Thursday, September 11, 2008


I realise something.
I was much much fairer during NS.
I think,maybe i apply sunblock more often during NS.
every morning,I woke up at 5.30am, sometimes at 5.45am.
Then,i wore my contact lens,washed my face for refreshing and went for PT.
As it's still early and not even a shine of sunlight.
I didn't apply sunblock to save some sunblock.(The "koperasi" didn't sell sunblock wan lah)
Then after breakfast,which is around 7.50am
I went back to dorm to bath,change to class uniform which is a LONG sleeve shirt and LONG pant and apply nanowhite sunblock which contains SPF 50/PA +++,non waterproof.I seldom sweat during the lesson.

After the CB class and lunch,I went back to my dorm.
washed my face,nap for a while,bath and apply sunplay sunblock which contains SPF 65/PA++,waterproof as we have to go for tougher training like marching and obstacle course

after training,i went back to dorm.washed my face and apply sunblock again.
then,i went for exercise.After exercise and eating dinner,it's already 7 i went back to bath and wait for the next meeting which is at 9 pm.
Total: i apply my sunblock 3 times a day and almost every 2 hours i apply.
Now,I only apply one times.during school.
I can't bring my sunblock along to school as there's no mirror in the toilet and the water in the school toilet very dirty.blah blah blah

conclusion:If you want your skin to be fair, reapply sunnblock every two hours.(not to say reapply,i wash away and apply a new layer as i don't want to the excess sunblock 'll block my pores.)

reminder:you have to apply your sunblock 15-30 minutes before you're exposed to sunlight.

more about sunblock:
1.The higher SPF doesn't mean the best.somehow it'll irritate your skin.

2.SPF can determined by calculation.
let say:
If a person 'll get sunburn within 12 minutes without sunblock,
The person 'll only get sunburn within 120 minutes with SPF 10 sunblock.(taken from wikipedia)
that means 1 SPF is equal to the rate of getting sunburn without sunblock.
so i assume that i'll get sunburn in 5 minutes if i didn't apply sunblock.
and now i'm using SPF 50.
50x5=250 minutes which is 4 hours plus.
however,my schooling time is 7 to 1 which is 6 hours.
the things become worse,I go back by bus and the effect of the sunblock is gone by the time.- . -
Now I'm thinking whether to bring sunblock to school or not.

3.make sure you remove your sunblock properly especially when you're using the waterproof sunblock.If can,use make up remover to remove.During the early days in NS,I forgot to bring make up remover and i just wash off my sunblock with cleanser.After a week,my skin getting flaky and appear like snake scale in certain part of my face.I didn't bring my make up remover as my make up remover is new and it's skinfood.(scared of other for stealing it.But at last i brought it during my ching ming holiday and it's safe as the people in my dorm is much much richer than me.hahaha)

4.sunblock don't really promote acne growth.last time, i used to get advice like apply sunblock 'll get more pimples etc etc.However,i read a fact in a magazine,pimples 'll grow bigger with exposure of sunlight.for those who get pimples after applying sunblock,I think they maybe didn't clean the sunblock properly.Now,the sunblock are mostly non comedogenic,so no need to worry...hehehe.I have a good example which is KC.He didn't apply sunblock everyday when he cycle to university.Then,he ended up growing more pimples.I not sure whehter it's because of sunblock or he uses scrub too much.but the skin condition getting terrible and now he still didn't buy a sunblock.- . -.

I'm a member for Mary Kay.
Actually my mom using my name to open an account so that she can get discount.
and member has to go for some seminar on skin care,make up and direct selling.That's why my mom using my name as she can't simple take leave and go for seminar,so she let me go for the seminar.

That means i have to sell also lah.
but i haven't got the catalog etc etc yet.
and i haven't tried also.
after i tried,I 'll write a review about it.

The price is between skinfood and SKII.
not so expensive but not cheap also.

According to my mom,the cleanser and the mask very good.I only tested their clay mask for two times.It really reduce redness of the pimples.

If you're interested,
you may view this website.

p/s:Dear pillow talk members,we can have a testing party.We put on the mask,after that we can have some hi tea and maybe applying nail polish.HAHAHAHAHA.

Phrase of the day:I think I have to learn how to promote.hmmmm....

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