Monday, August 25, 2008

shopping spree before the sales end.

this petite went to AEON again.right after school.
Ate pizza alone.(no,i didn't finish the whole personal pizza,i only able to finish two pieces of pizza,one bowl of soup,and 4 bread sticks.)Of course,I packed up the another two pieces of pizza.

bought a blemish remover in skinfood,(RM 37.90)
a nose patch in skinfood (because i need it to sum up to RM40 to collect the stamp so that i can redeem stuff.)
a hair ornaments in sinma,
a facial cleanser in watson,
4 biji tomato (I want to be fairer.Therefore,need more vitamin c and water.),
1 batang sawi (because I'm having ..... you know lah,vege got fibre),
1 packet cereal biscuit (same reason as the vege),
and potong my hair which is not cutted for ages.

That hairstylist somemore promoted a shampoo which is RM36.
because my scalp is sensitive so it has dandruff.
because i planned to go yun nam one day to do treatment.
No,I'm not going to be bald.
I just need some treatment so that my scalp isn't itchy and too oily anymore.
anyone wanna teman me?
I think we'll get lower price if there's more people.
And we can start talking about nonsense when doing the hair.
Maybe we should go for spa,
or facial one day.

Anyway,i plan to go for Jogoya japanese buffet in december with KC.
So sesiapa nak join,
bolehlah kamu turunkan name kamu di chatbox di tepi,atas rabbit tu.
ter-i-ma ka-si-h
oh ya,each person around RM78.20 include tax.
without tax RM68 (late lunch.Dinner is even expensive)
I know lah,it's very expensive.
That's why I inform now.
so that those who wanna join can start kumpul duit.
I think it's halal.
and there's japanese food which include tempura,tenpayakki,ice cream,dessert,french food,western food,chinese food,and a lot of things la.
but on the day you're going for buffet, please skip the meal before buffet,so that your stomach 'll have more place to fit the food.
It's located in starhill gallery.

end year exam hasn't over,hasn't start also.
this petite already think of the plan during december holiday.
- . -

Phrase of the day:wake up and study.can boh?

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