Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Seven Things That You Dislike the Most:
1. no chiam chiam
2. ppl who complaint a lot
3. no freedom
4. no sleep
5. no food
6. no shopping malls
7. Annoying ppl who buzz around you with nonsense and NOT funny at all.

Seven Things You Like the Most:
1. hmm.chiam chiam
2. food
3. shopping mall
4. jewellery (cheap or expensive,semua sapu)
5. sleep
6. chat?i'm talkative i know.thank you very much.
7. frog

Seven Important Things In Your Room:
1. My collection of jewellery though some of them are cheap.but they're considered as limited edition.ok?once broken,i might not find it anymore)
2. My collection of dress.again though they're not Dior or Valentino.still i <3 them.
3. My collection of memory paper.(hmm.when i hv sad event,i wrote them on a paper and throw into a fake ricecooker so that it'll be cooked and i'll forget them.HAHAHAHAHAHA)
4. My books.
5. My money
6. My bed
7. cosmetic.
walao.when there's fire in my house,I really don't know what to take 1st.FINE.touch wood.

Seven Random Facts About You:
1. I love frog
2. I can be very very crazy if i want to
3. I laugh with my mouth open as big as i can without thinking that others can see my braces with some vege stuck in between.
4. I 'm easily to be influence
5. I seldom sit still.I'll walk around whenever i have the chance to do so.
6. I might contradict my own points sometimes.
7. I am not determined to do homework becaue see the no.5 statement.

Seven Things You Plan to Do Before You Die:
1. kiss my dear chiam chiam and say goodbye to him and tell him my pin number for safety box.(i think i'll leave a letter for him inside the safety box.just like the movie,p.s.i love you.aww,didn't know i'm that romantic.WAHAHAHAHAHA)
2. have a last dance with chiam chiam.I enjoyed dancing with him anyway.
3. treat all my fren makan.and of course,i'll eat whatever i want to eat
4. pierce my belly button.
5. donate my money to the people who really need them and sign the organ donating card
6. ask for forgiveness and forgive others.
7. die in his hug

Seven Things You Find Attractive in the Opposite Sex:
1. Humour.He must make me laugh A LOT.i enjoy going out with fun ppl.
2.The way he treats me.(ya.same wit you least he must be a gentleman.)
3. not so particular
4. perfect height.well,must suit my height la.cannot be too tall and not shorter than me.I don't think there's guy shorter than me anyway.
5. can do housework so that we can clean the house together.hmm.i find that man that can cook very MAN.
6. respect women
7. able to protect me and not hurt me.

Seven Celebrity Crushes:
1. Mosses Chan
2. Kevin Zheng kah weng.
3. TAKESHI!!i always forget his last name
4. Daniel Wu.
5. Wu Chiok Hei
6. Ma Kok Meng
7. Wang Lee Hom
da da da.most of them are hong kong artist.due to over exposure to hong kong drama.

4.whoever want to do this tag.feel free to do so.can stimulate your brain a bit.

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