Tuesday, August 25, 2009

STPM timetable.

saat ini sudah lama dinantikan.
akhirnya,jadual ni pun dah "diupload" kat MPM punya website.
dan saya sudah samerais-kan (summarise) jadual waktu saya iaitu bagi biologi kelas.
19/11/2009 Biology 2
23/11/2009 PA2
24/11/2009 Chemistry 2
25/11/2009 Math T 1
30/11/2009 Physics 2 (for physics class)
1/12/2009 Math T 2
7/12/2009 Biology 1
9/12/2009 Physics 1
PA 1
10/12/2009 Chemistry 1

how come this year ends so late wan?i remember they usually end around the 1st week of december.and the gap.It's so big for paper 1 (less memorising work is needed) and consecutive days for paper 2 (need to memorise more and write more.)
and from the timetable,you can find out that i have almost 1 week break between my math 2 and biology 1.why can't they put the one week break between two paper 2?
fine.should stop grumbling and start working.
around 4 months later,I'M FREE.YES.call me out after 10 of december lah~
i should enter into study-hibernating mode by now.
bye.if you miss me,pls go to my before-going-to-NS post.>.<

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