Saturday, October 25, 2008


*term and condition apply.

well,as you know,i'm working as the beauty consultant in Mary Kay right?
I found out most of my friends can't afford to buy,but they like the products.
my director came out a solution for me. introduce me to your rich rich friend or aunty or grandma.any human la.(i mean,they're most probably will buy and they really need it.)

2.I give skincare class to them.(in your house/my house/her house)

3.If they buy,i'll give 5% of my profit to you in term of products.

example:let say,your friend bought RM1000.5% would be RM50 right?So i'll give you a product around that price.(no money is given har)

4.If they didn't buy,it's totally not a big least i exposed Mary Kay to them already.
So no need to feel guilty or what...hahaha

p/s:you may accumulate your 5% until the price of your dream product.Just tell me your dream product.Then i help you to fight the target.*blink*

Isn't it mutualism?

but if they already using Mary Kay,I can't sell to them.
It's the company law.Cannot take others' customer.

Phrase of the day:Do I sound like those direct sales people?NO.I don't wanna be them.I just want to share the products to more people.(fine.I know,it's excuse)

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