Tuesday, July 28, 2009

transformer...........of my teeth.

Finally,I don't have to wear braces.wee~
now ,we should see how my teeth transform.

the typical dracula teeth.some said they're cute.NO.I DON'T THINK SO.

after extracting 4 teeth,and waiting for the braces. just put on the braces,felt really irritated and lose weight becuase I can't eat with the tooth pain.(5/9/2007)

After two months...my teeth moved really fast.hohohoho.

After SPM,during the doing-nothing-month b4 NS.

After NS,went out for gathering.see sudah cantik.HOHOHOHOHO

End of last year,supposed to be taken out that time,but the dentist asked to put slightly longer.

two weeks before it's taken out.(28/5/2009)

one week before my braces are taken out.YEAH!
and now...........................................TADAH

see...see...see...very de happy lo.hahahahaha

Duration of putting braces:5/9/2007~9/6/2009 (ngam ngam 1 year 9 months)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

20 updates?

and yes..
I got band 4 for my MUET,not going to retake as i'm in the middle band 4,no point wasting money and time for it.
I did not get my expected result in midterm,I didn't even get an A.The highest grade I achieved is A-.aiks.gonna really work hard for trial.
I did not really work hard lo.I was busy playing barn buddy,happy farm and sorority life instead of doing my homework and revision.How am I going to sit for the exam leh?I told my mom about that,she said that she'll took out the cable to connect the monitor and CPU.but she always forget to do so.AND......I PLAYED FOR THE WHOLE AFTERNOON.and night sometimes.
Can I deactivate my facebook?or i just ask someone to curi curi change my password so that i can't log in and when STPM is over,I 'll ask for the new password.
When can I stay over in my friends' house har?
when can I travel with my friends har?
overspend this month.I have no idea where my money gone.AR.i know,I went to kimgary with fei fei,then went to sakae with chiam chiam,then went to fruity for lunch.and I'm getting big tummy and tighs(but other parts doesn't change much.why can't they accumulate on my chest instead of other place?I am like a 3-month pregnant woman now.)
yeah,no kollokeum for upper six (i think the spelling is correct.kollokeum is a new system for form 6/pre u where the class is extended to 4pm) pity the junior.anyway, some of my juniors called me jie jie.OMG,I used to be called mei mei wan leh.NOW,i'm upgraded to jie jie d.and we're the eldest student in the school.and yes this's the only bad things in form 6 where every juniors are so young and immature and expected the seniors 'll settle everything for them.HAIH.LAO LIAO LAH~going to be 20 next year but I didn't really do much.SO ENJOY KAO KAO WITH ALL MY CLASSMATE THIS YEAR.(ignore me,getting crazier when getting older)
have you ever tried jumping on the sofa in Green box?IT'S FUN~
I have mathematics,chemistry,biology, PA homework to be finished.(every subjects -.-)
lesson to be learnt:never ever procrastinate.
I have to organise a trip to charity house for renjer,I need to organise a farewell for PBC.
I need money
I need to type a resume for job as a teacher in any school.My mom said, better send in now wor.
I need to go to Klang Magistrate on 2nd of September.anyone wanna go to support me?I might emotionally break down.eh,1st time in court leh.
If let say,we lose,my parents have to pay 16k.then i have to think of a really nice plan to earn money to pay back my parents so that i'll not feel guilty.
we watch porn in biology lab............................................................................we watch the earthworm making out.HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO.that's why biology is fun.unlike physics,equation,equation still equation.(chiam chiam said,biology is for brainless ppl.-.-)
went to pantai to visit chiam chiam.he was neither sick nor suspected to have H1N1.just for medical check up.but it took 5 days for that check up.pity him,no tv,no internet,no queen size bed.Then hor,I curi curi seludup to hospital on monday (yes,i ponteng.) and doing math homework in hospital.geng leh.
getting lazier and tired easily.dah lah feeling tired easily,tapi masih main komputer instead of habis kerja rumah.
saya mau masuk NUS.sebab:1.mak kata,jika kamu nak masuk USM,lebih baik masuk NUS kerana dua dua pun jauh,lebih baik pilih yang bagus. 2.chiam chiam nak masuk sana juga. 3. singapura kan luar negara aka oversea?hohohohoho.tiba-tiba ada mood malay pulak.
Lastly,I 'll try to control myself and may leave this blog unupdated until I finished my exam.