Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st post of the year

I went to Harbour Place to count down which is a really silly place to countdown.AS I GOT CHEATED.THEY SAID GOT FIREWORKS WAN LO.
and ya,I count down with my parents and chiam finally i got to spend my new year eve with my bf (although it's just a few minutes).
I don't feel like login my FB account these few days.
I don't want to see all those new year eve photo.especially with friends wan.
my curfew is still 10.30 pm
after that time,my phone 'll ring and you'll hear a loud monster shout from my mom.
DAMN KNS LA.(after Singapore trip,I tend to scold more KNS.ter"adapt" their culture)
especially those couple who went for count down and took photo wan.T.T
when's my turn har?
maybe this year new year eve can do so d.
shall wait for 31/12/2010.
I don't even get to go out as often as I want.
My outing still in quota system.
once the quota is full,I can't really go out anymore.
and my mom sometimes 'll purposely call the house phone just to check whether i'm at home.
and my cordless phone is spoilt.
I have to go downstairs everytime just to pick up a phone.
My pre birthday wish:I hope my parents 'll break my curfew.
I'm big enough to differentiate good and bad
not going to pub,club or disco as I really don't like those place.
wanna drink liquor?my house got a lot and I don't hv to pay for it summore.
and i'm not those innocent girl thinking that everyone is good to help you.(old friends like school mate are exceptional)
i think,this kind of emo post is normally posted by a 15yo or 16yo girl.
but i'm going to end my teenagers life and yet i'm posting them.

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