Monday, April 27, 2009

busy month

April is going to end.
and conclusion of the month is busy+busy+busy
and it's the month which I'm not really happy.
my saturdays of the month is occupied.
4th of April,I went for choir practice.
11th of April,I went to Gua Tempurung.
18th of April,I went to Pandu Puteri Carnival.bought a moschino bag and ninewest dinner bag for RM 10 each.HOHOHOHOHO.They're not paste.They're just bags donated by the president of pandu puteri Selangor,Tengku Irena,think so she's the sultan's sis.Royalty won't buy paste wan right?and I bought her necklace and earring for only RM 5.VERY SYOK LOH~
25th of April,I had my MUET.
did seriously bad,
I have no idea for my writing paper,just crap as much as I can and I don't know whether my point is acceptable or not.
for the listening test,VERY STUPID LAH.I CAN HARDLY HEAR THE RADIO. MY PARENTS PAY SO MUCH FOR INCOME TAX AND I PAID FOR THE EXAM,and yet they use those lousy radio.soft and yet not clear.the worst thing is my class had to wait for almost half an hour to do the test as the radio had a problem.ish~summore there's PA system for the ground floor of form 6 block,they can sambung the wire,then three classes 'll get to listen it at the same time.(FYI:the MUET exam fee is RM 60.I know it's still cheap compared to my piano practical,but hey,using that RM 60 I can buy a pair of shoe or even one pax for buffet)

and today,27th of april,I had my chinese language week opening ceremony.
then tomorrow,choir practice + chinese chess competition.I'm not playing anyway.I'm the supervisor.
wednesday,I had dentist appointment
thursday,choir practice+bio extra class+chinese chess competition.'s already 1st of may.
I haven't been singing in KTV since last october.

didn't eat since last september?

but I have to study wor.
fine.I save them for next year
In order to get my 4 flag.

can't wait until the lower six orientation.
wahahahaha,I even start thinking what speech should I give.

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