Sunday, December 28, 2008

few days more...

hmm.just back from taiwan.
and realise that Malaysia is still the best so far,just that the government is not so good.
btw,bought 3 dress,1 cape, 6 shirts,1 jacket and 1 pair of boots in taiwan.
and they costs me around NT$3018 that is around RM 310.
wahahahaha.syok la.the cape is Giordano wan summore.i bought it at NT$ 499 (np:NT$ 1300) which is around RM 50 after discount.happy happy.
but one things is i didn't get to buy earring and necklace as the jewellery there (paste jewellery) is not as (cheap and pretty) as Malaysia's.(wah lao,my english,I hv no comment.sigh.was in taiwan for 7 days and hardly speak and write english)
conclusion:taiwan is a nice place to shop.You can get cheap branded stuff (I mean they're cheaper than Malaysia's).wahahaha.and know what,the Gucci in 101 tower,having 50% off for their handbags.but too bad I hate Gucci monogram.still prefer LV monogram. :p

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