Thursday, August 28, 2008

skincare product review

Recently,i'm using skinfood parsley& mandarin spot gel (for troubled skin).

I have less acne but the acne scars are hideous.

So i bought a so-called blemish remover from skinfood

And it really works for me.

the scars faded a bit after three days.*

not only that,I love the scent.It reminds me about the spot gel from dermalogica.

Besides,it's more mild compred to OXY spot gel which irritates your skin sometimes.

It's RM 37.90.(i know lah,much much expensive than OXY.but it's still much much cheaper than dermalogica lo)

*tested by a women which is me by applying every day and night.(see,must be hardworking in taking care of your skin)

Phrase of the day:I'm going to buy their whitening range.the apple one.

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