Saturday, May 9, 2009

exam month

i have to face the truth that MID TERM EXAM IS AROUND THE CORNER.
so i'll blog more after the exam.
maybe i might not blog since i'll be more busy after mid term.
oh ya,
they said there're two hot guys coming to our school for upper six.They look like korean.(i hope it's not those mata sepet korean.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
and they'll be in chiam chiam's class which is the physics class
my friend said,if there's anything that I have to see chiam chiam,they don't mind following me to his class.
GOSH.i think the frequency of ppl passing by his class 'll increase tremendously after the arrival of the two new hot guys.
and the girls in upper six especially my class and the another bio class were so excited discussing about the two hot guys.
hahahaha,finally they hv the motivation to come to school.
anyway,I felt sorry for them as they come to our school when we're going to have our midterm exam.
hohohoho,that means they hv to take the exam as well lo.
(i'm that evil.)

Phrase of the day:btw,i still think my chiam chiam is hotter.even hotter than the sun these days.(he also looks like korean wat.)

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