Saturday, November 1, 2008

occupied with party?

Minggu ini,saya sangat "sibuk" bermain dan makan.

Monday,I went to KL with my mom as my dad is working.
FYI:The building my dad in charge is Jusco Ampang.opening on 5th of december.To KTAR-ian.You hv a new place to hang out.WAHAHAHAHAHA.

Tuesday:I went sunway pyramid with Jing Yee,Charmaine,See Ying and Yi Ting.and KC.
the main purpose of this trip is actually to eat chicken buffet.YES,WE'RE THAT CRAZY BOUT FOOD.

Wednesday:I suppose to stay at home.BUT as chiam said,i'm a kah hueh (means people who don't like to stay at home) I went out AGAIN.This time,I jio Chiam and his partner to eat Sakae sushi in AEON.
Then,rushed to chemistry tuition.

Thursday:School reopen.I went to HICT(SEE!I CAN'T EVEN STAY IN SCHOOL) for a I-forgot-the-name programme.I thought it'll be a dull programme.However,Mr Victor had brightened the programme by telling his story.(i think this's where history came from right?)Well,He is indeed a good lecturer with 15389086796 emotions in his face in one story and there's always another story behind a story.(NOTE:very good in elaborating)

Afternoon,I went to clinic due to a pus on my armpit*fullstop*I really feel like taking a set of dissection set from the Bio lab and cut the pus MYSELF.I'm really curious in the content inside.ANYWAY,the doctor said that he can't operate in his clinic as the position of the pus in near to my glands and lymph node.SO,i have to go to hospital one day for the surgery.According to him,I hv to undergo anaesthetic and take out the pus seed so that it 'll not get infect again.AND IT COSTS ME RM 45.(my 1st time to clinic without parents)The doctor just touched my pus then give me antiseptic,antibiotic and pain killer.That's all.(no wonder most of the people want to become a doctor)

Friday:Only one teacher entered our class.for 1 and a half period.-.-.AND I WASTED MY 5.5 periods.I supposed to do my homeworks.who knows,I was so talkative.I talk and talk and talk.
and talk.:p

In the afternoon, i got a message that my PA tuition was cancelled.
SO I DECIDED TO FLY TO HICT.with chiam and his partner again.
I met Mr Victor again.
And I like the belly dance a lot.(though i can see her sam zam bah.)
And the contemporary dance is meaningful.(i think i got the meaning)
HOWEVER,I had to leave earlier as i have tuition.
I forgot to take my dinner.
and i took antibiotic in empty stomach.(i won't die right?I must take my antibiotic at 9)
After that,I went to pandamaran to eat my dinner/supper.

My whole week is so busy with activities.
Next week i might go for surgery.Pray for me.(actually it's not a really big deal )

Phrase of the day:EH.REALLY NOONE WANNA INTRODUCE PEOPLE FOR ME?please...*blink*

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sloweed87 said...

Mr Victor shared????
He shared about wat???