Wednesday, January 6, 2010

job job job

Somehow I feel really helpless these few days.
I went for a few interview(some not even interview)
and it ended up that they need a permanent one after looking at my result.
I'm not bragging about my SPM result is really good or what .
Just that everyone who saw my result 'll say that they need permanent worker and they're sure that I'll leave and go for further study.
I went to PPD trying to get a teaching job,
went through the interview,and was told to wait for their calls
I waited for two days,and finally I called them and that fella didn't remember a thing about me.
I was told that they prefer degree holder and someone who can work at least a year.So I was asked to go to SJK Tsuen Min to ask the headmistress about it.AND THE WORST THING IS,I don't even have a I gave up and thought that I should go to STAR and ask the teachers.
And here I went.
It's fulled with the newly trained teacher.eventhough there's teacher going to give birth or what,they'll let the new teacher to take over.
I went back,met my friend,and was told that there's still admin job in her company.Before that I heard that they need telemarketers,but I don't want it as there's no basic at earn from what you did.If I happen not getting anyone in,I'll not get the money.and there goes all my effort.
And I went for the interview,and turns out that they need telemarketer more than admin.
So,out of no choice,i just take it and give it a try.
I actually wanted to work as sale assistance in watch shop where I got high basic salary and high commission as well.
just because of my parents who don't allowed me to work on weekend and as sales assistance.I have to give up that.
come on,when I finished SPM,I can't get to work.I understand as I'm going to NS as well.So,I really don't mind if my parents don't let me to work.
but now,I'm 19 going to be 20,going to end my teenagers life.AND I STILL DIDN'T GET TO CHOOSE WHAT JOB I WANNA DO.
Sale Assitance is not a bad job,right?not that i'm selling drugs or working as PR in pub.
I can't understand why my parents still wanna keep me in the green house.

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