Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(i don't know what to put here)

On my belated bday celebration,
I want Haagen Daaz chocolate fondue.
I want Manhattan Fish Market.
I want to buy a really comfortable shoe from Hush Puppies/Scholl/Crocs/Clarks
I want Ebi Tempura
I want green tea ice cream
I want to buy a jewellery box
I want you to teman me whole day.
the list 'll be getting longer when I miss you.
YES,I'm that bored without you,orange (I gave him a lot of nicknames)

Phrase of the day:Please off your fan /air cond when you're reading this.hahaha

1 comment:

Cherylyn said...

i'm posting comment here becoz i can't access your chatbox thru my mac comp...

my comment: hahaha... btw... the girl's are going to meet us during sport's day... must go out!!! not really lar.... but as usual... go makan at Gardini's!