Sunday, November 9, 2008

the holiday plan skincare class as much as I can and finished clearing my stocks and order more stocks because I want to achieve ladder of success in order to get the beautiful bags.*blink*

(minimum 30 ppl,so that i can go to the 7 habits to achieve goals seminar for free)

(the most important things during this holiday)

Oh ya,since you're reading this post.I 'll promote a bit also la.Mary Kay is having limited edition Christmas body gift set.

pretty right?it comes along with a bag and there's two favourite.Creamy Frosted Vanilla and Glistening Winterberry.Each set RM160 include a body mist,a body wash,and a body butter.

oh ya,new perfumes are released also.

here's their description.

Warm Amber is warm, creamy, rich and cozy. Simply Cotton is clean, crisp and refreshing. Sparkling Honeysuckle is a stroll through a sunlit garden. Exotic Passionfruit is so juicy.

They're EDT(dunno?google it).and it costs RM 100 each.(i personally think that their EDP is more worthy)

i should end my advertorial here before you change the page.

2.I need to do revision with chiam as well because that fella said that he can't study at home.Instead of study,he'll turn to the pc beside his study,it's mutualistic again.Both of us can motivate each other.

(chiam said that he looks like Kimura,he langsung tak kimura-ish,if he looks like Kimura,i'll look like lei kar yan aka Michelle Lee)

3.I need to finish my homeworks (school and tuition work)and do more math exercise.

4.I need to do biology projects which include soil analysis,preservation of 25 insects and 25 plants.

5.I have to practise Hanon and Czerny finger exercise.and I must at least master a song to ensure that my piano skill is not rusty.

6.I need to think of activities for PBC next year and maybe other club.

7.I need to prepare for taiwan trip on 20th of december.woohoo.

8.I 'll be going to tree planting ceremony on 15th of november and go to penang after that.

9.I'll be having a small barbeque party for my classmate on 30th of november or 13th of december.still planning.

10.I need to do more physical activities so that i won't be fat after my penang and taiwan trip.READ:taiwan and penang=food haven.

Phrase of the day:I hope I can achieve all the goals.God bless me.Amen.

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