Thursday, February 5, 2009

happy birthday to me.

chiam chiam gave a really big surprise to me in the stadium by showing up and fetch me back so that i don't have to go to Aeon in sweaty shirt.

The formal raptai is on my bday.This's why i'm in stadium.

celebrated my bday with some of my classmate in pizza hut Aeon.
ate chocolate fudge <3 from secret recipe.
and played in the playground or whatever la.i mean the one in the 2nd floor wan.
and realise i'm a really bad driver.

something sad.'ll not mention here.and no question har.

got a pink necklace from cherylyn and a paper with bday wish from su min.thanks a lot

got a lot of bday sms and comment.thanks a lot

kinda lazy to post today.i still hv to touch up on my sport house mascot.
so i'll explain the details if i remember la.hahahaha

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