Saturday, November 8, 2008


well.another unproductive week passed.

I ponteng and wasted my whole day watching shall we dance and preparing my biology practicals.

I got a snail from Charmaine (and she got from see ying) and another big fat sea-cucumber-ish snail from Eric.

I named them kila kila and kola kola.(MUST pronounce them in different slang.)

NO.I don't dissect snails.The purpose of this practical is just to make us observe the organisms and make a dichotomonous key(tak tau apa tu? may google it)

Then,I went to hospital for making appointment.AND THAT LOUSY HOSPITAL PERSON IN CHARGE TOLD ME TO MAKE APPOINTMENT AT HOME.errmm..that means i hv to call them la.BUT WHEN I CALLED,THEY TOLD ME YOU MUST COME AND MEET THE DOCTOR.*faint*It's even worse than GH

did chemistry experiment.

After school,i went to A&W to makan and tesco to buy napthalene(moth ball).

then after tuition,went to catch grasshopper,we started from the field behind my house.I only can find some baby grasshopper.and i called them to ask their parents out.THEY IGNORE ME.FINE time hor,the indian guard 'll burn rubbish there out.*ngek ngek ngek*

Then we went to Taman Sentosa field because there's a friend told us that there're grasshopper in front of his house.when we reached there,there's not even a baby grasshopper.and i found a snail.(VERY STUPID LO,monday i need snail,i couldn't the snail appeared.)

Then we fed up,and bek yu mou noi(cantonese.means no choice) I have to buy cricket lo.HAIH.

Lastly, i went to pasar malam lo.

(It's a tiring day.and i slept at 1am.because I have to prepare for the two experiment on the next day.)

well,as I said i have to do two experiments right?the 1st is the biology preservation experiment.I dissect the cricket like cutting lamb chop (SEE.I HV THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME A SURGEON.but i don't like the job)

First,the insects are killed by using chloroform.(some of them didn't die.They pengsan)Then,I cut a small hole on the abdomen of the cricket and eventually cut a line so that i can pull out the internal organs.After cleaning the internal organs,i hv to stuff the cotton soaked with formalin into the empty abdomen.Then,send it to the oven to dry it up.(i think i'll earn a lot of money if i'm in ancient egypt.I'm good in mummification)

Then the poor housefly was sent to the oven without dissecting it as they're too small to be dissect.

After that,I preserved the moss by soaking the moss into FAA solution.I got a pretty moss from my fish pond.Why it is pretty?because they have the capsule and they're in fresh green.

skip to the chemistry experiment.Ac-tua-lly,there're nothing much to talk bout this experiment as the experiment is titration.ya, i know,it's very boring compared to the biology one.And i shook the titration flask until my hand about to patah.

After school,I went to the hospital again.The doctor said I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa , a skin disease where my sweat gland is blocked or something like know,my listening skills,not so good.and the operation fee is RM 2500!!well,my mom asked me to go to GH during holiday.

Then i went to eat pizza.It's the 1st time i ate veggie's nice with the cheese.but not the capsicum.

The lower sixes had to help the MUET candidates to arrange table and clean the class.Then most of the teacher didn't enter the class,and i also lepak around the school.

watching those SPM candidates taking photo,hugging the teacher,hugging each other.ARGH.i was doing the same things as them last year.ONE YEAR PASSES SO FAST.

After that, went to vegetarian restaurant with chiam.and I proudly said that,I was a vegetarian on friday.I didn't eat any meat leh.rare rare rare.

Phrase of the day:I'm asked to make 30 people to become you know la.CALL ME CALL ME!!or just put your name in the chat box beside.Please~

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