person,my dear chiam chiam for the contact lens cleaner which I wanted for so long.If I forget anyone,very sorry

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