Thursday, July 31, 2008


Aesthetician says:
parents tak ada di rumah

Aesthetician says:
satu di KL

Aesthetician says:
satu di sepupu saya punya studio

-ChIn YeW- says:

Aesthetician says:

Aesthetician says:
tak ada ice cream makan la

Aesthetician says:
tak apa

Aesthetician says:
saya pun tak boleh makan sekarang

Aesthetician says:
sebab gigi saya

Aesthetician says:
super sakit

-ChIn YeW- says:
-ChIn YeW- says:
how come?

Aesthetician says:
sebab saya baru adjust gigi saya

Aesthetician says:
dentist tu cakap

-ChIn YeW- says:

Aesthetician says:
saya blh keluar brace saya

Aesthetician says:
secepat mungkin

Aesthetician says:
saya pun terlalu gembira

Aesthetician says:
meletak rubber as rajin as a cow

-ChIn YeW- says:
haha..yala..if not both hand kosong kosong...feel boh song
Aesthetician says:
Aesthetician says:
it rhyme
-ChIn YeW- says:
-ChIn YeW- says:
din notice
Aesthetician says:
i even boh song when my purse kosong kosong
-ChIn YeW- says:
lol..who will song ?
Aesthetician says:
Aesthetician says:
now i boh song
Aesthetician says:
coz my fridge kosong kosng
Aesthetician says:
and my face is not kosong kosong
-ChIn YeW- says:
? wut ur face is not kosong kosong?
Aesthetician says:
got pimple la
Aesthetician says:
if my face kosong means
Aesthetician says:
no pimples at all

conversation above showed how "melayu"ish and sampat i am today.
Just to entertain my reader.*smile*(ouch,my jaws)
After adjusting my teeth,I hardly can smile and laugh and talk.
today,I didn't really talk in school.
So after school,
chat in MSN as a crazy people.(don't hv to open my mouth.)

Phrase of the day: I try not to put up sad stuff.I think my readers want to read happy and funny instead of yelling and complaining and emo post .RIGHT? (SAY RIGHT!OR NOT YOU'LL DIE)



Friday, July 18, 2008

a letter to headmistress

Dear Mrs.Pengetua,

I hope that you'll extend our recess time from 20 minutes to at least 30 minutes.This's because...
we,the lower six classes are on the top floor.It takes us 3 minutes to go to canteen.Then we squeeze between the upper sixes and form 3s to buy our food.It used up 5 minutes.and We ate for 5 minutes.Your beloved probationary prefect started to chase us by popping out right beside my ears and told me to eat faster and I terpaksa shallowed my chicken without biting it.And this makes me having gastric.

Selain itu,breakfast iaitu sarapan very very important in our daily life.And every morning,I hv no appetite to eat breakfast at I MUST eat during this recess and i'm so skinny according to some of your beloved staff.Therefore,I MUST eat during recess.

Furthermore,......I forgot what to say.never mind.The more I said,the more irrelevent the reason will be.

I sincerely hope that Mrs.pengetua 'll accept my request for extending the recess time.

Thank you very much.MUACKS.

yours sincerely,
yin xian
(the ex conductor who always entertain you during teacher's day)

p/s:to the mass media,this letter is just for entertaining.Please don't take it seriously.Life has to go on though it's tough.I just want to go through my life with some humour in it.thank you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have these new idiosyncrasies.They're not really new actually,just that I discovered them later,just like certain element in earth,it's always there,but no one discovers its existence.I apologize for using chemistry example as I was having headache with my chemistry.My confidence in chemistry has started to drop and I HAVE TO WORK MORE LAH.That's it.back to the story.

1st,I pull out those thick,curly,damaged hair.I know,my hair is getting lesser for unknown reason.(I drop a lot of hair everyday!) AND I SOME MORE GO PLUCK MY HAIR.ridiculous betul.Anyway,I don't know why,when i was doing my homework which stacks up as high as Gunung Kinabalu,I'll keep on touching my hair if i untie my hair.Then,I'll start concentrating finding for damaged hair by sliding my hand through my hair.So,I have new solution for this idiosyncrasy.


p/s:I love plucking white hair (right? jamie) and finding imperfection in people's hair like split ends.


My thick curly damage hair on my math T file.I could't solve the queastion ma, so ma started to pluck hair lo.( typical "ah so" slang in pasar) hair is so unmanageable and messy.

secondly,I sound like a grandma these days,especially in class.I just can't stand with a few noisy immature demanding kin na (children in hokkien) in my class.I just try to carry out my resposibility as a class monitor.AND ONE MORE THING I WANNA TELL THE PROBATIONARY PREFECT,especially that one looks like frog,sounds like mr bean.excuse me.when you're in the class,according to the hierachy in class,i'm just under the teacher.AND YOU'RE UNDER ME,OK?so can you follow my instruction?and keep your mouth shut when i ask you to pass up this and that.I'm not the one who set the rules for passing up the forms.I just follow the rules.AND YOU, AS A FUTURE PREFECT,CAN'T YOU JUST GIVE YOUR COOPERATION?


if you wanna use our classroom,pls tell me earlier.I don't want when I wanna go home and lock the door.Suddenly a bunch of ppl came in,and tell me your farewell party meeting is in our class.How am I suppose to find someone to keep the key?and there's someone who are so "brilliant" told me not to lock the class.How if my classmate's PA books went missing?Are you going to compensate them?- . -

Anyway,I'm not trying to show my power or what.and I'm not trying to show that i;m more mature than others.I don't think i;m mature.BECAUSE MATURE PPL WON'T TYPE THIS EMO POST.They'll try to settle it instead.hahahahahahaha.

Phrase of the day:I think I'm still suitable with monitor jobs instead of prefect's or librarian's.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

bad habit?

I just can't stand with guys /girls or transvestite "vibrate" his/her/shim 's leg!!!
not shake.not swing.but vibrate.
It makes me think of a long collecting debt,vibrating his leg fulled of dragon-ish,tiger-ish tattoo and asking for money.
According to a statement i read in a women encyclopedia,
there's a thing about "vibrating" leg in chinese culture,
where guys who vibrating leg 'll tend to get poorer, while women 'll become more bitchy.
well,it might not be true.

Monday, July 7, 2008

ermm..(put a word here)

I suppose to do my biology notes now.(which i still have 4 topics to go on)
but it's too much until I fed up.

moral of the story:never postpone your work.AND NEVER EVER LISTEN TO VANESSA MAE'S SONG ESPECIALLY THOSE REALLY RHYTHMIC SONG WHILE YOU'RE DOING NOTES/HOMEWORKS.I tend to shake my body with the rhythm and i just copy the facts from books bulat-bulat without digesting them. (even now.when i'm typing my post.maybe i should enroll for belly dancing class since i goyang a lot.)

OH.I found out an interesting, random and weird stuff.
most of my blogger friend are in art stream
and most of them talks about art subjects which they're taking.
and I'm going to talk bout my science subjects

Firstly,the Mathematics T which i like the most.(because the 1st two chapters are what i learnt in additional math last time which Mr Tan hv taught worries.hahahaha)
my school teacher teaches really fast.even faster than Pn.Sithira.(but she teaches better than Pn.Sithira)

Then,come to the general studies which is funny and yet I can fall asleep sometime (ask cheryl,she experienced that before)
En.Arul even come out with a random definition for sisa toksik.
He said,
tahi dengan kentut.mana itu sisa?
then the answer is tahi because kentut can be dissappeared.swt.
His famous quote is:"ini senang saja,jangan pening kepala."
and started to closed his eyes and think of the next thing to talk about.

Next,the biology.
I don't really like the teacher as she's so particular in our class attendance.(It's hard to ponteng nowadays)
talk bout the subject,I prefer STPM biology than SPM biology.
We learnt more things which is very detailed and unlike SPM,the explaination is hard to understand.(maybe they don't wanna confuse you that time.)
We learnt the chemical composition in cell which i think it's very important for me because a nutritionist has to know this.
We learnt more on those parenchyma,collenchyma,schlerenchyma which i was so blur when i was in form 5.Sekarang,I can differenciate them and know the functions.
We learnt about the tissue-tissue in animals and plants.
I love the skeletal muscle tissue structure which I think it's very special.(God is great for thinking of this mechanism)
I even learn more about hormone.and actually hor,there's two types of hormone,protein based hormone and steroid based hormone, hormone.I'm not sure whether we have learnt that in form 5.But I just know it and amazed at how poor my biology knowledge are.
Anyway,biology in form 6 is much much better than SPM biology (you may say the syllabus later 'll be tough.shut up.don't jatuhkan my semangat!hmmp!)
p/s:we might hv class trip in year end to cameron highland to search for insects for taxonomy projects.

lastly,another favourite subject,chemistry.
Chemistry in STPM has lots of differences with SPM chemistry.
The shell structure which is for sodium is not accepted in STPM anymore.
we hv to write it in 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s1 which we call it orbitals/subshell.
and as usual,there's lots of calculation in STPM chemistry too.

*********update on PBC one day camp**********

so,I was busy last week,for the one day camp.
I stayed back almost everyday and missed two tuitions.- . -
the camp was ok.
we had barbeque and never ever barbeque outside dewan makan at night.It was so dark and i hardly can see whether my chicken wings were cooked or not.
and i felt guilty as I did so little works (because I had no enough sleep that day,I was so blur+lazy+no energy to do work)
I act like i didn't see that they need help from me. :P
As an AJK,I felt that i'm irresposible.
I don't know why lah,I don't feel like take up the resposibilities nowadays.
Just like my class,last time,I used to decorate the class board "semangat-ly"
now,I'm so lazy and my (put a suitable word) ketua kebersihan was quite busy (or ineffective i should say) to decorate the class.I gave him almost a month.
I don't know lah.maybe i should rest for today.(Oh Gosh,I'm getting like someone in my school whom Cheryl and me used to gossip about)READ:PRIVACY.

anyway,girls,(and probably guys)
I really need my diligent spirit back.

Phrase of the day:Shall I be ganas a bit to the ketua kebersihan?I almost scolded him this morning.I was so pissed off when i saw the lastest duty rooster.I could spit my blood out.(hokkien:toh hui)