Friday, April 24, 2009

why why why?

erm,9 more hours,
then i'll be sitting for MUET.
but I'm still sitting in front of my pc,typing this post.
well,consider it as the final practice.
Personally,I don't think that I have to be panic for the MUET exam tomorrow.

When I'm panic,the flow of idea 'll be stucked,just like the blood clot in the brain capillary and eventually you'll get stroke.However,I seriously don't wish that would happen to me.At the same token,I shall be calm and sleep early so that I 'll not yawn while i'm answering the paper.

God bless me that I'll have some bombastic vocab to vommit out for the writing paper,laser eyes to read as fast as I can in the reading comprehension paper,superb understanding so that I'm able to get the meaning of some strange words which I don't come across in real life situation ,luck to shoot the answer,and clean ears to listen to the context in the listening paper.I think I'll dig my ears (sure,using the cotton buds) before the listening test.I'll drink essence of chicken so that I'll be energised just like Popeye and his spinach.(YES,I watch popeye,I even watch powerpuff girl.)

I hope that I'm resilient enough to overcome all the works.I have tonnes of mathematics,chemistry,biology homeworks to be finished.not to forget,next week,chinese language society is having chinese language week.I'm the emcee and I haven't prepared the speech.I have to redo the pamphlet because of my rusty skills in microsoft words.I have to do mask,scrub my body and apply lotion so that i'll be in the tip top condition for the choir competition.I have to practise conducting as I think my movement is not smooth enough.AND THE MAIN THING IS I COULDN'T CONCENTRATE THESE DAYS.My spirit seems like leaving my body."My spirit is over the ocean,my spirit is over the sea,my spirit is over the Klang river,oh bring back my spirit to me.Bring back,oh bring back,oh bring back my spirit to me to me.Bring back oh bring back and you'll be given money."(I'll give 1 cent increase it to 5 cent since there's no 1 cent coins anymore)
and I crap a lot these days.
Is it a good thing or bad thing?

If I use this method on my writing paper tomorrow,I think I might make the markers faint.

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