Thursday, February 5, 2009

happy birthday to me.

chiam chiam gave a really big surprise to me in the stadium by showing up and fetch me back so that i don't have to go to Aeon in sweaty shirt.

The formal raptai is on my bday.This's why i'm in stadium.

celebrated my bday with some of my classmate in pizza hut Aeon.
ate chocolate fudge <3 from secret recipe.
and played in the playground or whatever la.i mean the one in the 2nd floor wan.
and realise i'm a really bad driver.

something sad.'ll not mention here.and no question har.

got a pink necklace from cherylyn and a paper with bday wish from su min.thanks a lot

got a lot of bday sms and comment.thanks a lot

kinda lazy to post today.i still hv to touch up on my sport house mascot.
so i'll explain the details if i remember la.hahahaha

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(i don't know what to put here)

On my belated bday celebration,
I want Haagen Daaz chocolate fondue.
I want Manhattan Fish Market.
I want to buy a really comfortable shoe from Hush Puppies/Scholl/Crocs/Clarks
I want Ebi Tempura
I want green tea ice cream
I want to buy a jewellery box
I want you to teman me whole day.
the list 'll be getting longer when I miss you.
YES,I'm that bored without you,orange (I gave him a lot of nicknames)

Phrase of the day:Please off your fan /air cond when you're reading this.hahaha

Sunday, February 1, 2009


When can I decide whether I can attend certain event without asking my parents?
(still finding excuse to calm me down)
When can I be independant financially?
When can I go out until any time I want?
When can I travel alone?
When can I drive?
When can I work?
When can I having a bf with my parents agree on it?
When can I decide whether to follow my parents?
When can I reveal my religion status?
When can I stay alone?
When can I?When can I?
well,I think it'll happen in mid june next year.
I 'll choose a university which is not really far and not really near to my house
so that I can decide my life?
hah.and by that time,i'll feel that staying with parents would be a better choice and start to regret why don't I choose a nearer university.
I'm that contradicting*fullstop*
and i chatted with my mom one day,
she said that I shall get a bf when I'm 25.(why 25?because I'm graduate by that time.)
GOD.why ar?
I have no idea.
I think maybe I'm the only parents tend to control me?
whatever.not that I don't love my parents,just that I don't like to depend on them.

maybe I'm immature as every "immature teenagers"(well,I 'm going to be out of that category) always hope for staying alone because they want more freedom.
but I really feel like staying alone ma.......

whatever.I leave it to God.

Phrase of the day:If I'm staying alone,I want my room to be APPLE GREEN.and full with frogs stuff.I want a frog bed sheet,frog table,frog chair.WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.*dreaming*or maybe I should share room with chiam chiam.That time I'll paint my room in pearl white,with all those pirated Ikea furniture.HAHAHAHAHA (someone please wake me up)

p/s:I miss chiam chiam.really really really miss him.