Friday, July 18, 2008

a letter to headmistress

Dear Mrs.Pengetua,

I hope that you'll extend our recess time from 20 minutes to at least 30 minutes.This's because...
we,the lower six classes are on the top floor.It takes us 3 minutes to go to canteen.Then we squeeze between the upper sixes and form 3s to buy our food.It used up 5 minutes.and We ate for 5 minutes.Your beloved probationary prefect started to chase us by popping out right beside my ears and told me to eat faster and I terpaksa shallowed my chicken without biting it.And this makes me having gastric.

Selain itu,breakfast iaitu sarapan very very important in our daily life.And every morning,I hv no appetite to eat breakfast at I MUST eat during this recess and i'm so skinny according to some of your beloved staff.Therefore,I MUST eat during recess.

Furthermore,......I forgot what to say.never mind.The more I said,the more irrelevent the reason will be.

I sincerely hope that Mrs.pengetua 'll accept my request for extending the recess time.

Thank you very much.MUACKS.

yours sincerely,
yin xian
(the ex conductor who always entertain you during teacher's day)

p/s:to the mass media,this letter is just for entertaining.Please don't take it seriously.Life has to go on though it's tough.I just want to go through my life with some humour in it.thank you.

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stupid Q said...

i totaly agree wit u..
good job!