Sunday, December 26, 2010

Confession of Rebecca Chua *part 2*

This shall be about the pro and cons of online shopping and all the stuff I bought online.
At the same time, doing a blog post (or I should say an advertorial that I did it voluntarily so that I can get free credit from that website?*but it is really good one, ok? I don't simply recommend one.It's just nice that I'm doing this shopping post and at the same time I found this event on the website.)

P/s:To the blogshop, I'm doing a combination of all the blogshop I shopped. So, I would say all parties have their pro and cons and not all the content in the blogshop are the same. You don't shop in only one place also right?

Some criteria I check before I start shopping online:
1. ready stock
I prefer ready stock for a few reasons:
a) sometimes the owner will post up the actual photo since the clothes are already with them. If it is preorder, all we can see is the taiwan model which obviously have big difference between our height. If it is a real person, it adds credit. Hanging on the clothes hanger is still acceptable.
Let say, if you really x1000 want to get the clothes on the model, try to get those clothes which looks nice when they are loose and unisize. Eg: long t shirt, cardigan and legging. If you really like those body fitting type, buy with your own risk lo. Last time, I WENT AND BOUGHT IT. I'm very regret as the cutting is weird.I don't have those standard body shape, so it turns out very cacat.

b) you can get it like in 2 days? whereas preorder needs 2 to 4 weeks time, and sometime got custom problem as well.

c) safer in the sense that you are getting it in a short time, so even it is a cheat blogshop, you can know immediately and BOYCOTT THE FELLA (a bit violent). Anyway, so far, I never get cheated. *touch wood* If it is preorder, they might make up excuse like your shipping is lost when they're coming from China. It is your responsibility because they're not responsible to the lost. bla bla bla. (I'm thinking too much maybe? I have good imagination sometimes)

2. Price
In online shop, the good thing is you can compare price easily. You don't have to walk the whole mall to search for the exact same piece (which is almost impossible) to check for the price and not only that, you will not get the scary stare and too passionate service from the salesgirl for touching the clothes and checking the price tag.
Golden rule: every price have their own quality. expensive things normally come with good quality and better material. The "taiwan model" photo may look the same for both website, but in fact, the expensive one might be made of better quality. Again, it's your luck and that's why actual photo is important

3. the banking info.
preferably maybank as money can be transfered via maybank2u. I have not try other bank online service except bank islam so that I can check on JPA payment at home. Maybank2u has higher security control where you got SMS for every transaction. Not only that, before you do a transaction, a code will send to your phone. Thus, money can only be transfered when the code is available. UNLIKE BANK ISLAM. They don't ask for my hp no when I register online banking in the ATM. so I assume they do not send the code to us and I'm not going to use that acc for online stuff. again, I'm a poor student. even with allowance, I spent them very fast. SO PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR ENERGY TO KIDNAP ME. It's better to use the energy to work and earn your own money.

4. shipping method
I prefer skynet or poslaju or pos express.
Skynet staff are friendly (at least for my area la) I can call them to schedule the time if I'm not at home to collect the parcel. So tracking number is important to me. With tracking number, I know I'm not cheated by the owner and at the same time, can check on my parcel location.
Whereas for poslaju, even if they leave a note for me to collect from the office, it's still ok as the poslaju office is still somewhere I can go with public transport.
The best thing is they are almost same price.

5. the colour.
try to avoid sheer colour like white, sometimes, since it's China brand, the fabrics is so thin that it can be seen through easily. So do not take risk, choose darker colour, even if it is thin, it's still not so obvious to be seen through.

That's all I think. I think I should make this a post and another post for my online haul? It is for easy viewing purpose.
and my readers will not wonder how come I never post the next part after so long.
very sorry >.< , I was busy with LAN subject assignment recently.
My bf is making me not to shop btw. He kept on repeating that, cheap stuff doesn't mean you have to buy it and you have too many clothes + bags d.
So, to somehow please the bf, and at the same time, my shopping rate is too terrifying. I decided to put part of my money as FD.

Again, if you wanna kidnap me, what I have in the FD is a small amount. It's not worth it to spend all your brain juice in planning to kidnap me. If you have the mind to plan a kidnap, you must well use your mind to invent something. God gives you brilliant mind, and you use it to kidnap people. You have brilliant but immature/inhumane/irrational mind.
Actually, if you kidnap me, I will let you do, as Mahatma Gandhi said that, when the villain hurt you, just let it be, so that they can realise their mistake. something like that, can't find the quote. It's the same theory from the scriptures in Bible, if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, let him slap on your left cheek too. So I'm heading that phase, not going to curse people when they do something wrong. I will thank them as well so that they can realise it's their mistake. Lots of patience needed for this phase.

But at the same time, I'm afraid of getting raped.-.-. anyway, forget the last part. It's because of too many moral essay were written recently.

*random stuff inserted instead of the main topic. Btw, my stuff that I bought online in next post. need some time to organise my stuff for photo!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Confession of Rebecca Chua *part 1*

From now on, my name is Rebecca Chua. (FYI: Rebecca is the character in Confession of a shopaholic )
However, I don't like the name. So in this story, my name is Rebecca, but in real life, I'm not Rebecca, so please, do not call me Rebecca in the public. I will not answer, because I'm not used to the name.
I returned 2k to my mom, for the registration and IELTS fee.
do the math, I left 2.6k right?
let see how I spent it.
So, I got the money on 2/11/2010. My uni friends are lucky stars, after eating bah kut teh with them, I got my money. XD

I shall start with the real life shopping.then to the online shopping in next post as photo is attached to every transaction.

The opening day for Uniqlo.
I bought a RM 279.90 down jacket for my mom,as she was going to China few days after that.
In addition, I spent around RM 170 on these.(a pair of RM 80 wedges, a RM 10 t shirt, a RM25 dress , transportation and meals.)
Comment: still acceptable la. lai, let's do some calculation, my cash in hand left RM 2150.After that, my mom sort of pay back the jacket as my pocket money. I still have RM 2450

Got the Uniqlo tote bag because I bought RM 200 above stuff. HAHAHAHA. eventhough I'm not the 1st 1000 to enter and get it free. The RM 25 dress is so berbaloi lo, because it's so fit on me.(you know, those sg wang RM 25 shop doesn't allow you to try on the spot. It's luck-based. :P)

The bazaar in Subang Parade.
spent around RM 80 for those lovely fabrics from Fabrics Fanatic, pretty cupcakes and someSouled Sister preloved clothes.
Comment: ok la. investment for Seenamon stuff and one of the skirt is RM 5. how on earth you can resist that? and i got free stuff for buying from Fabrics Fanatic and Souled Sister.
Comment: Erm, for so many stuff bought in less than RM 100. for me is still ok la. (later on, I will share more terrifying experience.)
mathematics time: I left RM 2370

The red stripe shirt is RM 10, the floral skirt is RM 5 and the pink skirt is RM 10.

My exam ended. And my shopaholism grew wild! bought my bday dress, peacock feather head band and peacock feather earring for RM 134. stuff from Diva for RM 19.
Comment: spent around RM 150. left RM 2220

This is where I started to get broke. I went GM, bought clothes for RM 60. and RM 210 investment in Seenamon stuff. (okay, some earrings are mine.)
Comment: I left RM 1950.

The jumper and cardigan are RM 20 and RM 16. then both singlet are RM 5 each. One more dress is Iona's present.

Went to bkt bintang area again. with fei fei and jie qi. the main theme is to dine in Jogoya and dress hunt for fei fei. But she didn't get anything, but i got my bday party dress and a si beh sui statement ring from F21 and two pairs of shoes from Nose. total spent: RM 190 + jogoya meals around RM 65= RM 255 round it off, RM 260
Comment: I left RM 1690

The black pump is RM 43 , the flat is RM 30. Both after 50% off. and yeah, not going to show my bday party dress here. it supposed to be a surprise.

Since my summer classes starts, I go to Sunway pyramid like everyday I have class, because the canopy walk from Sunway College to Sunway Pyramid is done. So, easy access to there. This is where the shopaholism growl more fierce than a lion.

I forgot the date.
In total,I bought 2 pairs of rubi for RM 25, cotton on earrings for RM 5, 3 cotton on bags for two for RM 5 and another for RM 29, a pair of cotton on slipper for RM 15 and a key necklace for 21st bday for RM 15.
Total spent: RM 100 (round it off to RM 90)
I left RM 1590

the floral one is PWP, got it for RM 29, the "I love shoe" bag is RM 5 for charity purpose, the stripe tote bag, RM 5. I KNOW, SO CHEAP.

Bought the wrong size for floral shoe. It's size 36. and I'm size 37 for rubi covered shoe.
ANYONE WANTS IT? RM10/= only! wore once.

And I have to minus some money for all the good food.
I had Chilis for RM 90, BBQ plaza for RM 50, O'briens sandwich for RM 16,then go makan with my uni friend in Sunway Pyramid.

And I spent RM 50 on Daiso stuff. I bought the button kits for Seenamon and all the la la zap zap stuff.
I left RM 1390.

Oh, and one day, my cousin brought me to reject shop or FOS warehouse sales. spent another RM 200

Bought this trench coat for RM 90 after 50% off. It's from Somerset bay, one of my fav brand because they have all these very Old England style with all the roses and embroidery. Many said it's a waste. But for me, I think it's wearable in M'sia as it's made of thin fabrics plus it's short sleeve. I prefer outer wear in short sleeves because I look weird in long sleeve sometimes. AND IT'S SO BLAIR WALDORF. The fabrics got some motives one. cannot show in the pic.

both for RM5 each

all for RM100.
Comment: I left RM1190 T.T (continue spending for online shopping, next post when I have time)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

blog debt

I got some inspiration while I was in the bus or class.
and everytime when I 'm free to blog, I forget the theme.
So, better jot down here.(not going to blog because it's 12.46 am. lame excuse)

1. story of a dumb "brunette" spending 2.6k in a month. By the way, it is a sad story, so remember to bring tissue. It is more or less like 'Confession of a Shopaholic'.Inside the story, you will know the pro and cons for online shopping and real life shopping & some good bargain and lousy bargain. It also includes the protagonist showing off her purchase. oh, and how she is going to pass the days until CNY. The story comes with some useful tips to save money because she learnt a lesson from this.*expecting a long post or I shall break them into pieces?*

2. How to 'renovate' your room with some cheap tools? errm, how to organise your stuff?*tutorial*

3. this topic is slightly boring. It's about training our brain.I'm currently reading a book on this.

4. some ads for Seenamon maybe, since we're planning something great for year end. So, save some money for this grand sales!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I thought

I thought my summer classes will be so easy and relaxing.
I thought after the summer class of the day, I still have time to make some stuff.
I thought I still have some time to waste on Facebook and watching movie or drama I wanted to watch so long ago.
I have one essay,one drama, several journals and an acitivity to work on.
When I reach home, I am so exhausted.
my weekends and off day?
I have no idea how it leaked. :X
must really plan my time wisely.
(normally after everyone typing this, they'll remain the same. I hope that I'm not the one doing this as well)

I think I'm too kepo in stalking people's blog or FB.
( seriously must cut down this, read more beneficial stuff instead. )

And those unnecessary online window-shopping.
(but window-shop inspire me in making stuff!)
So very sorry for the lack of update in DIY projects!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I should get another F21 dress due to reason below:
1st, 2 of my friends and chiam chiam saw the dress I bought recently. They said that it's way too simple. So, I should keep the simple one for my actual birthday and buy another one for birthday party. YEAH!
2nd, It's not a forever 21 dress. It's tagged as I love H81, a brand under F21. you can kill me in this statement.But the purpose I want a F21 dress is because of the tag showing the 21.
3rd, I dunno
4th, I dunno
5th, I should really get one. and there is Year End Sales. Noone can resist sales, ok?

I sort of giving all the excuses to get a F21 dress. suddenly feel so someone.
p/s: I know what to blog for my holiday entry. I shall talk about my online shopping experience and real shopping experience.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

holiday holiday holiday!

project will be resume *soon*
I'm still thinking what to do.hmmm

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I was reading my old blog last week.
and I came across a list to do in each stage of my life.
sadly, so far none of them achieved.
I didn't get 3.5 above. I didn't get into UM, UPM, UKM.I didn't even do nutrition.
and I wasn't with same guy anymore.
But, still if God let me rewind the time, I will choose not to.
I prefer this plan. It is better.
I got 3.33.Initially, I really can't accept the truth. I overestimated myself. But,PTL, it's still over 3.00 and I still can continue my degree in Monash under JPA.

so I got into Monash (which is higher ranking than UM) for free +allowance.There was a rush before entering.I had to take IELTS and I need to get band 6 and above and I only have like 3 weeks to prepare. After that, I have to waste 2 week to wait for the result.I missed the orientation, I missed 1st week of class.I think I'm adapting well, except the procrastination part.

I am doing medical bioscience. my mind changed during form 6.It's tough to get into the same course in local university. I am happier in this course as I'm learning on human body system. I did not forget my interest in nutrition, thus I'm taking nutrition as one of my elective subject. With God's help, I hope that I can combine these two field of study in one day. I did not forget my objective of learning this, to create awareness in Malaysian to eat healthy food and not over dependent on pills. I wanna know all those secret codes in the food. oh, not to forget, since I have to work with government when I'm graduate, I can reach those lower income family to change their lifestyle.Like American belief, it's better to die than to get sick. It shows that how expensive medical fee is. I personally think that, if you want to become a doctor, please please, don't work for the money. If you really want a huge income, please find another way, like working part time as lecturer or writing a book. (a good question: If like that, how to support my shopaholism? erm, I will find a way la,but definitely not from the patient and I believe gov will give a good pay with good incentives.)

My current bf is more compatible with me.we're both siao people, and we danced SNSD Gee while looking at the video, and we both have the same thought in certain important issue. Not to deny that I was immature during the breaking up process with my ex. Anyway, luckily I did not make the wrong decision in this. Chiam chiam and I still madly in love even though we're together for almost two years. We have the same frequency in cracking jokes. We understand each other jokes very well. We sometimes can read each other mind. Anyway, to avoid my reader having goosebumps, I shall stop here.

Do I leak too many personal stuff? I don't think so as it's just my thought in believing God.
PTL. To have faith is to be sure of things we hope for, to be certain of things we do not see. Just keep believing, until one day, even though what you got is something beyond your expectation, you will find that, you're more pleased with this unexpected ending. Never give up when a small things is out of your expectation. The small outlier might be a piece of new puzzle in creating a better life.Now, God bless me in studying for biology!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WHEE! I left only one paper!

so I shall resume my DIY project after that.
I might sort of leave this blog aside and create a new blog, purely for DIY stuff.
To be safe, I decided not to leak too many personal stuff in the cyber world.
Or I shall use this blog purely for DIY projects after this post and no more personal stuff.
Leave a comment!
I prefer the latter, as I'm lazy to open a new blog. -.-.LOL.
I'm being pointless.
okay, bye

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome little froggie!

I got this really cute keroppi widget from one of my uni mate,Jeffrey.
(lam yan lou gao, put cartoon in his blog XD )

So, I have this two weeks study break.
I finished study 7 ENV lecture notes, still have 8 more. (total failure in following my plan.), 2 chapters of SCI, others? untouched.
luckily it's all form 6 syllabus, at least I still have some patches of them.

and I left 5 days!
WOW. typing this makes me feel guilty.
seriously, I admire those who has strong determination in revision. I never stick my plan. SAD.


p/s: what do you say for traffic light in BM? chiam chiam called it,lampu suluh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Saturday, October 16, 2010

after this,I shall study again!

I find that whenever the exam is coming near.
I tend to blog more than the time I was not having any exam.
to release tension? XD

I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing where I hope that the exam 'll come soon. so that I can relax after that, and this will make me feel more nervous and work harder.
It's my nature or human nature,the motivation only comes when the thing is last minute.
I don't want to be a last minuter too. :0

okay,back to my ENV notes. aiks.

Friday, October 15, 2010

delayed project! /girlish sneakers.

So sorry for the delay. and here is it!
late better than never right? This is the favourite slogan for lazy ppl. *ahem*

This is the shoe I bought in rubi, Sunway pyramid for RM 14.50. CHEAP RIGHT? but the colour is so dull. So it definitely needs some modification.

So I took off the ugly black shoe lace and replace with the real LACE.

I bought the lace in Taiping street in Klang for RM 0.50 per meter i think.

measure the length with the black shoe lace, so that it'll not be too short and too long.

burn each ends of the lace.

Put the lace through.

actually there're so many DIY modifications on apparel that's so simple, but we just didn't realise them.
So, live creatively.
I usually bought stuffs which is multifunctional. even for clothes,I love tubes where I can wear them as skirt or upper wear.

difficulty : *

p/s: this is done two months ago. >.<

Thursday, October 14, 2010


1st, I hate being extremely tired during M. It's like my mind is still energetic,I wanna do more stuff, BUT I'm physically worn out. need more Brands chicken essence perhaps.

2nd, after looking at the blog Aisha recommended on my chatbox, I'm so inspired and motivated. and here am I presenting to your guys my * long lost promised* project. :P sowie. (project in next post.allow me to update on my current status,okay? (skip this lo, if you really not interested in my personal life. >.<)

3rd, I end my 1st sem today. It's so sudden, I supposed to have my last lecture tomorrow. My dad called the carpenters to make furniture in my house tomorrow. It's supposed to be my dad who taking care of them,but it ended up that he has emergency stuff in his workplace and he can't take leave,so I am taking care of them.well, luckily it's just a revision lecture. (long sentence I have. I held my breath to finish reading it. LOL)

4th, lesson learnt/issue happened in my 1st sem in Monash
~ I must improve my english in scientific writing if I wanna make it to Cambridge Uni. Oh,I shall state my aim here to motivate myself in really improve my scientific writing. I came across a Monash seniors who took the same course as mine doing phD in Cambridge Uni.So it's possible for a Malaysian to be in such famous uni . According to my professor, studying phD require a good skills in english. SO I MUST READ MORE JOURNALS.

~ I must not be last minute anymore. I got my essay which is done last minute.It is done badly. not even half of the marks. It's probably due to my last minute preparation. :/

~ be more friendly in uni maybe? I'm so cool and arrogant in the uni. :) and scolded some of my friends as well. I'm really sorry for that, but sometimes to be frank, I really can't tolerate people with negative mind.
I know some of the syllabus might be tough, but still we have to face it.It's the reality. I prefer to face them happily and try my best to overcome it. Friends, we passed the 2nd toughest exam, so why can't we overcome this too?
No complains and do your work is the current motto I'm strongly hold to. I'm grateful to get a scholarship to study in Monash, and I didn't really do well in STPM. So,I'm really lucky this time. PTL for that.
and yeah, think before you ask, refer to any source you can before asking the lecturer question.I find it humiliating to ask question which the answer is available in the lecture notes or the lecturer just stated in the class. This only proves that you were not listening at all and came into class with no preparation at all.
STILL, the main point is CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT YOU'RE GOING TO DIE OR YOU 'RE VERY CHAM WHEN YOU HAVE ASSIGNMENTS OR LOW SCORE ?do you think you're that cham or "die-able" than those kids in Africa? At least you're in university. They don't even have proper education.

Again, learn the mistake and carry on (Chow, S.C, 2010). For G's sake, you're not teenagers anymore. be independent and ask the right question.

okay, maybe I shouldn't be that serious in this "die lah, cham lah" issue. It might be your way to say shit or F or Damn,I shall try to understand.

p/s: For my uni friend who read this, I stated this issue here not to humiliate you guys. Just a critic or suggestion for improvement. and if you really wanna bring this issue in uni, i would say, what stays in internet stays there. If you wanna make the situation awkward for everyone, bring it on.

~ I wanna be the chio-est student in School of Science (you know, normally only business or art student will dress up nicely to uni). LOL. So I wear nicely to uni almost everyday. My motto is, If you buy clothes, you must find every chance to wear them, so that they're not wasted. (and I can't be that crazy wearing them at home, right?) However,I don't make up to uni, so I'm not bimbo,Am I?well,if you want to consider me as a bimbo, you're welcome to do so. but please, call me a cute bimbo.OH OH,or bambee also can.

~ I gonna join more activities next year, like joining the silver wing project. I have no idea whether it'll be available next year, but I really miss organising activities like I did in my secondary education. YEAH~

4th, Seenamon is having a booth in bazaar again!!! *thrilled* It's around november, one of the saturday! right now, beside studying until mental wrecking, I spare some time for jewellery making to relax my brain.

5th, JPA is still holding my money. I gonna have money for 2 semesters to spend in 1 semesters soon. LOL. but right now, I'm broke. :(

that's all the important updates I think.
thanks for reading. (if there's any reader,I doubt)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to modify your plain and boring blouse into a military-ish blouse?

This's supposed to be done when I was having my sweet holidays.
BUT , (there's always but for me. :P) I was lazy.
cut it short.let's start on the project!
I'm turning a plain blouse into a more stylish one in a few simple steps.

1st,get a blouse with button as we're going to change the button only.I KNOW,FREAKING EASY RIGHT?

This is the blouse I'm using.bought it online for RM 28.It's a good purchase as the size is just nice on me.

2nd, get some button which looks "military-ish"

I bought them from the green shop beside Delta HQ.I think bought it for RM 0.50 each.

3rd,pass the button through the hole.You don't wanna sew it then realise it can't pass through the hole,right?

4th,remove the button.

5th, tie a knot at the end of the thread and pass through the tiny hole.

pass through the tiny hole.

6th, put in the button and sew it diagonally.

7th, tie the knot and repeat the steps for other button.and voila!

I know I know,it's a small difference. but it looks better,isn't it?
Difficulty: * (it's very hard if you don't know how to sew.XD)

Next project: make your sneaker to look girlish. (hopefully I can do it tomorrow,alhamdulilah.XD)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Shopping list

To make myself feel better,(was busy with uni life)
I decided to write a shopping list.
I hope JPA 'll gimme my money b4 16th of september where the sales is still on.
God bless me!
1. I want a comfortable sneaker that don't look bulgy.
2. Neutrogena sun block mist. I really need one as I'm getting darker by walking to uni
3. A bag which looks semi formal.
ermm.ermm. I shall stress myself for thinking the

to be continued when I'm stress again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back for few min!

I'm still alive and not taken away by the assignment tsunami.
1 assignment and 1 lab report due tomorrow.
and I have not finished them.
and luckily they're the short and simple one.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Holiday ends

My holidays end officially on this sunday.
I got my IELTS result which is far better than I expected.I got band 7 btw.
and I passed the result to Monash,and around 3 hours later I got their phone call saying that I'm offered.SEE SEE,very efficient lo.
I'm asked to register on next monday.
It's like so sudden and I do not know how to react.
Ah well,welcome to university life!

p/s:again sorry for the absence of survivor post,I was busy preparing the stuff to sell in the bazaar.
Details of the bazaar:
Date : 7/8/2010
Venue: subang parade
Time: 11 am -9pm

Thursday, July 8, 2010

lama tak jumpa.

though it's only 8 days , it seems very long for me.
As the Chinese proverb said,1 day of separation is as long as three autumns.(means 3 years btw.The Chinese loves to make you think deeply.)
so,8 days means 24 years lo.get it?

forgive me for the "standardize" format,I'm sort of prepared for formal writing recently due to IELTS.LOL.Actually I didn't write much,I did more on the listening and reading.
As for speaking,talking to myself since my holidays started helps me a lot.I speak english to myself,for your information,again due to IELTS.

so IELTS,you better gimme a presentable result.I'm not greedy,ngam ngam fulfill the requirement for Monash is enough. I'm demanding, I know.thanks to my 5 years experience as a monitor.tsk tsk tsk.please allow me to boast about this. :)

Anyway,was kinda emo just now because of misunderstanding happened.Or only me,thought that was misunderstanding.I can be sensitive sometimes.

Maybe I should be more understanding so that there's no misunderstanding.
Oh oh oh,it rhymes.

In contrast,(see see see,another cliche for formal writing) I shall be tougher!!
RAWR. noone can control my emotion,and noone shall make me cry anymore.
tears away,use johnson&johnson.


This's my final word.

there's another one.
get well soon,orange! (didn't use this long time ago)
I'll pray for you hard hard one. (typical lala phrase.okay okay,serious one)
I'll seek for God's help in healing you,ok?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm legend!

It seems like everyone is preparing to leave for IPTA or IPTS.
and I'm stuck in klang doing IELTS. T.T

and not only that,I'm not going to stay in Monash campus even if my allowance given is high enough to pay the rent.I don't have the moving/pre moving shopping to do.T.T.
Thanks my dad who still think that I'm a small girl and berangan-angan wanna go clubbing.
1st: I don't go clubbing
because I'm only 5 inch.I'll be squeezing in between ppl's breast instead of ppl's shoulder.
because I hate ppl smoking.
because the drink there is expensive .I know there's ladies night but the only drink i'll order there is coke or fruit juice. no point kan? I rather save the money on something else like SHOPPING!!
because society there can be complicated.I want to stay simple.
because the place is super duper noisy like hell.I can't even talk there.
btw,how I know all these?
thanks my dad again who brought me to pub/club since I was young.
I even counted down there before.

okay,to be frank,I'll stay out late if I'm staying outside.I'll go makan the legendary asia cafe/murni/SS2/snowflakes/all the ding dong restaurant.I know,I'm sua ku, and have never been there before.
again,thanks my dad for those stupid curfew and my mom for the outing quota when I'm already over 18 year old.

and yet,I'm ranting like a 17 year old. LOL
but I know,as the only daughter,the way to raise me up is different as well.=.=
right now,I can do nothing on this issue but just wait.

Monday, June 28, 2010


You have my sincere apologies if you're expecting for my post on my survival during holidays.
I'm not prepared and not going to prepare until 10th of July.
Blogger 'll be investigating how handsome English is.
so that she can date with Monash after passing through IELTS,a series of test.
(weird weird weird,I'm investigating English,so that I can get Monash as my date) *try to think it another way*

I got my lappie.
that's the only update I wanna inform.

p/s: I'm doubt that anyone reading my blog religiously like I'll give a light of hope.LOL.

p/p/s:Relieved after finding that Monash is still waiting for me even though I have not passed the requirement. I'm so touched.

p/p/p/s: I shall work harder to get my date. Oh well,I'm working it by blogging and watching movie in english,ain't I? *oppsie*

Friday, June 25, 2010


I got the conditional offer letter from Monash already.
Ah well,some of you might think it's not a big deal.
But for a person who have been lack of luck recently,it's a good news
The problem is,
the conditional letter is valid until 2nd of july. Ouch!
'll call the PIC again to hold my offer
I have out of no choice.
The earliest date for IELTS is 10th of july.
Again,Lord,I'm hoping that everything 'll be going through smoothly.

review on Irenelim fashion

Holidays turn me into a shopaholic,as you guys know.

For the previous holidays,I was having the real shopping.I went to the mall and shopped.Be it window shopping or the real shopping where purchasing is involved.

But,for this holiday,I got myself a maybank account.The place to shop become wider.I can shop online,I can go to certain website,view the clothes,just like those real life window shopping.The only difference is,I don't have to be served by some really rude sales assistant.I can stay in the website as long as I can.I can even compare the price between website A and website B,while in real life,it's tiring and time-consuming to do so.

So one day,I came across this ad in the FB tab.I got all those online store from the tab btw.
I found out this website is exactly what I'm searching for.An affordable,a commoner as model and most importantly,a ready stock online store -Irenelim fashion

1st,the price is affordable.There's no three digit for the price.LOL

2nd, it's quite important to have a commoner to be the model,instead of those tall,slim,beautiful, proffesional model.We don't have the perfect body as the proffesional model.So with a commoner as model,we can see the design and cutting of the clothes better.

3rd,ready stock.I hate waiting for my parcel.I once ordered preorder stock,and it takes me a month.Like the Cantonese said,wait until the neck become longer.Oh well,we can get our clothes from Irene the next day right after you made payment.AH,good good.To prove that I'm not lying, read here.

Not only that,as a president of HP club, (FYI: hiao po club aka vain ppl club,created by my aunt) I shall take up the challenge to write this review to get a FREE dress.

I 'll never have enough clothes.Who say only diamond is the girls' best friend? you can't wear diamond without nice clothes as well. :)

p/s: I didn't buy from the website yet,because I saw some I really like,but someone is faster than me,she bought it. *sad*

insomia is back AGAIN

I have insomia again.
and therefore I'm here.
Oh ya,regarding to my survival of Yin Xian during holidays,it has failed partially.
because I was moody (the IPTA outcome) , busy (back from Sg,unpacked,then went to waterfall,then went to Monash,then teman my chiam chiam for his last week in Klang.) and busy again (IELTS, jewellery to work on)
Hence the project is delayed. :(
I'm not a good project manager.
I'll be starting it again next monday.SINCE MY STUPID HOLIDAY 'LL BE EXTENDED UNTIL 26th.
See how much I wanna go to university......T.T.....I call my holiday stupid.
What am I gonna do in the two weeks waiting for result?
My mom suggested that,I can lepak around in the 2 weeks.-.-.stupid idea.ignore her.All of my friends are in university,even my pork is not around.*inside joke, iona's one is beef*

How to lepak? tell me

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I love things to be clarified.
I just called Monash to clarify things since the PIC for JPA in Monash wasn't around when I was there.
It seems like my holidays 'll be extended until 26th of july.
I'll miss the orientation.(which is ok for me)
I'll miss the 1st week of class.(which is not so ok for me :P)
because of IELTS.
I'm having IELTS on 8th and 10th.
and the result 'll be out on 23rd which is a friday.
and I have to pass my result to Monash immediately so that they can issue me a official offer letter,so that I can start my classes on 26th.
before this,I'll be holding a conditional offer letter if Monash accepts me.
every link is important.God bless me that there's nothing bad happen between links.
I seriously don't know what to prepare for IELTS besides read and write more.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holiday 7: Food must take in Jogoya

So,today don't have any workshop as I went to Jogoya for their lunch buffet.(well,it's still one of my way to survive in the holiday)

1st: oyster.
It's expensive and everyone is fighting for be fast.
For those who're not dare to eat raw oyster,squished some lemon juice and apply lots of thousand island on it. I did that btw.
Oyster is rich in zinc which is important for male.......(you know what's the purpose) and female for shiny hair.

there're New zealand natural and Haagen why not? to make your payment worth.

3rd: red meat
it's more expensive than white meat and rice.LOL

4th: the coconut juice
It's sold around RM 5 outside i think and it's so nice to drink.

5th: Sashimi
I don't eat raw salmon but I took tako aka octopus leg.the only sashimi I dare to eat.

6th: any random food which can't find in other place.
eg: the dessert.whee.any food as long as it's not rice that 'll make you bloated.

that's all i think.I'm getting lesser mood in blogging.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

holiday 6:things I used for my face.

1. face wash :
You have to wash your face 1st before applying make up.well,at least for me.
I used Hada Labo tamago hada facial cleanser.It claims to make your face appear like the hard boiled egg without shell.and tamago means egg.get it?
Anyway,after washing face using this cleanser,whether you wanna make up or not,still hv to apply sunblock as the cleanser contains AHA and BHA that 'll gently exfoliate your skin.So,sunblock is essential to prevent further darkening as exfoliated skin is sensitive to sunlight.

I used Hada Labo Shiro Jyun toner as it can brighten and hydrate my skin.A hydrated skin (NOTE: hydrate,not oily) can make makeup to appear natural and smooth.

3.Skin79 super+ Beblesh Balm aka BB cream:
if I'm going out to a informal place,my steps end here.BB cream enhance my complexion and the most important is,it does not make my skin look dull after applying for a certain period.ah well,some ppl (eg:my dad) said applying foundation 'll eventually make your face look dull when you're not applying it but BB cream improve my complexion instead.It'll slowly remove my pimple scar and blemish.and I make sure I remove the BB cream completely with make up remover and cleanser.

I'm using yves rocher has two ends,one is medication for pimple,another side is concealer.not nice to use btw.I wanna buy a new one after i hv finished using it.
I'm using mary kay far I feel that it's so-so only.will defintely change to another brand after it's finished.

6.eye shadow
Mary kay as well.I usually use the coal black for eyeliner.I use eye shadow as eyeliner.get it?
so it can be smudge a bit to look natural.I don't like hard solid eye line.then the base colour,depends on what I wear.

I have 3-5 mascara.but I used the Sasa mascara set which consist of fibre and mascara when I'm going for formal event.I used Loreal/Mary kay mascara when it's less formal.I usually curl my lashes and curl another time with heat curler for lashes for lasting effect.

I'm using the cosway blushes.and i'm still finding for a better blushes.sometimes blushes are needed so that I won't look pale after applying foundation.

I'm using mentholatum lipstick.the colour is not so strong which is why I choose it.I don't look nice on obvious lip colour.I'll look like china doll if I do so.

I used shimmer powder from elianto and lime secret shine base from skinfood.I'll point on my cheek,nose and chin to look sharp.

btw,it's totally MY OWN STEPS of make up and taking care of my face.
Anything offensive 'll be deleted.
constructive comments are allowed anyway. :P

Monday, June 14, 2010

Holiday 5:How to change an A-shaped skirt into a bubble skirt?

I bought this skirt online,along with a shirt and a very cacated ribbon obe-like belt.
The length is awkward for my height.It'll makes my calf looks fat and short.That's why I need to modify it.
Material:thread,needle,headpin.and most important : a skirt with lining.

So this's the skirt.I know,I got conned.It's so ugly and differ from the photo in the website.

With lining inside

turn the skirt inside out so that the lining is outside.

since it's an A shaped skirt,the circumference of the outer layer 'll be bigger than the circumference of,you 'll need to fold the outer layer properly and pin it to secure it.

you can start sewing it.the sewing method 'll be shown in the bottom.

before I forget,fold the lining inwards and sew together with the outer layer.
here's the sewing method,back google for the video if you don't get it.but if you're good in using sewing machine,use the machine instead of hand. :)

tadah!it's done.

btw,I think my explaination is not really clear.basically,you just fold the outer layer inwards and sew together with the lining.that's all.

tomorrow post: I'm still not sure what to do yet as I just finished my last two papers today.I prepared my post the day before. :) need to take photo ma~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

holiday 4

exhausted day.I slept around 12.30 am and woke up at 7 am to help my cousin in KP.
not to show off it's suffering or what.I just sit there and distribute some flyers only.well,I just simply can't sleep early.I went to bed around 11pm and rolled on the bed and chatted a while with chiam chiam,then slept around 12.30. :P

anyway,something happens and I shall not enclose here.
but definitely this problem 'll be solved as time passed with patience, endurance and toleration.

Tomorrow will definitely be a better day,because I'll post about how I modify my skirt which the length is awkward for my height.I'm turning a A shape skirt into a bubble skirt.

p/s: supposed to start the BIE today,photo done.but I have no mood to do so as the shit had happened.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

holiday 3

I didn't make any stuff yet(it's only 1.37 pm) because I slept pretty early yesterday.normally the lunar pushes me to do my stuff.lunar gives me inspiration.lalala~
anyway,to make my blog not so boring-full of words and meaningless words summore.
le petite finally has a super brilliant idea.

I'll come out some meaningful post more today i went AEON,i didn't buy anything because I don't hv money,I need money,someone please give me money.Oh i forgot I can't earn money this month since next month i'm going off.bla bla bla.I feel irritated too. :P

I shall post more on my BIE (FYI:blog in education) I might teach you how to cook when you only hv limited ingredient at home,how to modify your clothes in a simple way,how to match up your clothes if you sort of buy my fashion sense.I have unique/queer fashion sense in the slanted to kill boredom at home,how to makeup for a lazy person like me.(BB CREAM ROCKS.) how to bla bla bla.


hmmmm.should sign up for nuffnang,if I really wanna do all those post.I can earn some money from that too.any comment?

project 'll start on tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,as tomorrow I'm helping my cousin to do some stuff.

Can't wait for my otter brown stuff to arrive.WHEE~

Friday, June 11, 2010

holiday 2

I decided to blog every of my holiday before I enter university.ah,except the days I'm in Singapore.can't find any time and anywhere to blog.but I'll try to ask chiam chiam to help me "preserve" the post so that i can add in my singapore trip. ngek ngek ngek.'s not a problem if I hv N97 mini.I can blog in Sg using wifi. >.<

Today I made 1 bracelet and 1 necklace.that's all :(
because I spent my afternoon in AEON and chiam chiam's workplace.oh, he fully belongs to me :) WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.I sound like those pervert ah pek forcing those pretty young lady to marry him.
I went to AEON for my really late lunch (3pm.late anot?) in Sakae and his workplace to adjust my levi's frame.okay okay,let's jump to more interesting stuff.

I GOT MY PARCEL TODAY! so I shall make more and more and more jewellery with those material I bought before I start my university.
anyway,datanglah tengok tengok kat seenamon.pergi click icon sebelah.thankyou.

I'm out of idea.I'm out of idea.I'm out of idea.
kay bye.wanna continue doing my stuff.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

holiday 1

Today I made 5 pairs of earring.
clap clap clap.
1 of them is remade earrings.others are newly created.
holidays are fun.and thus my latest series is fulled of confetti and colourful.
should work more since tomorrow might hv outing with pillow talk members.
I'm still thinking a way to persuade my mom for letting me to go sg wang on saturday.
It's my last 3 weeks in klang leh.
and I didn't make them on sunday which is a family day. :(
I finished a hong kong drama while making earrings. whee~
okay.back to making earrings and necklace.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3/4 FREE!

this "free" means freedom btw.not the FOC free.
Finally,I can get a good sleep.
I have been stressed for my accounting paper since last week.
and I experienced the "mentally active but physically tired"state.
My mind can't stop thinking about the whole sets of past year I have to finish.
anyway,I didn't get to finish them as well.It's too much.
anyway,what's done is done.
and I wanna start creating lots and lots of stuff.
I wanna made ribbons,purse,necklace and whatever lah~
Next week is a busy week.
monday: I have my last paper which is the internal paper set by the lecturer.(got some tips already.relax~)
tuesday: free day!
wednesday : jogoya buffet!
friday: SG TOO (IPTA-result-is-out day too!)
saturday: SG TOO TOO
sunday: father's day celebration which is still undecided

then the following week might be the last week before I start uni. T.T
new chapter of life is going to start,no more childish act,no more tears,because I used johnson&johnson more procrastination,no more irresposible act,no more I-don't-wanna-fren-you-so?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Another excitement~
I'm going to Singapore from 17th to 19th again.with my aunt and cousins.4 of us.
and I'll not shop so often there since the main thing is universal studio and sentosa island and I'm sort of broke,and I don't dare to ask too much money from my parents since I already spent on the ticket and accommodation. Anyway,Singapore hotel is expensive,even budget hotel is expensive.
this time,I must get two pairs of rubi. (two pairs are cheaper)

btw,I'm going to get my IPTA result when I'm back which is on the 19th.
If I can online there,I 'll check there

Monday, May 31, 2010

18th of june

yeah,how thoughtful they're to actually put it on the last working day of 3rd week of june,
so that we can celebrate/lament in the weekend.

*finger crossed* I'm not ambitious to get a high pointer course,just biochem 'll do. Amen.

Monday, May 24, 2010

a big step forward

Finally my jewels get to be sold.
Thanks God for making the ppl to directly or indirectly see the website.Most importantly, it's sending Aisha and JQ to me when they just started their blogshop,and I have no idea how to start one that time.(I wanna concentrate more on making stuff and not those marketing stuff :>)

Thanks my customer and prospective (means ppl who seems interested but doesn't have any transaction yet.btw,thanks for just viewing at know,designing ppl have this LOA sickness where they scared noone even bother to look at it.)

Thanks Aisha and JQ for the adverstising,selling and distribution. (you may notice that some words are business-ish.well, I'm doing LCCI it's like that)

Thanks those review website for putting a review on my design.

Oh well,I don't earn much(probably around 2 figures and it really depends on you guys,you buy more,I earn more. XD),but the satisfaction is priceless.I really appreciate it.

oh well,currently thinking of another series which is more suitable for dinner.If you're LOA person,you can wear this with plain t shirt.I'm not making it now since I need concentration on my exam so I kept all my stuff so that I won't see it and I won't start touching it. XD

I shall end my post with my photo. (trying to imitate those famous blogger.I'm such a copy cat,I know.but it's impromptu.The instruction just goes into my brain via synapse. :D )

My 1st attempt to act like lala or maybe SNSD?(it's random,so negative comment 'll be deleted.XD) I realised that if I have fairer skin with my hair curled and a bright smile,I really look like a korean/japanese girl after surgeries.As for now,with dark skin,some said I look like malay,some said chindian.SURE?(chiam chiam thought that I'm ang moh when he saw me)
I tried to wrap my head during NS.I can't stop laughing looking at my face with tudung.My forehead look so bright.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to modify your clothes?

Wonder how to make your normal t shirt not so dull?
here's the way!

before it's modified.look at the right,I already did the left one,then only realised that
I should blog bout this.

in nearer view.

Material: A t shirt , elastic band around 14 cm.
Apparatus: scissors, sewing machine.(I tried sewing without machine,it's difficult), thread, needle

Step 1: cut the elastic band into 2 part equally which is 7 cm each.Burn the ends of the band slightly to prevent some thread coming out.

Step 2: sew the elastic band on the side of your shirt to hold it.

Step 3: put on your sewing machine and start sewing while pulling the elastic band to the max.To make it simple,sew on the expand elastic can practise on some random clothes with elastic band so that you won't ruin your favourite t shirt.

Step 3: and tadah! it's done!

When it's expanded.

When it's not.

final design

It's nice in long t shirt.
btw,stay tune for more simple modifying clothes tips.

difficulty : ***
(it's hard to pull the elastic band and sew at the same time.especially for beginner)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

another two series is out!

well,this's my best collection so far.

before that,there's another series too.I think this's the most complicated design I have designed.

Please kindly visit and help me to advertise too!
thank you.

I shall leave some photo here as well,to grab attention.
got it from the website,in case you lazy ppl don't wanna click on it.(I sound like a annoying grandma)

(my school time nickname.ah!nostalgic.well,this's Ice Kacang Puppy Love main theme as well)

Green Jelly.
Doesn't it remind you the jelly we all love to eat those time.well,it's food colouring,but it's attractive.wear it to attract ppl you like!

Rose Syrup.
see the rose?so tiny and cute LIKE ME.I can't stop BHB I know,thanks God for the good feature anyway.I think I'm pretty,that's enough.

This's from Purple Delights.The necklace is just like Cinderella's shoe,fully customize.

For further info and transaction,please visit seenamon
you can click on the series to look for more stuff,just korek korek around and you'll definitely get your treasure.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

cheap cheap cheap

Since J card day is over,it's time to show off the stuff I bought. Hee~
Out of 11 things in my list,7 of them are checked.
I went for the two days.
1st day with chiam chiam and yin chye.and we bought around RM 1100. (included my mom's stuff as well) My mom and I went to AEON to reserve our undergarment and stuff on monday.

2nd day with pei yin and my cousin. I thought I couldn't be there since I have extra class in the afternoon.but our lecturer said that he didn't even ask us to yeah,we went to AEON again as my cousin didn't get to go.Thanks God there's a classmate can send us there.and Thanks my chiam chiam for fetching us back.and Thanks God my mom didn't want to cook on that day so that I can shop more.

The three formal shirt I bought from Nicole.the right one is RM 26.97 (np:RM 89.90) and the another two are RM 23.97 (np: RM 79.90) 70% off. I wanted to buy more since I'm so in love with floral print stuff recently.I tested on these three b4 the J card day .On that day,I wanted buy some more,but there's a long queue in front of the fitting room.and I was lazy.

Place must shop during J card day : ti:zed near Monsoon id.well,if you're really brand conscious(eg: levis and MNG),skip this part.I bought these three in a really cheap price.even cheaper than pasar malam shirt lo.

the left one,I got it for free.supposed to be RM 5.70 (np:RM19.00) and because pei yin,my cousin and me bought too many clothes ,they forgot to count this in. :p I only realised that when I reached home.

the middle one,RM 3.00 (np: RM 10.00) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?RM 3 FOR A T SHIRT! and the quality is not bad at all.the design is simple and don't have the pasar malam look.

the right one, RM 8.70 (np: RM 29.00) I always want a outer wear that is not so thick but can match with my singlet.I feel unsecured to wear singlet out.Thanks to the rapist.I'm scared to be a target.

This is a formal skirt I said in FB.The cutting is nice,just that it's a bit loose on my I wanted to get a purple belt to match with this.saw the the two line of purple on the skirt?it would be fabulous with purple belt.and I didn't see one in Harbour Place.and I bought a black belt. oh ya,bought it at RM 35.70 (np:RM119.00) another 70% off. I'm so "aunty" as I only shop at the area with 50% and 70% tag on.

The 3 long pants I bought in ti:zed.the two on top is the same design but different colour,I bought two because they make my legs looks super hot. :) .and they're not expensive. RM 8.70 each (np: RM 29.00) It's 70% off.It's supposed to be 50% off,but I went in during happy hour where everything with 50% off is increased to 70%.wahahahahahaha.I'm so happy.It's hard to get nice cutting pants at such low price.
As for the long pants at the bottom,it's RM 17.70 (np: RM 59.00) a proper pants I can wear to university
look at the lace?and the cutting on the bottom of the pants? both are the elements I like >.<

more lace!

a....ermm..jacket or blouse which is so earth- like.I want to wear it with my singlet or one of the blouse I bought and match it with a short pants or a funky jeans skirt.
price: RM9.50 (np: RM 19.00)

The main character of the day: Panasonic 2 in 1 ionity hair styler (EH 1575 w,in case you wanna buy the same one as mine).erm,I tried it once I reach home,but the effect is not so nice as I expected.maybe I'm lack of skill,need more practice.Today I tried it again and it's quite a success,just that I need some hair mousse to set the curl.It don't spoil my hair,my hair still as usual after using it. price : RM 143.10 (np: RM 159.00,10% off) I didn't expect it to be that cheap.I thought it's only 5% off and no voucher is given.but this time I got voucher for it.

This 's not bought in AEON. It's only sold in Guardian.This's my third tube.I began to use it since it's available in M'sia.It's suit my skin anyway.I'm using their toner as far so good.I even use the toner for my leg as it said it highly moisturise your skin.I have two hada labo toner, the blue and is for whitening and hydrating where I used it for my face.the white one is for deep moisturising where I used it for my leg.I used only few drops a time for my leg.and the effect is good. I have no scaly calf.

see the voucher! 11 of them and all mine.because chiam chiam gave me his.and yin chye gave his one to chiam chiam which is indirectly to me too!wahahahaha.gonna use this to buy perfume in the next J card day.I want DKNY fresh blossom. I went to the duty free shop when I went to Bangkok.It's the same price as here.but if I bought it in AEON,I can get voucher.I buy with voucher,and get voucher again.

I sound like a spokeperson to AEON I know.

I'm getting not so brand conscious anymore.If I can get a similar design in those cheap boutique,I'll just buy it.I even plan to sew my own if I know how to sew properly.I did some research on fashion designing course.They teach sewing and doing the draft for clothes too.The duration is two years.not so long as I think.maybe I 'll enroll into the course after I work for several years.or maybe by that time,I'm rich enough to buy any clothes I want and don't bother to make it myself anymore.

but not in facial product,I won't use pasar malam facial product.My facial product must at least from the drugstore.I don't want to take risk on my skin.I rather spend a bit more on it.Cosmetic as well,I won't buy pasar malam eyeshadow as the colour is awful. It looks unnatural. but well,cosmetic doesn't last long so I won't buy lancome ,shu uemura,MAC cosmetic because I seldom use it. I buy maybelline because quality terjamin. like mascara,I know lancome mascara is nice to use,but the life span is only 6 months to the it's not worth it for me.and maybelline or loreal mascara is cheap and not bad to use.eventhough after 6 months,I can't finish it,I won't feel sakit hati to throw it.