Sunday, March 1, 2009

i miss you.

i miss my blog badly.
As i was busy with sports day,merentas desa,then fell sick,then monthly test,then now,slightly free lah
but i have to start preparing for my mid term exam because I AIM FOR 3A.nope.I hope for the best,4A lah~(cheh,like very easy to get 4 A...whatever.)
Anyway,3A is the minimum requirement to get the sijil cemerlang from the school and for two years,no upper sixes got it.SO,i hope i can break the record by getting that sijil.Amen.
and so do chiam chiam,i hope he'll not playing with his sozai(his pet in PS) so often loh.
and to all my upper six mates,
you have to be responsible for your future.
now i know why form 6 train us to be more mature.
It's because of the workload.
I have to settle my homeworks which stack up like gunung kinabalu,then revise as the syllabus is so long like sungai renjang,then settle the co curricular activities by attending the meeting and prepare the activities,then SLEEP(no sleep=die=no me),then got this lah,that lah,
SO,conclusion,a upper six must able to plan well and organise the time.
(don't depend so much on the teachers.They have their own stuff to busy with)
i gonna hibernate for few months.
if you miss me,
go to school and meet me lah~hahahahaha
since you have to take your SPM cert also wat!(for the ex schoolmate)
since you go to school also wat!(for the upper six mates)
and to cherylyn,good luck for your competition.(i'm shy to say it in front of you......didn't know that i'm shy)
i try to make it on that day har~
phrase of the day:today is so-so day because I so~ a lot.(i think i mix up the meaning of so-so)whatever~

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