Monday, June 16, 2008

random update

~I'm the orientation queen and they gave me pacifier instead of tiara.- . -.
~can't wait for the PTE prom.saya dah lama tak pergi prom.I wanna wear my hush puppies little black dress.
~tired.tired.tired.with tuition works.homeworks,and class works.
~and i'm lazy to finish them :p
~found a tablemate.(she sits next to me in she's my tablemate.)who're khadi-ish+aisha-ish+dhanya-ish.(I shall talk more bout her in pillow talk.)
~i miss HUGE shopping mall.
~i miss sleeping whole day.
~i miss studying and doing my work without the computer atrracts me to it.(i can't stop online-ing.I'm having after holiday syndrome.)
~i miss my form 4&5 classroom instead of that classroom in the forth floor.(I know.i might lose some weight,but I'll get frustrated when i came down to the lowest floor and realised that i forgot to take my stuff.)
~i don't feel like making friends.I just wanna stay with my old friends where i don't hv to tell my story all over again.
~i miss co-curiculum activities.
~i miss my strength to do activities.
~conclusion:i'm getting lazy.

Phrase of the day:I need my "ohm" back.bring back,oh bring back,oh bring back my ohmy to me,to me.

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