Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tips or rather some protocol to get a job as temporary teacher.

I supposed to go for an interview as a general clerk in Southern Park today.
I ended up didn't get to be interviewed,as the PIC said,she'll send my resume and details to the boss 1st,then only call me for an interview.-.-.
I ended up going to SJK (C) Tsing Nian to ask for vacancy as a "substitute teacher",that means if there's any teacher on maternity leave,i'll take over the place.
Who knows,I think the headmistress misunderstood it as temporary teacher and you know,chinese school lacks teachers often.
However,I was told that there's no vacancy.The headmistress helped me to ask the Chinese School Admin in PPD to help me to get a job and gave me some form to fill in.
So,I went back to STAR, got my SPM cert,I/C,birth cert verified and went to PPD Klang.
(something out of topic: PPD Klang is a nice place.I think they must be spending a lot just to make a fish pond with lots of Koi inside.)
I met the Chinese School Admin/Penyelia Sekolah Cina and I got interviewed.
There's a evaluation table to determine your qualification.
Then,He asked me whether I can handle the children and I will cane them if they're naughty.
and please answer no,you won't use the cane.-.-.I said,depends on the situation,If they do not listen to me after I have nagged a lot,I'll cane.and he said,we're not allowed to do so actually,to prevent the parents to "buat bising".
Then,he asked me some general knowledge,asked me whether I read the newspaper,and if I can't do so, it'll be quite ugly when you can't answer student's question.AND I CAN'T EVEN ANSWER WHO'S THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION.I SUDDENLY WENT BLANK AT THAT TIME.-.-so I was like,Hishamudin?he said nope.then I remembered,Muhiyuddin.and he asked what's his another job in the cabinet.I thought he's asking for the ministry. I THINK SO MUCH.answered him Kementerian Dalam Negeri.-.-.
So I was asked to wait for the call which school to be sent to.
most probably will be Pandamaran (A).

p/s:If you want to be a temporary teacher,please go find out in the early of december (as early as possible lo) as it's the time where the PPD is finding teacher,interviewing them and trainning them as well.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

back from Singapore

with lots of stuff.

and I'm lazy to write out the details.

Friday, December 18, 2009

argh.kaki gatal

I feel like going to Sungei Wang again.
after I saw those really nice dress in a online clothes store.(some pictures are removed.i don't know why,it doesn't appear on my blog after some days)
For safety purpose,I do not dare to order them online as I'm afraid that the clothes are not exactly the same as they post and I'm not sure they're nice on my body.I don't have the height.
Not only that,I'm afraid that it's a cheating website.Actually it's more convenient for me to order online now,since we pay by transferring the money to the seller's account without the usage of credit card,which means can buy without my mother notice it.I'm not saying that I can't buy my own stuff.It's like buying stuff online is not so convincing for me because every money I have now is limited.I'm not earning my own money yet.If not,I don't mind losing the money as the dress is not really expensive.A dress around RM 35 is probably not a big problem if the're cash flowing in consistently.SO I WANNA MAKE SURE EVERYTHING I BOUGHT IS REALLY WHAT I WANT AND SUIT find those clothes,you can't go to those high class shopping mall like midvalley and 1 must go SUNGEI WANG!!YEAH.I'm not really mind about the brand as long as the clothes doesn't look cheap and low quality.
Since Iona is finding for her dream shoe or I should call it her dream boots,IONA,KIA.Kita pergi Sungei Wang lagi.just Sungei Wang and Time Square.
Ar....I know,If you guys really come across that kind of clothes in anywhere,I don't mind you buy it for my bday since most of them are free size with elastic band behind. :P
My birthday is around 1 month time.*hint*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

boredom starts.

I wanna go shopping,
I don't mind window shop.

and I don't feel like staying at home helping my mom to clean the house for CNY.
I just wanna go out.OUT.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I finished my last year of school
and last day of wearing school uniform.

To kinda celebrate it,
me,fei fei and amin went to Bkt Bintang area to shop.
I spent around RM 300+ (include train fare and food)
I bought:
1.3 nail polish and nail polish remover in elianto. now they're having Rm1 nail polish.certain period one is bronze.

2.pimple corrector and concealer from Yves Rocher.

3.transparent bra stripe and black panty hose from random shop.

4.1 pair of wedges.

5.1 pair of ballet flat

6.KBS BB cream.THEY ARE HAVING 50% OFF for two type of BB cream leh.


8.Hado labo whitenning toner which is selling hot in japan.

didn't get to buy clothes and accesorries as i don't see any REALLY PRETTY AND CHEAP one.I'll leave that to my Singapore trip.

going off to terengganu tomorrow.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

my so long post

STPM going to end in next week.
and I left three more papers to go.
left 3 PAPER 1 where I might tembak if I don't really know how to answer.
so i'm quite free and in half-holiday mood already.
just need to do some exercise and read those country act.

I did badly for my chemistry paper in STPM.I'm putting my hope on paper 1.hoping that it'll really help me by getting at least a B.I don't know why,this year chemistry paper is tough compared to previous years.They give us more inorganic question where we seldom focus on.There's one question that I even can't find in my textbook.other paper is not really bad at all.only CHEM.

currently,I'm planning things to do after exam.
to remind myself,(don't know why,memory not so good these days)
I jot them here.
1.finish up my crochet which I started during that SPM holidays.-.- and left unfinished until now. spree with fei fei and amin to Sg Wang right after my last paper.(10/12/2009)
-buy facial inducer,to bring in those essence I apply to face more effeciently.
-formal clothes for working.I supposed to buy them in padini or AEON as today and tomorrow is J card day!but,not really in the mood to long as the exam is not officially mom 'll not allow me loiter around like I have finished my I already loiter for two days ,one day for steamboat buffet,one day for the movie 2012.I cried in that movie,too into that movie liao.anyway,it's worth to watch in don't buy pirated DVD for 2012 and watch at home.Your home theater system might not bring out that effect.unless you're filthy rich to own a mini cinema in your house.
-wedges!! as mine already spoilt three months ago.T.T.wedges are essential to ppl who're short and don't like thin heels aka me.
-shoe shoe shoe.cleaned the shoe cabinet last week and throw a lot of spoilt shoe.FYI: I'm choosey in buying shoe.
-accessories.necklace,earrings,hair ornaments,bangle.will buy them if they're nice.
p/s:not really into buying clothes.lazy to try those clothes.depends la+I don't have a stable income now.need to find a job
-look for Spanx undergarment.the review online is not that bad and not really expensive.

3. trip to Awana Kijal in Terengganu with my family (11/12/2009-13/12/2009)
4. going to curl my hair.I'll ask my cousin to curl temporalily wan 1st to see whether it's suitable for me.then only go for the permenant one.I want big loose curl.

5. find a job.Teacher or Clerk.must be off on weekends.(ask my parents la.I don't mind working during weekends.but my parents.....T.T) and there's so many vacancies in AEON.If I work in AEON,that means,I can't really off during weekends.

6. continue my grade 8 piano.
- I think I'll retake on 2011.need some time to get back the touch on the keys even though I have been practising once in a while.

7. clean my room and "renovate" my room if possible.
- my room is fulled with books and papers now.need to pack them and send for recycling.I 'll not burn them.This'll not bring me any money either.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
8. trip to Singapore with chiam chiam and that kangkung.(23/12/2009-28/12/2009)
- backpacker tour as we need to depend on our choice,some conflicts happened, we got fed up and decided to travel on our own.
-going to buy that legendary makeup remover by Dove.saw many good feedback but M'sia don't have lo.After I search online,I found out it's selling in Carrefour Singapore.That makeup remover is selling hot in Japan and probably Taiwan.WHY?! our country beauty industry always slower than others one.haih.probably they need to check on the ingredient whether it's halal.I got so excited when I found out that it's selling in Singapore.before this,I wanted to give up and buy Shu Uemura makeup remover already though it's expensive.BUT NOW,yes,cheap and nice makeup remover in Singapore.
-looking for duty perfume.My CK euphoria blossom is finishing.thinking of buying J'adore by Dior.need to check on the price 1st.
-branded clothes.My cousin went there during their year end sales,and she said,the branded clothes are really cheap.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.getting crazier liao la.
9. trip to Bangkok during CNY (15/2/2010-20/2/2010)
-with family.

10. trip to Beijing around April.After my dad's AEON project finished.
-we're still planning on this.
11. learn driving again. I'm not P licence anymore.BUT I DIDN'T EVEN DRIVE SINCE I GOT MY LICENCE.again,my mom said,she's afraid that I got so stressed and get into,your daughter only stressed because of you only lo.exam for me is not really stressed.If you really did your part,what for being stressed?-.-

12.I really need money la. a bank account.probably maybank.

14.GO TO GM KLANG near AEON.It's a wholesale mall where you can find all those DIY stuff.WAH LAO EH,HOW CAN I RESIST THIS? (that's why i should work in AEON.haih)

15.I REALLY NEED MONEY.I WANNA GO DISNEYLAND.just read xiaxue's blog and they went to HK disneyland and that place is so pretty la.My 21st birthday wish,to go HK disneyland and Macau casino.WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.and not with my family anymore.(I know this's hard)

16. to earn that money,I have to work during uni lo.that's why I must finish my piano fast,so that I can start teaching ppl part time.but,if i'm so poor in playing piano,how to teach ar?fine fine,I can teach tuition classes as I know,when you're getting older,the urge for money is getting're not satisfied by giving you only a toy like your infant period.Or not,I should improvise my makeup skill and be part time makeup artist.remember Ariff?He can even earn RM100+ just for one make up slot and he's not really pro as those makeup artist in studio.I'm not saying that he's not good la.just that he's just an amateur but also can earn money.then why not I try this as well?If you do not know who's Ariff,he's one of my junior in choir.even younger than me,and owns more makeup product than me,not really cheap makeup product somemore.They're almost all Bobbi Brown and MAC.

12.oh ya, I'm planning to do biochemistry instead of nutrition.because my mom said,(YES AGAIN) biochem is a wider field and I can choose to pursue nutrition for my master.and it's a better option.

well,I'm thinking too much.Who doesn't have dream?Dream keep us young and alive.Dream keep us motivated.Dream keep us diligently working to get what we want.but dream doesn't come true if you just sitting there and dreaming.

actually hor, if I go for holiday so often,how am I supposed to work har?
My mom said, let them deduct the salary only.but I'm afraid that they just fired me instead of deducting my salary.-.-.All my dilemma starts here.