Tuesday, January 20, 2009


well,the sports day is postponed to 7th of feb.
i wanted to ponteng,go to a nice restaurant (such as TGIF or Tony Roma's) with my favourite dress and eat my favourite lamb chop.
maybe i 'll end up in sakae?
or kinsahi?
(i shall leave this job to chiam chiam.hahahahahahahahaha.he supposed to give me a surprise and he knows me well.right?don't alalalala.SGN)

anyway,any idea where to rent those traditional clothes like kimono or the mongolian costume or mexican costume?I want cheap,if can,i want to borrow for free :) (i know,there's no free lunch in the world)

GOD BLESS ME.please blow a paper/brochure with the clothes renting advertisement to me.but not right to my face,i need to watch the way while i walk.thank you.

(the article below is specially for someone.ahem.if you're cold,skip this part.hahahaha)
anyway,really happy that God send him to me.a him who can complete my sentence.a him who can understand my sampatity(ermm,sampat in noun form).a him who can be even more crazy than me.a him can cook and appreciate nice food(we both are kaki makan).a him who knows fashion trend.a him who have common interest and view with me.a him who can speak/type the same words as me at the same time.a him who is so humorous and let me laugh until pat toh tia (stomachache).a him whom our relatives know each other.a him who appreciate me.and a him who 'll not get lost easily unlike me.
thank you dear.
p/s:I love you ( I know,i'm such a copy cat as I had been watching p/s:I love you over and over again during the SPM holiday.)

i hope i'll not procrastinate my works anymore.Amen.

Phrase of the day:no procrastination.no no no.

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