Monday, July 7, 2008

ermm..(put a word here)

I suppose to do my biology notes now.(which i still have 4 topics to go on)
but it's too much until I fed up.

moral of the story:never postpone your work.AND NEVER EVER LISTEN TO VANESSA MAE'S SONG ESPECIALLY THOSE REALLY RHYTHMIC SONG WHILE YOU'RE DOING NOTES/HOMEWORKS.I tend to shake my body with the rhythm and i just copy the facts from books bulat-bulat without digesting them. (even now.when i'm typing my post.maybe i should enroll for belly dancing class since i goyang a lot.)

OH.I found out an interesting, random and weird stuff.
most of my blogger friend are in art stream
and most of them talks about art subjects which they're taking.
and I'm going to talk bout my science subjects

Firstly,the Mathematics T which i like the most.(because the 1st two chapters are what i learnt in additional math last time which Mr Tan hv taught worries.hahahaha)
my school teacher teaches really fast.even faster than Pn.Sithira.(but she teaches better than Pn.Sithira)

Then,come to the general studies which is funny and yet I can fall asleep sometime (ask cheryl,she experienced that before)
En.Arul even come out with a random definition for sisa toksik.
He said,
tahi dengan kentut.mana itu sisa?
then the answer is tahi because kentut can be dissappeared.swt.
His famous quote is:"ini senang saja,jangan pening kepala."
and started to closed his eyes and think of the next thing to talk about.

Next,the biology.
I don't really like the teacher as she's so particular in our class attendance.(It's hard to ponteng nowadays)
talk bout the subject,I prefer STPM biology than SPM biology.
We learnt more things which is very detailed and unlike SPM,the explaination is hard to understand.(maybe they don't wanna confuse you that time.)
We learnt the chemical composition in cell which i think it's very important for me because a nutritionist has to know this.
We learnt more on those parenchyma,collenchyma,schlerenchyma which i was so blur when i was in form 5.Sekarang,I can differenciate them and know the functions.
We learnt about the tissue-tissue in animals and plants.
I love the skeletal muscle tissue structure which I think it's very special.(God is great for thinking of this mechanism)
I even learn more about hormone.and actually hor,there's two types of hormone,protein based hormone and steroid based hormone, hormone.I'm not sure whether we have learnt that in form 5.But I just know it and amazed at how poor my biology knowledge are.
Anyway,biology in form 6 is much much better than SPM biology (you may say the syllabus later 'll be tough.shut up.don't jatuhkan my semangat!hmmp!)
p/s:we might hv class trip in year end to cameron highland to search for insects for taxonomy projects.

lastly,another favourite subject,chemistry.
Chemistry in STPM has lots of differences with SPM chemistry.
The shell structure which is for sodium is not accepted in STPM anymore.
we hv to write it in 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s1 which we call it orbitals/subshell.
and as usual,there's lots of calculation in STPM chemistry too.

*********update on PBC one day camp**********

so,I was busy last week,for the one day camp.
I stayed back almost everyday and missed two tuitions.- . -
the camp was ok.
we had barbeque and never ever barbeque outside dewan makan at night.It was so dark and i hardly can see whether my chicken wings were cooked or not.
and i felt guilty as I did so little works (because I had no enough sleep that day,I was so blur+lazy+no energy to do work)
I act like i didn't see that they need help from me. :P
As an AJK,I felt that i'm irresposible.
I don't know why lah,I don't feel like take up the resposibilities nowadays.
Just like my class,last time,I used to decorate the class board "semangat-ly"
now,I'm so lazy and my (put a suitable word) ketua kebersihan was quite busy (or ineffective i should say) to decorate the class.I gave him almost a month.
I don't know lah.maybe i should rest for today.(Oh Gosh,I'm getting like someone in my school whom Cheryl and me used to gossip about)READ:PRIVACY.

anyway,girls,(and probably guys)
I really need my diligent spirit back.

Phrase of the day:Shall I be ganas a bit to the ketua kebersihan?I almost scolded him this morning.I was so pissed off when i saw the lastest duty rooster.I could spit my blood out.(hokkien:toh hui)

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