Saturday, January 30, 2010

shopping spree AGAIN

I realised something.
I tend to become a shopaholic when I finished a major exam.
When I was done with my SPM,I bought A LOT of clothes for CNY
and now,same things happen.
but with more clothes!!!
with an excuse,I might be working.(well,I worked and I resigned because there's no income)
so,these are stuff I bought.much more than the last shopping spree in 2008.HAIH.all my JPA scholarship gone.(I think the JPA fella'll be mad after reading this.those money supposed to be used for my study.hahahaha.)
compare to the 2008,it increases drastically.Some I wore it before the CNY.

Necklaca bought by chiam chiam as my xmas's spontaneous.He asked me to choose on that X'mas day in Takashimaya

dress I bought after I have bought so many dresses.I swear this's the last b4 CNY.gonna wear it on my bday.with the yellow wedges.WEE.and the colourful wedges,I'll leave it to CNY

Accessories and Jacket area.Bonita headband are CHEAP.2 for RM5.siao liao.gonna buy another two colour.WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.OH,I forgot my belt.I bought two belt in total.-.-

cocktail dresses area?

Working dress area.

skirt and pants area.gonna wear that floral dress with my G2000 top on the 1st day of CNY.that floral dress bought in GM klang in RM 27.quite a good bargain la.

Casual dress area?

shirt area.

In total:
I bought
8 shirts.(4 worn because my old T shirt are mostly torn.)
2 skirts.(1 worn for work)
2 pants.(1 worn because my pants also almost torn)
11 dresses.(3 worn because since I bought so many.can wear la.)
2 earrings.
2 belts.
3 scarfs.
3 pairs of shoe.(1 worn for work)
4 hair ornaments.
1 "bangle"?
2 jackets (both worn because ALC very cold la~)
and it costs me around 1000 this time.
you know,sing know,after the singapore dress incident,RM 50 dress for me is nothing.-.-.
write this down,not to show off.Just to remind me how much I have bought,and I shall stop buying until I got my uni JPA scholarship.AND I DON'T HAVE AN INCOME.
that's the worst thing.
I need to save money because I can't earn money right now.
and I don't know how to sell my hand made earring.need to set the price according to the materials i used.and thank God I learnt costing in LCCI.can try to apply.That's the main purpose I enroll into the class.One day,I wanna open a shop,inside the shop, you can make DIY card,DIY present,and I 'll put a big big cabinet which is divided into compartments so that student can rent a small compartment to sell their hand made stuff.THIS IDEA IS COPYRIGHT RESERVED.Those who copy my idea,sure gulung tikar in 1 month.hehehehehehehe.IF they read my blog and copy my idea. Because I not sure whether there's someone having same mind as me.Don't wanna hurt the innocent one. to go.I have 10 accounts to be done.accounting is fun when you're doing ONE account.but 10 accounts?not fun anymore.

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