Sunday, March 22, 2009

Am I too stressed?

I have a bad holiday.
what I expected doesn't happen
and it's getting worse.
yeah,I did my
I don't feel the satisfaction.
yeah,I did practised the
at least it makes me feel slightly better.
yeah,I did some
it doesn't make me feel exhausted so that i can relax my mind.
I really hope STPM 'll be over soon.
I can't take the pain,not that I can't study,i can.
just that I don't feel the something.
the something I don't know how to describe.
the only thing I know is,
I'm hiding my emotion.
and i'm gonna have depression one day.
and I might CS one day.
I did read the bible.
I cried.
I did pray
and I cried again.
If I know the reason,i'll save the energy to solve the problem instead.
life has to go on,
it'll never stop because you're sad or what.
it'll never stop and pat your head
it'll never stop and let you settle down.
finally,i know it's the reality,
reality that seems so fake and yet so true.
grow up,yin xian.

phrase of the day:I'm really hurt by my parents and him.promise me,be strong,don't cry because of something.don't cry over small matter,and everything is small matter. to remind myself of this phrase. :)

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