Sunday, December 28, 2008


these are the souvenirs i bought in taiwan for my classmates and friends.

SO PPL IN THE LIST,please choose,and drop your name and the thing you want(the letter) in the chat box.(didn't know that i'm so creative,think of this way to give souvenirs.)

and hor,very very very sorry if i left out anyone har.
the photo,

from left:A B C D

from left:D E F G

from left:H I J K

from left:L M N

these're earrings.

first row:from left:1 2

second row:from left:3 4 5 6

third row:from left:7 8 9

forth row:from left:10

hoho.last one:sky lantern.

people in the list:

1.6AS1 (2009) girls.(total 17 ppl)

2.Yi Ting






8.Jamie cousins(mei hua,mei xuan,mei wei)

P/s: siapa cepat dia dapat.ok?

Phrase of the day:this method macam not sincere la.anyway,i don't really meet them wat.


Librainy said...

hey ur trip to taiwan, izzit d taiwan guan1 mo2 tuan2?

petite said... you mean those guan mo tuan organised by the youth club?
haha.anyway,i went with my parents.
erm,just a normal family vacation.

Der0nITE said...

Iona wants M!

Thanks Yin Xian!!