Friday, December 18, 2009

argh.kaki gatal

I feel like going to Sungei Wang again.
after I saw those really nice dress in a online clothes store.(some pictures are removed.i don't know why,it doesn't appear on my blog after some days)
For safety purpose,I do not dare to order them online as I'm afraid that the clothes are not exactly the same as they post and I'm not sure they're nice on my body.I don't have the height.
Not only that,I'm afraid that it's a cheating website.Actually it's more convenient for me to order online now,since we pay by transferring the money to the seller's account without the usage of credit card,which means can buy without my mother notice it.I'm not saying that I can't buy my own stuff.It's like buying stuff online is not so convincing for me because every money I have now is limited.I'm not earning my own money yet.If not,I don't mind losing the money as the dress is not really expensive.A dress around RM 35 is probably not a big problem if the're cash flowing in consistently.SO I WANNA MAKE SURE EVERYTHING I BOUGHT IS REALLY WHAT I WANT AND SUIT find those clothes,you can't go to those high class shopping mall like midvalley and 1 must go SUNGEI WANG!!YEAH.I'm not really mind about the brand as long as the clothes doesn't look cheap and low quality.
Since Iona is finding for her dream shoe or I should call it her dream boots,IONA,KIA.Kita pergi Sungei Wang lagi.just Sungei Wang and Time Square.
Ar....I know,If you guys really come across that kind of clothes in anywhere,I don't mind you buy it for my bday since most of them are free size with elastic band behind. :P
My birthday is around 1 month time.*hint*

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