Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tips or rather some protocol to get a job as temporary teacher.

I supposed to go for an interview as a general clerk in Southern Park today.
I ended up didn't get to be interviewed,as the PIC said,she'll send my resume and details to the boss 1st,then only call me for an interview.-.-.
I ended up going to SJK (C) Tsing Nian to ask for vacancy as a "substitute teacher",that means if there's any teacher on maternity leave,i'll take over the place.
Who knows,I think the headmistress misunderstood it as temporary teacher and you know,chinese school lacks teachers often.
However,I was told that there's no vacancy.The headmistress helped me to ask the Chinese School Admin in PPD to help me to get a job and gave me some form to fill in.
So,I went back to STAR, got my SPM cert,I/C,birth cert verified and went to PPD Klang.
(something out of topic: PPD Klang is a nice place.I think they must be spending a lot just to make a fish pond with lots of Koi inside.)
I met the Chinese School Admin/Penyelia Sekolah Cina and I got interviewed.
There's a evaluation table to determine your qualification.
Then,He asked me whether I can handle the children and I will cane them if they're naughty.
and please answer no,you won't use the cane.-.-.I said,depends on the situation,If they do not listen to me after I have nagged a lot,I'll cane.and he said,we're not allowed to do so actually,to prevent the parents to "buat bising".
Then,he asked me some general knowledge,asked me whether I read the newspaper,and if I can't do so, it'll be quite ugly when you can't answer student's question.AND I CAN'T EVEN ANSWER WHO'S THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION.I SUDDENLY WENT BLANK AT THAT TIME.-.-so I was like,Hishamudin?he said nope.then I remembered,Muhiyuddin.and he asked what's his another job in the cabinet.I thought he's asking for the ministry. I THINK SO MUCH.answered him Kementerian Dalam Negeri.-.-.
So I was asked to wait for the call which school to be sent to.
most probably will be Pandamaran (A).

p/s:If you want to be a temporary teacher,please go find out in the early of december (as early as possible lo) as it's the time where the PPD is finding teacher,interviewing them and trainning them as well.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

back from Singapore

with lots of stuff.

and I'm lazy to write out the details.

Friday, December 18, 2009

argh.kaki gatal

I feel like going to Sungei Wang again.
after I saw those really nice dress in a online clothes store.(some pictures are removed.i don't know why,it doesn't appear on my blog after some days)
For safety purpose,I do not dare to order them online as I'm afraid that the clothes are not exactly the same as they post and I'm not sure they're nice on my body.I don't have the height.
Not only that,I'm afraid that it's a cheating website.Actually it's more convenient for me to order online now,since we pay by transferring the money to the seller's account without the usage of credit card,which means can buy without my mother notice it.I'm not saying that I can't buy my own stuff.It's like buying stuff online is not so convincing for me because every money I have now is limited.I'm not earning my own money yet.If not,I don't mind losing the money as the dress is not really expensive.A dress around RM 35 is probably not a big problem if the're cash flowing in consistently.SO I WANNA MAKE SURE EVERYTHING I BOUGHT IS REALLY WHAT I WANT AND SUIT find those clothes,you can't go to those high class shopping mall like midvalley and 1 must go SUNGEI WANG!!YEAH.I'm not really mind about the brand as long as the clothes doesn't look cheap and low quality.
Since Iona is finding for her dream shoe or I should call it her dream boots,IONA,KIA.Kita pergi Sungei Wang lagi.just Sungei Wang and Time Square.
Ar....I know,If you guys really come across that kind of clothes in anywhere,I don't mind you buy it for my bday since most of them are free size with elastic band behind. :P
My birthday is around 1 month time.*hint*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

boredom starts.

I wanna go shopping,
I don't mind window shop.

and I don't feel like staying at home helping my mom to clean the house for CNY.
I just wanna go out.OUT.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I finished my last year of school
and last day of wearing school uniform.

To kinda celebrate it,
me,fei fei and amin went to Bkt Bintang area to shop.
I spent around RM 300+ (include train fare and food)
I bought:
1.3 nail polish and nail polish remover in elianto. now they're having Rm1 nail polish.certain period one is bronze.

2.pimple corrector and concealer from Yves Rocher.

3.transparent bra stripe and black panty hose from random shop.

4.1 pair of wedges.

5.1 pair of ballet flat

6.KBS BB cream.THEY ARE HAVING 50% OFF for two type of BB cream leh.


8.Hado labo whitenning toner which is selling hot in japan.

didn't get to buy clothes and accesorries as i don't see any REALLY PRETTY AND CHEAP one.I'll leave that to my Singapore trip.

going off to terengganu tomorrow.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

my so long post

STPM going to end in next week.
and I left three more papers to go.
left 3 PAPER 1 where I might tembak if I don't really know how to answer.
so i'm quite free and in half-holiday mood already.
just need to do some exercise and read those country act.

I did badly for my chemistry paper in STPM.I'm putting my hope on paper 1.hoping that it'll really help me by getting at least a B.I don't know why,this year chemistry paper is tough compared to previous years.They give us more inorganic question where we seldom focus on.There's one question that I even can't find in my textbook.other paper is not really bad at all.only CHEM.

currently,I'm planning things to do after exam.
to remind myself,(don't know why,memory not so good these days)
I jot them here.
1.finish up my crochet which I started during that SPM holidays.-.- and left unfinished until now. spree with fei fei and amin to Sg Wang right after my last paper.(10/12/2009)
-buy facial inducer,to bring in those essence I apply to face more effeciently.
-formal clothes for working.I supposed to buy them in padini or AEON as today and tomorrow is J card day!but,not really in the mood to long as the exam is not officially mom 'll not allow me loiter around like I have finished my I already loiter for two days ,one day for steamboat buffet,one day for the movie 2012.I cried in that movie,too into that movie liao.anyway,it's worth to watch in don't buy pirated DVD for 2012 and watch at home.Your home theater system might not bring out that effect.unless you're filthy rich to own a mini cinema in your house.
-wedges!! as mine already spoilt three months ago.T.T.wedges are essential to ppl who're short and don't like thin heels aka me.
-shoe shoe shoe.cleaned the shoe cabinet last week and throw a lot of spoilt shoe.FYI: I'm choosey in buying shoe.
-accessories.necklace,earrings,hair ornaments,bangle.will buy them if they're nice.
p/s:not really into buying clothes.lazy to try those clothes.depends la+I don't have a stable income now.need to find a job
-look for Spanx undergarment.the review online is not that bad and not really expensive.

3. trip to Awana Kijal in Terengganu with my family (11/12/2009-13/12/2009)
4. going to curl my hair.I'll ask my cousin to curl temporalily wan 1st to see whether it's suitable for me.then only go for the permenant one.I want big loose curl.

5. find a job.Teacher or Clerk.must be off on weekends.(ask my parents la.I don't mind working during weekends.but my parents.....T.T) and there's so many vacancies in AEON.If I work in AEON,that means,I can't really off during weekends.

6. continue my grade 8 piano.
- I think I'll retake on 2011.need some time to get back the touch on the keys even though I have been practising once in a while.

7. clean my room and "renovate" my room if possible.
- my room is fulled with books and papers now.need to pack them and send for recycling.I 'll not burn them.This'll not bring me any money either.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
8. trip to Singapore with chiam chiam and that kangkung.(23/12/2009-28/12/2009)
- backpacker tour as we need to depend on our choice,some conflicts happened, we got fed up and decided to travel on our own.
-going to buy that legendary makeup remover by Dove.saw many good feedback but M'sia don't have lo.After I search online,I found out it's selling in Carrefour Singapore.That makeup remover is selling hot in Japan and probably Taiwan.WHY?! our country beauty industry always slower than others one.haih.probably they need to check on the ingredient whether it's halal.I got so excited when I found out that it's selling in Singapore.before this,I wanted to give up and buy Shu Uemura makeup remover already though it's expensive.BUT NOW,yes,cheap and nice makeup remover in Singapore.
-looking for duty perfume.My CK euphoria blossom is finishing.thinking of buying J'adore by Dior.need to check on the price 1st.
-branded clothes.My cousin went there during their year end sales,and she said,the branded clothes are really cheap.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.getting crazier liao la.
9. trip to Bangkok during CNY (15/2/2010-20/2/2010)
-with family.

10. trip to Beijing around April.After my dad's AEON project finished.
-we're still planning on this.
11. learn driving again. I'm not P licence anymore.BUT I DIDN'T EVEN DRIVE SINCE I GOT MY LICENCE.again,my mom said,she's afraid that I got so stressed and get into,your daughter only stressed because of you only lo.exam for me is not really stressed.If you really did your part,what for being stressed?-.-

12.I really need money la. a bank account.probably maybank.

14.GO TO GM KLANG near AEON.It's a wholesale mall where you can find all those DIY stuff.WAH LAO EH,HOW CAN I RESIST THIS? (that's why i should work in AEON.haih)

15.I REALLY NEED MONEY.I WANNA GO DISNEYLAND.just read xiaxue's blog and they went to HK disneyland and that place is so pretty la.My 21st birthday wish,to go HK disneyland and Macau casino.WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.and not with my family anymore.(I know this's hard)

16. to earn that money,I have to work during uni lo.that's why I must finish my piano fast,so that I can start teaching ppl part time.but,if i'm so poor in playing piano,how to teach ar?fine fine,I can teach tuition classes as I know,when you're getting older,the urge for money is getting're not satisfied by giving you only a toy like your infant period.Or not,I should improvise my makeup skill and be part time makeup artist.remember Ariff?He can even earn RM100+ just for one make up slot and he's not really pro as those makeup artist in studio.I'm not saying that he's not good la.just that he's just an amateur but also can earn money.then why not I try this as well?If you do not know who's Ariff,he's one of my junior in choir.even younger than me,and owns more makeup product than me,not really cheap makeup product somemore.They're almost all Bobbi Brown and MAC.

12.oh ya, I'm planning to do biochemistry instead of nutrition.because my mom said,(YES AGAIN) biochem is a wider field and I can choose to pursue nutrition for my master.and it's a better option.

well,I'm thinking too much.Who doesn't have dream?Dream keep us young and alive.Dream keep us motivated.Dream keep us diligently working to get what we want.but dream doesn't come true if you just sitting there and dreaming.

actually hor, if I go for holiday so often,how am I supposed to work har?
My mom said, let them deduct the salary only.but I'm afraid that they just fired me instead of deducting my salary.-.-.All my dilemma starts here.

Monday, October 5, 2009


as my mind is filled with ideas for DIY stuff.
and there's a haberdashery just few steps within Delta in Klang.
and i tend to shop there every monday.
tangan gatal again.
bought those really cute stuff.
I shall let the pictures to do their job

these are what i have bought.I can even pimp my gadget.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

STPM timetable.

saat ini sudah lama dinantikan.
akhirnya,jadual ni pun dah "diupload" kat MPM punya website.
dan saya sudah samerais-kan (summarise) jadual waktu saya iaitu bagi biologi kelas.
19/11/2009 Biology 2
23/11/2009 PA2
24/11/2009 Chemistry 2
25/11/2009 Math T 1
30/11/2009 Physics 2 (for physics class)
1/12/2009 Math T 2
7/12/2009 Biology 1
9/12/2009 Physics 1
PA 1
10/12/2009 Chemistry 1

how come this year ends so late wan?i remember they usually end around the 1st week of december.and the gap.It's so big for paper 1 (less memorising work is needed) and consecutive days for paper 2 (need to memorise more and write more.)
and from the timetable,you can find out that i have almost 1 week break between my math 2 and biology 1.why can't they put the one week break between two paper 2?
fine.should stop grumbling and start working.
around 4 months later,I'M me out after 10 of december lah~
i should enter into study-hibernating mode by now.
bye.if you miss me,pls go to my before-going-to-NS post.>.<

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

transformer...........of my teeth.

Finally,I don't have to wear braces.wee~
now ,we should see how my teeth transform.

the typical dracula teeth.some said they're cute.NO.I DON'T THINK SO.

after extracting 4 teeth,and waiting for the braces. just put on the braces,felt really irritated and lose weight becuase I can't eat with the tooth pain.(5/9/2007)

After two teeth moved really fast.hohohoho.

After SPM,during the doing-nothing-month b4 NS.

After NS,went out for gathering.see sudah cantik.HOHOHOHOHO

End of last year,supposed to be taken out that time,but the dentist asked to put slightly longer.

two weeks before it's taken out.(28/5/2009)

one week before my braces are taken out.YEAH!
and now...........................................TADAH

see...see...see...very de happy lo.hahahahaha

Duration of putting braces:5/9/2007~9/6/2009 (ngam ngam 1 year 9 months)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

20 updates?

and yes..
I got band 4 for my MUET,not going to retake as i'm in the middle band 4,no point wasting money and time for it.
I did not get my expected result in midterm,I didn't even get an A.The highest grade I achieved is A-.aiks.gonna really work hard for trial.
I did not really work hard lo.I was busy playing barn buddy,happy farm and sorority life instead of doing my homework and revision.How am I going to sit for the exam leh?I told my mom about that,she said that she'll took out the cable to connect the monitor and CPU.but she always forget to do so.AND......I PLAYED FOR THE WHOLE AFTERNOON.and night sometimes.
Can I deactivate my facebook?or i just ask someone to curi curi change my password so that i can't log in and when STPM is over,I 'll ask for the new password.
When can I stay over in my friends' house har?
when can I travel with my friends har?
overspend this month.I have no idea where my money gone.AR.i know,I went to kimgary with fei fei,then went to sakae with chiam chiam,then went to fruity for lunch.and I'm getting big tummy and tighs(but other parts doesn't change much.why can't they accumulate on my chest instead of other place?I am like a 3-month pregnant woman now.)
yeah,no kollokeum for upper six (i think the spelling is correct.kollokeum is a new system for form 6/pre u where the class is extended to 4pm) pity the junior.anyway, some of my juniors called me jie jie.OMG,I used to be called mei mei wan leh.NOW,i'm upgraded to jie jie d.and we're the eldest student in the school.and yes this's the only bad things in form 6 where every juniors are so young and immature and expected the seniors 'll settle everything for them.HAIH.LAO LIAO LAH~going to be 20 next year but I didn't really do much.SO ENJOY KAO KAO WITH ALL MY CLASSMATE THIS YEAR.(ignore me,getting crazier when getting older)
have you ever tried jumping on the sofa in Green box?IT'S FUN~
I have mathematics,chemistry,biology, PA homework to be finished.(every subjects -.-)
lesson to be learnt:never ever procrastinate.
I have to organise a trip to charity house for renjer,I need to organise a farewell for PBC.
I need money
I need to type a resume for job as a teacher in any school.My mom said, better send in now wor.
I need to go to Klang Magistrate on 2nd of September.anyone wanna go to support me?I might emotionally break,1st time in court leh.
If let say,we lose,my parents have to pay 16k.then i have to think of a really nice plan to earn money to pay back my parents so that i'll not feel guilty.
we watch porn in biology lab............................................................................we watch the earthworm making out.HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO.that's why biology is fun.unlike physics,equation,equation still equation.(chiam chiam said,biology is for brainless ppl.-.-)
went to pantai to visit chiam chiam.he was neither sick nor suspected to have H1N1.just for medical check up.but it took 5 days for that check up.pity him,no tv,no internet,no queen size bed.Then hor,I curi curi seludup to hospital on monday (yes,i ponteng.) and doing math homework in hospital.geng leh.
getting lazier and tired easily.dah lah feeling tired easily,tapi masih main komputer instead of habis kerja rumah.
saya mau masuk NUS.sebab:1.mak kata,jika kamu nak masuk USM,lebih baik masuk NUS kerana dua dua pun jauh,lebih baik pilih yang bagus. 2.chiam chiam nak masuk sana juga. 3. singapura kan luar negara aka oversea?hohohohoho.tiba-tiba ada mood malay pulak.
Lastly,I 'll try to control myself and may leave this blog unupdated until I finished my exam.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player must answer the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the game the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time: 17:31
Name: Yin Xian
Sisters: no
Brothers: nil
Shoe Size: 5,6
Height: 153 cm.ngam ngam 5 feet.WAHAHAHAHAHA.(well,not a really big thing to proud of.hmmp.)
Where do you live: the town with the most crow.and i hate them.
Favorite drinks: erm.teh halia,teh o ais limau,vanilla milk shake,sprite,bandung from penang only,justea white grape flavour with aloe vera cube etc etc etc.
Favorite breakfast:breakfast buffet.wahahahahahahahaha.

Have you ever
been on a plane? : Yes
Fallen asleep in school? : when i was sick
Broken someone's heart : yes
Fell of your chair: yes.
Sat by the phone and waiting for someone to call: yes
What is your room like: Pink.i want it to be lime green with dark green.
What's right beside you? : my handphone
What is the last thing you ate: pisang goreng
Ever had Chicken Pox: Yes when i was form 2
Sore throat: sure.tell me who never had it before.-.-.lame question
Stitches: yes on my chin
Broken nose: no.and i don't want it to happen also.

Do you
Believe in love at first sight: half half lah~
Like picnics: yes yes yes.provided that there's no mosquito around.(i have no idea why the mosquito love me so much)

Who was, were the last person;
you danced with : yi ting i think?in this morning.
Last made you smile : chiam chiam <3.because he helped me to buy McD and gave me in school this morning.
You last yelled at : the junior to sit down so that i can watch the performance

Today did you
Talk to someone you like : yes
Kissed anyone : yes
Get sick : going to
Talk to an ex : no
Miss someone : yes.right after i said goodbye to him

Best feeling in the world : the moment when i'm with chiam chiam.
Do you sleep with stuffed animal: no
What's under your bed: old books and notes
Who do you really hate: that stupid legal ppl.(those who know me really well 'll know who's that)
What time is it now: 17:45

5 things i were doing 10 years ago
1.refused to eat and do not appreciate good food.hahaha
2.being a lam ah zhang with the really ugly bob and spec and crooked teeth,but still i'm so vain to dress up myself with those bling bling accessories my aunt's flower girl.
4.talking non stop with my table mate in school until i got complaint by the teachers.
5.bullying mei wei.hahahahahaha.i know i was very evil last time.

5 things on my to-do list today.
1.finished my homework mask
3.clean my room
4.prepare something
5.think of the stuff i have forgotten to do.

5 snacks I enjoy 9
5.cadbury black beauty chocolate.i wonder whether it's still in the market.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1.spend quarter of the money on what i,bags,car,clothes,accessories,treatment,perfume etc
2.donate quarter of the money
3.invest quarter of the money so that i might get another billion quarter of the money
5.and the circle 'll start again like ornithine cycle.(see,i hv biological term.-.-)

5 of my bad habits
1.slow.i do things slowly.i eat slowly.
3.lembik sometime
4.too easy to believe
5.a bit loose.hahaha

5 places I have lived in
1.johor for few weeks during the holiday
2.penang for few weeks during the holiday
4.port klang
5.3 months in sepang for NS.

5 people I'm tagging are
1.the person who wanna do this tag
2.the person who read this and tangan a bit gatal wanna do the tag
3.the person who wish to know me.(i'm out of idea.hahaha)
4.the person who never do a tag before.
5.the person who are new in blogging and need some post to fill up your blog.hahahahahaha

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



1、被點名的人在我空間將這篇文章轉載到自己空間中,然後在編輯,刪去我的答案,要在自己的Q空間裡寫下自己的答案,然後加上自己的問 題,傳給其他人,列出個需要回答問題的人的名字,通知對方被點名了,被點名者不得拒絕回答問題,完成遊戲的人將會永遠得到大家的祝福。

2 、這個人要在自己的Q空間裡註明是從哪裡接到問題的,並且再想一個題目傳給其他個人,讓幸福的遊戲繼續下去。 3 、不能回傳,否則犯規!

4 、被點到名字的人將得到大家的祝福,並且所有的美麗願望都會在不久後實現。

被点者:阿敏 (我觉得只有她会回答吧!)


Q 01、你的大名?













嗯,我只挽留两次,(可能他只是撒撒娇 )如果两次都挽留不了,就会放弃。何必为一个心里没有你的人而伤心呢?







there's no regrets in life only lessons.










. 05、請問TA的興趣是?
















9 点















My heart ,他不爱我-莫文尉,美人鱼-徐若萱




11。52 pm

我不怕-叮当 feat mcdog

x 的,没完没了的无聊tag









x 的,你是谁?做么要跟你走

被这个tag 弄到有点崩溃




詹永昇 。目前为止








Friday, May 22, 2009

heavy subjects are over

erm.actually not that free,but anyway those heavy papers are over.
Before this,it's almost to be banned as the PK HEM said that it'a a waste of time.
but after some negotiation,
finally we get to do it.
filled with satisfaction and really thanks Lord for the day.

Phrase of the day:When God close a door for you,he'll definitely open another door for you.(erm,is it the correct phrase?I remember it sounds like this)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

exam month

i have to face the truth that MID TERM EXAM IS AROUND THE CORNER.
so i'll blog more after the exam.
maybe i might not blog since i'll be more busy after mid term.
oh ya,
they said there're two hot guys coming to our school for upper six.They look like korean.(i hope it's not those mata sepet korean.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
and they'll be in chiam chiam's class which is the physics class
my friend said,if there's anything that I have to see chiam chiam,they don't mind following me to his class.
GOSH.i think the frequency of ppl passing by his class 'll increase tremendously after the arrival of the two new hot guys.
and the girls in upper six especially my class and the another bio class were so excited discussing about the two hot guys.
hahahaha,finally they hv the motivation to come to school.
anyway,I felt sorry for them as they come to our school when we're going to have our midterm exam.
hohohoho,that means they hv to take the exam as well lo.
(i'm that evil.)

Phrase of the day:btw,i still think my chiam chiam is hotter.even hotter than the sun these days.(he also looks like korean wat.)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

my speech on orientation

since I can't wait for the orientation,
I must well put my speech here to stop my keinginan to crap.

dear my fellow juniors,

HALLO PEOPLE.(yes it's attract their attention ma)
ppl over there,can you please give me your attention?
leng lui talking here.(must smile a bit to show my teeth without braces.btw,my braces going to be removed on 9th of june which is b4 orientation.WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
ok.thanks for the cooperation.
1st of all,
I'm a chinese.YES,I'm a chinese,I'm not an indian,not a malay,and not even a caucasian.I'm a pure chinese who speak fluent mandarin and write boombastic chinese characters.
Why I have to reaffirm that i'm a chinese?
Thanks to a guy,he thought i'm a caucasian when he enter this school.
then he saw my driving licence, and yelled at it as my photo in my license looks like Altanduya.
eh~still i want to say,i'm a chinese.

next,my name is yin xian.YIN~ XIAN~ not insane.if you ever pronounce my name wrongly,i would not pass you for my game.if you find that my name is really hard to pronounce,you can call me leng lui.I really don't mind as my skin is really thick enough to make 10 bowls of mee hun kueh.
anyway,i should stop the crap and enter to the main topic,the orientation.
as you guys know,i'm chosen as the orientation queen last year and i was given a pacifier.I think this year they might give you pampers.
anyway,the present is not important.
the important things is enjoy as fully as you can in order to get this honor.
don't be shy,just show your true colour.
shout as much as you can.
play as hard as you can.
and leave these three days as your sweetest memory in your life.

and welcome to form 6 ,welcome to STAR.
and ya,I'll be in charge of the station game tomorrow,
do remember my name.It might be the password for the game.
I still want to say,HAVE FUN PEOPLE.

i know,thank you thank you thank you.

Phrase of the day:I hope there's no juniors reading this before I give the speech

Monday, April 27, 2009

busy month

April is going to end.
and conclusion of the month is busy+busy+busy
and it's the month which I'm not really happy.
my saturdays of the month is occupied.
4th of April,I went for choir practice.
11th of April,I went to Gua Tempurung.
18th of April,I went to Pandu Puteri Carnival.bought a moschino bag and ninewest dinner bag for RM 10 each.HOHOHOHOHO.They're not paste.They're just bags donated by the president of pandu puteri Selangor,Tengku Irena,think so she's the sultan's sis.Royalty won't buy paste wan right?and I bought her necklace and earring for only RM 5.VERY SYOK LOH~
25th of April,I had my MUET.
did seriously bad,
I have no idea for my writing paper,just crap as much as I can and I don't know whether my point is acceptable or not.
for the listening test,VERY STUPID LAH.I CAN HARDLY HEAR THE RADIO. MY PARENTS PAY SO MUCH FOR INCOME TAX AND I PAID FOR THE EXAM,and yet they use those lousy radio.soft and yet not clear.the worst thing is my class had to wait for almost half an hour to do the test as the radio had a problem.ish~summore there's PA system for the ground floor of form 6 block,they can sambung the wire,then three classes 'll get to listen it at the same time.(FYI:the MUET exam fee is RM 60.I know it's still cheap compared to my piano practical,but hey,using that RM 60 I can buy a pair of shoe or even one pax for buffet)

and today,27th of april,I had my chinese language week opening ceremony.
then tomorrow,choir practice + chinese chess competition.I'm not playing anyway.I'm the supervisor.
wednesday,I had dentist appointment
thursday,choir practice+bio extra class+chinese chess competition.'s already 1st of may.
I haven't been singing in KTV since last october.

didn't eat since last september?

but I have to study wor.
fine.I save them for next year
In order to get my 4 flag.

can't wait until the lower six orientation.
wahahahaha,I even start thinking what speech should I give.

Friday, April 24, 2009

why why why?

erm,9 more hours,
then i'll be sitting for MUET.
but I'm still sitting in front of my pc,typing this post.
well,consider it as the final practice.
Personally,I don't think that I have to be panic for the MUET exam tomorrow.

When I'm panic,the flow of idea 'll be stucked,just like the blood clot in the brain capillary and eventually you'll get stroke.However,I seriously don't wish that would happen to me.At the same token,I shall be calm and sleep early so that I 'll not yawn while i'm answering the paper.

God bless me that I'll have some bombastic vocab to vommit out for the writing paper,laser eyes to read as fast as I can in the reading comprehension paper,superb understanding so that I'm able to get the meaning of some strange words which I don't come across in real life situation ,luck to shoot the answer,and clean ears to listen to the context in the listening paper.I think I'll dig my ears (sure,using the cotton buds) before the listening test.I'll drink essence of chicken so that I'll be energised just like Popeye and his spinach.(YES,I watch popeye,I even watch powerpuff girl.)

I hope that I'm resilient enough to overcome all the works.I have tonnes of mathematics,chemistry,biology homeworks to be finished.not to forget,next week,chinese language society is having chinese language week.I'm the emcee and I haven't prepared the speech.I have to redo the pamphlet because of my rusty skills in microsoft words.I have to do mask,scrub my body and apply lotion so that i'll be in the tip top condition for the choir competition.I have to practise conducting as I think my movement is not smooth enough.AND THE MAIN THING IS I COULDN'T CONCENTRATE THESE DAYS.My spirit seems like leaving my body."My spirit is over the ocean,my spirit is over the sea,my spirit is over the Klang river,oh bring back my spirit to me.Bring back,oh bring back,oh bring back my spirit to me to me.Bring back oh bring back and you'll be given money."(I'll give 1 cent increase it to 5 cent since there's no 1 cent coins anymore)
and I crap a lot these days.
Is it a good thing or bad thing?

If I use this method on my writing paper tomorrow,I think I might make the markers faint.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

double f.for fun.

Today,(which is saturday.I postponed my post)
ermm,I'm very happy.
because chiam chiam bought me mcdonald when I was in school.
a mcdonald breakfast from andalas.awww...
then got two free banana pie somemore.
(sorry,i'm insane due to the test.)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bad day


heard this song in a tv show,attracted by the lyrics instead of the melody.
This song reminds me lots of things and brings me into deep thinking state,
especially the last line.
miracles only exist if we believe.
so if you want miracles from God,
you first have to believe His existance.
If you want miracles to be happened in your life,
you have to believe that you can create the miracles.

specially dedicate this song to chiam chiam.
hmm,I think you'll get what I mean gua.
since you're the one understand me the most.

I was late for assembly,
wrote my name in the book,
broke two test tube,
ruin my salt specimen,
no food left in canteen,
went to la salle canteen and the teachers are there,
so I ate my lunch at 3.30pm.
almost gastric.
kinda bad luck today right?
but luckily chiam chiam fetched me back,
thought he won't able to make it
because i'm unlucky today.
and started to think that i might miss bus today also. least i'm not that bad luck today.

talk about the test tubes,
1st,when I kacau the solution with glass rod,the salt like doesn't want to be dissolved.
so,I tok tok tok trying to make the salt smaller.
the test tube pecah.
I was washing the test tubes,
and the teacher was talking,so i turned my head to listen.
and I dropped the test tube.
Then when i was heating the salt specimen,
there's a spider on my lab coat near my breast,
and i tried to blow the stupid spider away.
The fire of the bunsen burner get off,
and my lime water is sucked back and ruin the salt specimen.
luckily the teacher allowed me to take another packet of salt to redo.
Actually, think again,it's still not a really bad day right.
at least my hand was not corroded by the concentrated sulphuric acid.

phrase of the

Thursday, March 26, 2009


actually,I don't know why I'm here.
I'm supposed to do my mathematics exercise,biology notes and chemistry revision.
I'm supposed to memorise a biology essay per day,do notes for 1 small topic for chemistry,do 3 mathematics question for every chapters and think of the agenda for the PBC meeting tomorrow.
and read more english articles because my MUET exam is coming soon.I need to learn some "chim" english to make my essay more interesting.
but why am I here ?

-.-.fine,I can feel the guilt in me now.
k,I'll leave the pc alone and do my work.
(excessive work makes me talk to myself more often but I think it's a good way to memorise something.)
p.p.s:I need chicken essence but I don't dare to drink it.
p.p.p.s:why almost everyone is posting about sundram's memorising cell?hmmm.shall talk bout this if I'm here again.let me explain some bio facts to you in hilarious way.I won't make you bored.don't worry.(because huey huey said that i hv the potential to become comedian.but amin said we both hv the potential.)
p.p.p.p.s:I think I don't wanna stop blogging because I LOVE TO TALK.I HV SO MANY THINGS TO TALK LA.I know,I'm chi chap.

Phrase of the day:no matter how hard the life is,I want it to be filled with laughters.

Sunday, March 22, 2009



the happy xian is back.

after I typed the emo post yesterday,

I read the bible.

I don't read my bible according to the chapters.

I simply flip a page.

and i know,

God 'll show me the right page to show me the way.

and He did it on me again.

it's not a solution,

but still it makes me feel so warm and comforted.

here goes the phrase:
Come to me,all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads,and i'll give you rest.Take my yoke and put it on you, and learn from me,because I am gentleand humble in spirit;and you 'll find rest.For the yoke I will give you is easy and the load I will put on you is light. Matthew 12:18

I know I'm such a bad people who only seek for God's help when I'm in trouble.
still everytime He gave me some guidances.
He's such a sweetheart right?

problem is not solved yet.
but i know He'll show me the right way.
I think this's the only support I have.
I don't feel like bothering others as everyone has their own problem.
don't wanna bother them further with my problem.

Phrase of the day:I try to control my tears and it chokes.So i cried sekali gus until I have no tears anymore.well,heart still aching.but I know,still academic performance is the first priority.You wanna cry?study your bio,chem,PA and do your math first.then you wanna cry until the whole klang flooded,I don't care.(recently talked alone more)

Am I too stressed?

I have a bad holiday.
what I expected doesn't happen
and it's getting worse.
yeah,I did my
I don't feel the satisfaction.
yeah,I did practised the
at least it makes me feel slightly better.
yeah,I did some
it doesn't make me feel exhausted so that i can relax my mind.
I really hope STPM 'll be over soon.
I can't take the pain,not that I can't study,i can.
just that I don't feel the something.
the something I don't know how to describe.
the only thing I know is,
I'm hiding my emotion.
and i'm gonna have depression one day.
and I might CS one day.
I did read the bible.
I cried.
I did pray
and I cried again.
If I know the reason,i'll save the energy to solve the problem instead.
life has to go on,
it'll never stop because you're sad or what.
it'll never stop and pat your head
it'll never stop and let you settle down.
finally,i know it's the reality,
reality that seems so fake and yet so true.
grow up,yin xian.

phrase of the day:I'm really hurt by my parents and him.promise me,be strong,don't cry because of something.don't cry over small matter,and everything is small matter. to remind myself of this phrase. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

i miss you.

i miss my blog badly.
As i was busy with sports day,merentas desa,then fell sick,then monthly test,then now,slightly free lah
but i have to start preparing for my mid term exam because I AIM FOR 3A.nope.I hope for the best,4A lah~(cheh,like very easy to get 4 A...whatever.)
Anyway,3A is the minimum requirement to get the sijil cemerlang from the school and for two years,no upper sixes got it.SO,i hope i can break the record by getting that sijil.Amen.
and so do chiam chiam,i hope he'll not playing with his sozai(his pet in PS) so often loh.
and to all my upper six mates,
you have to be responsible for your future.
now i know why form 6 train us to be more mature.
It's because of the workload.
I have to settle my homeworks which stack up like gunung kinabalu,then revise as the syllabus is so long like sungai renjang,then settle the co curricular activities by attending the meeting and prepare the activities,then SLEEP(no sleep=die=no me),then got this lah,that lah,
SO,conclusion,a upper six must able to plan well and organise the time.
(don't depend so much on the teachers.They have their own stuff to busy with)
i gonna hibernate for few months.
if you miss me,
go to school and meet me lah~hahahahaha
since you have to take your SPM cert also wat!(for the ex schoolmate)
since you go to school also wat!(for the upper six mates)
and to cherylyn,good luck for your competition.(i'm shy to say it in front of you......didn't know that i'm shy)
i try to make it on that day har~
phrase of the day:today is so-so day because I so~ a lot.(i think i mix up the meaning of so-so)whatever~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

happy birthday to me.

chiam chiam gave a really big surprise to me in the stadium by showing up and fetch me back so that i don't have to go to Aeon in sweaty shirt.

The formal raptai is on my bday.This's why i'm in stadium.

celebrated my bday with some of my classmate in pizza hut Aeon.
ate chocolate fudge <3 from secret recipe.
and played in the playground or whatever la.i mean the one in the 2nd floor wan.
and realise i'm a really bad driver.

something sad.'ll not mention here.and no question har.

got a pink necklace from cherylyn and a paper with bday wish from su min.thanks a lot

got a lot of bday sms and comment.thanks a lot

kinda lazy to post today.i still hv to touch up on my sport house mascot.
so i'll explain the details if i remember la.hahahaha

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(i don't know what to put here)

On my belated bday celebration,
I want Haagen Daaz chocolate fondue.
I want Manhattan Fish Market.
I want to buy a really comfortable shoe from Hush Puppies/Scholl/Crocs/Clarks
I want Ebi Tempura
I want green tea ice cream
I want to buy a jewellery box
I want you to teman me whole day.
the list 'll be getting longer when I miss you.
YES,I'm that bored without you,orange (I gave him a lot of nicknames)

Phrase of the day:Please off your fan /air cond when you're reading this.hahaha

Sunday, February 1, 2009


When can I decide whether I can attend certain event without asking my parents?
(still finding excuse to calm me down)
When can I be independant financially?
When can I go out until any time I want?
When can I travel alone?
When can I drive?
When can I work?
When can I having a bf with my parents agree on it?
When can I decide whether to follow my parents?
When can I reveal my religion status?
When can I stay alone?
When can I?When can I?
well,I think it'll happen in mid june next year.
I 'll choose a university which is not really far and not really near to my house
so that I can decide my life?
hah.and by that time,i'll feel that staying with parents would be a better choice and start to regret why don't I choose a nearer university.
I'm that contradicting*fullstop*
and i chatted with my mom one day,
she said that I shall get a bf when I'm 25.(why 25?because I'm graduate by that time.)
GOD.why ar?
I have no idea.
I think maybe I'm the only parents tend to control me?
whatever.not that I don't love my parents,just that I don't like to depend on them.

maybe I'm immature as every "immature teenagers"(well,I 'm going to be out of that category) always hope for staying alone because they want more freedom.
but I really feel like staying alone ma.......

whatever.I leave it to God.

Phrase of the day:If I'm staying alone,I want my room to be APPLE GREEN.and full with frogs stuff.I want a frog bed sheet,frog table,frog chair.WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.*dreaming*or maybe I should share room with chiam chiam.That time I'll paint my room in pearl white,with all those pirated Ikea furniture.HAHAHAHAHA (someone please wake me up)

p/s:I miss chiam chiam.really really really miss him.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


well,the sports day is postponed to 7th of feb.
i wanted to ponteng,go to a nice restaurant (such as TGIF or Tony Roma's) with my favourite dress and eat my favourite lamb chop.
maybe i 'll end up in sakae?
or kinsahi?
(i shall leave this job to chiam chiam.hahahahahahahahaha.he supposed to give me a surprise and he knows me well.right?don't alalalala.SGN)

anyway,any idea where to rent those traditional clothes like kimono or the mongolian costume or mexican costume?I want cheap,if can,i want to borrow for free :) (i know,there's no free lunch in the world)

GOD BLESS ME.please blow a paper/brochure with the clothes renting advertisement to me.but not right to my face,i need to watch the way while i walk.thank you.

(the article below is specially for someone.ahem.if you're cold,skip this part.hahahaha)
anyway,really happy that God send him to me.a him who can complete my sentence.a him who can understand my sampatity(ermm,sampat in noun form).a him who can be even more crazy than me.a him can cook and appreciate nice food(we both are kaki makan).a him who knows fashion trend.a him who have common interest and view with me.a him who can speak/type the same words as me at the same time.a him who is so humorous and let me laugh until pat toh tia (stomachache).a him whom our relatives know each other.a him who appreciate me.and a him who 'll not get lost easily unlike me.
thank you dear.
p/s:I love you ( I know,i'm such a copy cat as I had been watching p/s:I love you over and over again during the SPM holiday.)

i hope i'll not procrastinate my works anymore.Amen.

Phrase of the day:no no no.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

my birthday wishlist

1.laptop.(I'm still trying to think of a brilliant way to hint my dad)
2.earring or any jewellery.(no lala jewellery har.thank you)
4.a meal
5.HUGE pencil case so that i can put my calculator.
7.scarf stuff
9.books on D.I.Y stuff. magazine
11.ermm.anything 'll do
hmm.actually I don't really know what i want as I have almost everything.satisfied d.hahaha
the sports day is on my bday.
I'm the ketua rumah for rumah perdana.
I can't leave earlier to go sunway pyramid.
(as I'm going to celebrate with chiam chiam in TGIF or wat.wohoooooo)

Friday, January 2, 2009

new year?

my new year countdown is spent with my aunt.
They came to my house with some satay.
not really a countdown gathering.
just a normal gathering.
but at least someone's call highlight the whole things.
luckily the line is not so jam.
btw,someone promised me a countdown at KL.
I don't know when 'll it be.
and i don't know whether it's possible or not.(blame my parents.)

FINE FINE. shouldn't start a new year with sigh-ness.
i'll start to control my desire to online.
due to the major exam i'm facing this year.
that means less blogging,less PS (ie:pet solui damn cute >.<),less chatting,less proflie and blog viewing(i'm that kepo)
I hope i can control it.
nono,I must control it.
maybe i'll paint invisible paint on my pc so that i won't see them.(great imagination huh?)
not only to study,I have so many co-curiculum activities to carry on.
less talking on phone (which i like the choice i'm very very talkative if i want to)
whatever la.
i wanna study*fullstop*
and study with chiam chiam would be fun right?
Scolding each other stupid might stimulate our memory.
God bless me,Amen.

phrase of the day:read Cherylyn's blog and read bout her fren who 'll not use handphone this year.hmm.i don't think there's an effect on I rather online than SMS-ing.hahahaha.i think my mom should keep the modem what my mom did during my PMR.She really keep it....for two days,and I found out where she keep.buahahahaha.