Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my tag shall be postponed

tang tang tang tang~

This blogger has no time to reply tag now as she's busy in (teaching skincare class)
tags 'll be done in this weekend.hopefully la. (i owe shan mei one tag.owe cherylyn two tags)
Because i'm occupied on wednesday,friday,saturday.(maybe thursday also)
WHO WANNA HAVE SKINCARE CLASS?(not so professional.but not chip plak also)
It's hidden obligation to buy the products.
Just wash your face,do a mask,apply essence,apply mosturiser,do lips mask.etc etc
and fill in a simple as that and get prettier somemore.
make appointment with my secretary,Ms.Chua Yin Xian.well,it's me.first come first don't rebut rebut.(as if there're many people having class with me.cheh.)

Thanks for reading at this idempotent (quote my tuition math teacher,Mr chan,"damn important") anouncement.

stay tune.reviewS for mary kay products are coming soon.

Phrase of the day:Mary kay.enriching women's life.(their motto la)

p/s:don't ask me why i'm so semangat.i'm always semangat

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