Thursday, April 30, 2009

my speech on orientation

since I can't wait for the orientation,
I must well put my speech here to stop my keinginan to crap.

dear my fellow juniors,

HALLO PEOPLE.(yes it's attract their attention ma)
ppl over there,can you please give me your attention?
leng lui talking here.(must smile a bit to show my teeth without braces.btw,my braces going to be removed on 9th of june which is b4 orientation.WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
ok.thanks for the cooperation.
1st of all,
I'm a chinese.YES,I'm a chinese,I'm not an indian,not a malay,and not even a caucasian.I'm a pure chinese who speak fluent mandarin and write boombastic chinese characters.
Why I have to reaffirm that i'm a chinese?
Thanks to a guy,he thought i'm a caucasian when he enter this school.
then he saw my driving licence, and yelled at it as my photo in my license looks like Altanduya.
eh~still i want to say,i'm a chinese.

next,my name is yin xian.YIN~ XIAN~ not insane.if you ever pronounce my name wrongly,i would not pass you for my game.if you find that my name is really hard to pronounce,you can call me leng lui.I really don't mind as my skin is really thick enough to make 10 bowls of mee hun kueh.
anyway,i should stop the crap and enter to the main topic,the orientation.
as you guys know,i'm chosen as the orientation queen last year and i was given a pacifier.I think this year they might give you pampers.
anyway,the present is not important.
the important things is enjoy as fully as you can in order to get this honor.
don't be shy,just show your true colour.
shout as much as you can.
play as hard as you can.
and leave these three days as your sweetest memory in your life.

and welcome to form 6 ,welcome to STAR.
and ya,I'll be in charge of the station game tomorrow,
do remember my name.It might be the password for the game.
I still want to say,HAVE FUN PEOPLE.

i know,thank you thank you thank you.

Phrase of the day:I hope there's no juniors reading this before I give the speech

Monday, April 27, 2009

busy month

April is going to end.
and conclusion of the month is busy+busy+busy
and it's the month which I'm not really happy.
my saturdays of the month is occupied.
4th of April,I went for choir practice.
11th of April,I went to Gua Tempurung.
18th of April,I went to Pandu Puteri Carnival.bought a moschino bag and ninewest dinner bag for RM 10 each.HOHOHOHOHO.They're not paste.They're just bags donated by the president of pandu puteri Selangor,Tengku Irena,think so she's the sultan's sis.Royalty won't buy paste wan right?and I bought her necklace and earring for only RM 5.VERY SYOK LOH~
25th of April,I had my MUET.
did seriously bad,
I have no idea for my writing paper,just crap as much as I can and I don't know whether my point is acceptable or not.
for the listening test,VERY STUPID LAH.I CAN HARDLY HEAR THE RADIO. MY PARENTS PAY SO MUCH FOR INCOME TAX AND I PAID FOR THE EXAM,and yet they use those lousy radio.soft and yet not clear.the worst thing is my class had to wait for almost half an hour to do the test as the radio had a problem.ish~summore there's PA system for the ground floor of form 6 block,they can sambung the wire,then three classes 'll get to listen it at the same time.(FYI:the MUET exam fee is RM 60.I know it's still cheap compared to my piano practical,but hey,using that RM 60 I can buy a pair of shoe or even one pax for buffet)

and today,27th of april,I had my chinese language week opening ceremony.
then tomorrow,choir practice + chinese chess competition.I'm not playing anyway.I'm the supervisor.
wednesday,I had dentist appointment
thursday,choir practice+bio extra class+chinese chess competition.'s already 1st of may.
I haven't been singing in KTV since last october.

didn't eat since last september?

but I have to study wor.
fine.I save them for next year
In order to get my 4 flag.

can't wait until the lower six orientation.
wahahahaha,I even start thinking what speech should I give.

Friday, April 24, 2009

why why why?

erm,9 more hours,
then i'll be sitting for MUET.
but I'm still sitting in front of my pc,typing this post.
well,consider it as the final practice.
Personally,I don't think that I have to be panic for the MUET exam tomorrow.

When I'm panic,the flow of idea 'll be stucked,just like the blood clot in the brain capillary and eventually you'll get stroke.However,I seriously don't wish that would happen to me.At the same token,I shall be calm and sleep early so that I 'll not yawn while i'm answering the paper.

God bless me that I'll have some bombastic vocab to vommit out for the writing paper,laser eyes to read as fast as I can in the reading comprehension paper,superb understanding so that I'm able to get the meaning of some strange words which I don't come across in real life situation ,luck to shoot the answer,and clean ears to listen to the context in the listening paper.I think I'll dig my ears (sure,using the cotton buds) before the listening test.I'll drink essence of chicken so that I'll be energised just like Popeye and his spinach.(YES,I watch popeye,I even watch powerpuff girl.)

I hope that I'm resilient enough to overcome all the works.I have tonnes of mathematics,chemistry,biology homeworks to be finished.not to forget,next week,chinese language society is having chinese language week.I'm the emcee and I haven't prepared the speech.I have to redo the pamphlet because of my rusty skills in microsoft words.I have to do mask,scrub my body and apply lotion so that i'll be in the tip top condition for the choir competition.I have to practise conducting as I think my movement is not smooth enough.AND THE MAIN THING IS I COULDN'T CONCENTRATE THESE DAYS.My spirit seems like leaving my body."My spirit is over the ocean,my spirit is over the sea,my spirit is over the Klang river,oh bring back my spirit to me.Bring back,oh bring back,oh bring back my spirit to me to me.Bring back oh bring back and you'll be given money."(I'll give 1 cent increase it to 5 cent since there's no 1 cent coins anymore)
and I crap a lot these days.
Is it a good thing or bad thing?

If I use this method on my writing paper tomorrow,I think I might make the markers faint.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

double f.for fun.

Today,(which is saturday.I postponed my post)
ermm,I'm very happy.
because chiam chiam bought me mcdonald when I was in school.
a mcdonald breakfast from andalas.awww...
then got two free banana pie somemore.
(sorry,i'm insane due to the test.)