Thursday, March 26, 2009


actually,I don't know why I'm here.
I'm supposed to do my mathematics exercise,biology notes and chemistry revision.
I'm supposed to memorise a biology essay per day,do notes for 1 small topic for chemistry,do 3 mathematics question for every chapters and think of the agenda for the PBC meeting tomorrow.
and read more english articles because my MUET exam is coming soon.I need to learn some "chim" english to make my essay more interesting.
but why am I here ?

-.-.fine,I can feel the guilt in me now.
k,I'll leave the pc alone and do my work.
(excessive work makes me talk to myself more often but I think it's a good way to memorise something.)
p.p.s:I need chicken essence but I don't dare to drink it.
p.p.p.s:why almost everyone is posting about sundram's memorising cell?hmmm.shall talk bout this if I'm here again.let me explain some bio facts to you in hilarious way.I won't make you bored.don't worry.(because huey huey said that i hv the potential to become comedian.but amin said we both hv the potential.)
p.p.p.p.s:I think I don't wanna stop blogging because I LOVE TO TALK.I HV SO MANY THINGS TO TALK LA.I know,I'm chi chap.

Phrase of the day:no matter how hard the life is,I want it to be filled with laughters.

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