Thursday, April 30, 2009

my speech on orientation

since I can't wait for the orientation,
I must well put my speech here to stop my keinginan to crap.

dear my fellow juniors,

HALLO PEOPLE.(yes it's attract their attention ma)
ppl over there,can you please give me your attention?
leng lui talking here.(must smile a bit to show my teeth without braces.btw,my braces going to be removed on 9th of june which is b4 orientation.WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
ok.thanks for the cooperation.
1st of all,
I'm a chinese.YES,I'm a chinese,I'm not an indian,not a malay,and not even a caucasian.I'm a pure chinese who speak fluent mandarin and write boombastic chinese characters.
Why I have to reaffirm that i'm a chinese?
Thanks to a guy,he thought i'm a caucasian when he enter this school.
then he saw my driving licence, and yelled at it as my photo in my license looks like Altanduya.
eh~still i want to say,i'm a chinese.

next,my name is yin xian.YIN~ XIAN~ not insane.if you ever pronounce my name wrongly,i would not pass you for my game.if you find that my name is really hard to pronounce,you can call me leng lui.I really don't mind as my skin is really thick enough to make 10 bowls of mee hun kueh.
anyway,i should stop the crap and enter to the main topic,the orientation.
as you guys know,i'm chosen as the orientation queen last year and i was given a pacifier.I think this year they might give you pampers.
anyway,the present is not important.
the important things is enjoy as fully as you can in order to get this honor.
don't be shy,just show your true colour.
shout as much as you can.
play as hard as you can.
and leave these three days as your sweetest memory in your life.

and welcome to form 6 ,welcome to STAR.
and ya,I'll be in charge of the station game tomorrow,
do remember my name.It might be the password for the game.
I still want to say,HAVE FUN PEOPLE.

i know,thank you thank you thank you.

Phrase of the day:I hope there's no juniors reading this before I give the speech


Der0nITE said...


I want cherylyn to videotape this SPEECH haha!!!!!

ayesha said...


i wanna see the speech too LOL

ChLoE~♥ said...

Although I found it humorous, I was not laughing when I was reading this.=P