Friday, October 3, 2008

the review-Mary Kay Eye Revitalizer

so,recently i'm using Mary Kay products.I would like to recommend this eye revitalizer for dark rings.As we know,We teenagers have dark rings almost as dark as panda's

I have used skinfood snow tea mask for my dark rings.but so far i hardly see a difference (that's why no review for the skinfood eye cream la)

I'm not trying to say that the skinfood eye cream is not good.Maybe the effect not so strong.

anyway,I tried this for 2 weeks.and i can spot the difference.(don't compare the results everyday but compare week by week.)

The effect:After you apply it,you'll feel cool around your eyes area and it'll make your eyes relaxed.

The scent:when you first smell the cream,you'll smell belacan.I have no idea why it's like that.then you smell another time,you'll smell the orange scent.

Oh ya,it has a metal ball in the bottle so that you can "roll" the cream onto your dark rings meanwhile it'll massage that area.

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