Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tips or rather some protocol to get a job as temporary teacher.

I supposed to go for an interview as a general clerk in Southern Park today.
I ended up didn't get to be interviewed,as the PIC said,she'll send my resume and details to the boss 1st,then only call me for an interview.-.-.
I ended up going to SJK (C) Tsing Nian to ask for vacancy as a "substitute teacher",that means if there's any teacher on maternity leave,i'll take over the place.
Who knows,I think the headmistress misunderstood it as temporary teacher and you know,chinese school lacks teachers often.
However,I was told that there's no vacancy.The headmistress helped me to ask the Chinese School Admin in PPD to help me to get a job and gave me some form to fill in.
So,I went back to STAR, got my SPM cert,I/C,birth cert verified and went to PPD Klang.
(something out of topic: PPD Klang is a nice place.I think they must be spending a lot just to make a fish pond with lots of Koi inside.)
I met the Chinese School Admin/Penyelia Sekolah Cina and I got interviewed.
There's a evaluation table to determine your qualification.
Then,He asked me whether I can handle the children and I will cane them if they're naughty.
and please answer no,you won't use the cane.-.-.I said,depends on the situation,If they do not listen to me after I have nagged a lot,I'll cane.and he said,we're not allowed to do so actually,to prevent the parents to "buat bising".
Then,he asked me some general knowledge,asked me whether I read the newspaper,and if I can't do so, it'll be quite ugly when you can't answer student's question.AND I CAN'T EVEN ANSWER WHO'S THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION.I SUDDENLY WENT BLANK AT THAT TIME.-.-so I was like,Hishamudin?he said nope.then I remembered,Muhiyuddin.and he asked what's his another job in the cabinet.I thought he's asking for the ministry. I THINK SO MUCH.answered him Kementerian Dalam Negeri.-.-.
So I was asked to wait for the call which school to be sent to.
most probably will be Pandamaran (A).

p/s:If you want to be a temporary teacher,please go find out in the early of december (as early as possible lo) as it's the time where the PPD is finding teacher,interviewing them and trainning them as well.

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