Friday, February 5, 2010

new decade

I kinda preserved this post.
today is 12th of february.
I was busy anyway.
I'm offcially 20.I'm starting my second decade of my life
but why ar,until today,when I went out to mamak,they still call me adik.-.-
anyway,today is my birthday.(just pretend it's on my brithday la~)
I was surprised when my LCCI classmate bought me a cake from fruity and brought it in during the break over.I was busy talking to my cousin that time and suddenly blackout happened.I thought it's really a blackout.Then my lecturer brought in the cake and they sang song.anyway,Thanks to pei yin for arranging all that.At 1st I was wondering why is she acting quite weird and even borrowed money from my cousin but not me.
After the class,supposed to go to sabi wasabi with chiam chiam for lunch wan.
Unfortunately,miscommunication happens.
He thought I wanna had it for dinner.
and I didn't have my breakfast (actually ate a piece of cake la) so I was quite angry with him.(I'll be grumpy and easily irritated if i'm hungry or sleepy.)
Anyway,happy to see him and today is my birthday.I forgave him lo.So he faster went to bath and went to AEON jalan jalan 1st lo.
sabi wasabi was closed from 3pm to 6pm.We knew there when we reached and it's 5pm.
SO,We went to GM klang lo.
After eating,We went around bkt tinggi to search for places to hangover.
so we rushed to KP,just for the clearance sales.Didn't buy anything from the clearance sales as I was warned by my mom not to simply buy things anymore.
This's how my bday gone.
As I grow older,I don't want a grand party anymore.
I just want to stay with my beloved,had my favourite food and that's all.
oh ya,chiam chiam got me a contact lens cleaner which i wanted so much.
thanks dear.muacks.(I know you'll be reading it)

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